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Dream About Canned Food meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone please tell me what this dream mean?

me and my family were a flee market and we saw alot of homeless kids all alone and so after it wa closing time i was like hey kids come with me i want to buy you things like food and stuff what does this mean?
my firend said im a pedo but im not

Flea Market
To dream of being at a flea market, or shopping in one, symbolizes minor financial problems which can be overcome by using a little self-control.

The meaning of the dream depends on its action, and all the details should be carefully thought about, To dream of giving food, money or help of any kind to a hobo predicts a rise in your social status.

To dream of a sick or unhappy child symbolizes trouble from your enemies.

If you dream about your family, it may be a way for your mind to express feelings and concerns about your real faimly that you could not express in daily life. Some believe that this dream usually has nothing to do with your actual family members, but rather the male and female sides of your own personality or self. So in a dream, your father may represent your expressive and protective aspects, while your mother could stand for your receptive and nurturing side. If family members behave very differently in a dream than they do in real life, or if unexpected things happen when you are with your dream family, the dream is probably a way of releasing your anxiety about real-life family issues. For instance, if you dream of a family member trying to hurt or kill you, it reflects a real-life concern about this person. They are acting in a way that hurts you, or threatens your emotional happiness.

the first two definitions were obvious, but the last two made a difference. since i don't know your life story i'll give it my best shot.

Typically money dreams mean the opposite of what you think. since you gave out charity, it means economic hardships for yourself in the future. It sounds like you and/or your family are having a hard time making ends meet, or you're afraid you're going to have a hard time making ends meet (which in this economy sounds like a reasonable answer). It's also possible that you might be afraid that some of your friends or enemies might find out you're losing money, so you try to hide these problems, so that people won't judge you. like i said before i don't know you, so i could be way off, but i hope this helps anyways. good luck!

Example: What does it mean dreaming about food?

Twice this week (not in a row) i have dreamed with food...the first dream was about to eat a sandwich (kind of club sandwich ) and i remember there was a person , a female, next to me . i didn't see myself eating it because the alarm went off.
The second one was last night and this one i was in a restaurant (kind of TGIF-ish ) and i was with some people that apparently were my friends ,although i could not identified any of them,but i was having such a good time , i remember next to me was a female friend (absent from her seat) and she was having a huge club sandwich , the person next to me was also a female as well as the two person in opposite to me and on the further corner i felt 3 male person (although i could never clearly see them ,but i felt their male presences)...i was served first and i remember thinking that my food would get cold by the time everybody had their food ...i was having a steak ,funny thing was it was a rubber steak with potatoes or fries and the steak made funny noises every time i tried to cut a piece and the female friends in front of me laughed . i also remember thinking i wanted to take photos and posted online ...i was just having such a good time and then the alarm went off... in both dreams i woke up feeling kind of full ... i don't know what to make of both dreams, but the got my attention since both are food related.

Example: What does seing food leftovers in dream mean?

they were in the shower tub for some reason and they wouldnt go away.

it was someone elses tub tho.

Example: What can this dream mean?

The other night, I experienced a nightmare that woke me up in the middle of the night shaking with my adrenaline pumping.

Now, I've had this nightmare at least two times before since I was 8, and it's never really got to me until now when I've had it for the third time.

Basically, what happens is in the nightmare, I wake up in the middle of the night in my room to a tapping noise on my window. For some reason, I draw open the curtains and i'm always faced with a guy trying to break into my window with this EVIL smile on his face.

I'm not talking cliche-cartoon-villian evil smile, I'm talking evil, sadistic scary smile. Enough to send chills down your spine.

I want to know why I keep having this nightmare, or what it means. I mean, sure it's not recurrent every day, but one time is enough and I'm tired of having it.

If anybody can help or lead me to a place where they distinguish dreams, it will be most appreciated.

Example: A really, I mean really. wierd (stupid) dream, what can it mean?

So I am not really sure if this dream was a lucid dream or was it just a regular dream, It was sooo detailed I don't know where to start to say what happened in it. It might be really long so who ever reads it I thank you for your patience. First of all, when the dream started I remember laying flat like a stick in the middle of a street somewhere in downtown Manhattan, at the time there was an anarchy due to some kind of economical overflow I don't really know I'm not into that financial stuff considering I'm just a teen. So I stood up from the concrete and started wondering nervously as I watched people destroy cars doing drive-by and woman throwing there babies out the windows due to so much stress. IT WAS SO CRAZY. People looting the stores and banks. It was ridiculous. So I went up to a car to ask some questions. All I cared about was keeping my self alive. I saw people as zombies. And the guy said with his kinda southern accent. Get in the car, being unconscious and all I got in, having no Idea where he was taking me. So we got out the car and we where at the very top of a mountain and the guy was threatening me that he would kick me off the mountain if I didn't tell him what he wanted to hear. wasn't sure what he was asking for but I didn't say a word. So of course he kicked me off but luckily I got a grip on the ledge of it. And he said if I didn't tell him. He will crush my hand. So right when he was about to make me fall off. For some strange reason, Whoopi Goldberg (at least a look alike) punched the crap out of him. and he fell off. So she took my hand and brought me back up, and was giving me an extremely long speech about a whole bunch of crap I don't really remember. What I do remember was she told me a quote from a movie I saw I while back. "Why have a civilization if no one cares to be civilized anymore?" Dont really know what that meant but I hope any of you people do. and yes I know it was a really ridiculous dream. but they are what they are.

Example: Random dream can it mean something?

oka, so i had this dream last night where i was talking to someone i have no idea who it was and i couldn't see their face at all because all i saw was me over their shoulder but their voice reminded me of a guy. he kept saying something about a disagreement we had that ruined our relationship with one another and that i should just talk to him again. now the weird thing is it kept echoing "just talk to me" and i had woken up as it faded. It felt so real. i thought i'd get over it as the day goes on, but it hasn't and now i feel like it honestly met something like i should go and talk to this person again. yet i have no idea who it is. could this honestly mean something other than my mind is wondering?

Example: What can my dream mean?

i was at a city and i was taking a walk then a little later i saw all the roads (or freeways) were all bendy and curvy. so i walked up and i look everywhere and it looks like all roads are the same to and i got confused. so i was hungry and i saw a dog and i told him ot go and get me a small hamburger and that dog just went fast in a blink of an eye. so he came back with the food and i walked on. then i found a building that had full of martial arts people and boxing people. then all of a sudden i get chosen for a fight with someone and it aint just a guy vs. guy fight... i was fighting against a girl. i was speechless to see that i was fighting a girl and that girl never show mercy to me. so the fight began and she attempts to hit me but i blocked it and when the fight went on i hit on something cold and that was a block of ice. as the fight continued on, i didnt took a single hit by her and got nearly hit when she almost surprised attack me and blocked that hit as well and the announcer said that i was like a ninja and not having any fear of her. but somehow i manage to get her by the legs and threw her into a wall or something (i cant remember that part).

does anyone know what my dream means?

Example: What can my dream mean?

Lastnight i dreamt i was drinking with my family, i walked outside grabbed a golden map looking thing, but it was a note my cousin had written about his mother who has passed on, on it was a drawing of a lock ? And i couldnt read it. then it skipped to me waking up inside i got up to vaccume all the food off of the ground my uncle was saying my mum was tired of hearing me talk about my ex. i then saw a letter from him so i stopped cleaning picked up the letter and from what i could remember it said, on the 37th of march R***** had givin up all contact or connections to new zealand ?
im moving soon to another country and he doesn't know, so idont know if that has anything to do with it , what could this dream mean ?

Example: Is there someone that can tell me what this dream meant?

I had a dream lastnight that some of my teeth started to fall out, I started to spit them out but i couldn't get rid of the teeth. They seemed small also

Example: Ramadan Sect - What Can This Dream Mean?

I know only Allah knows but I just wanted to tell everyone my dream.

Okay, I dreamed that my mum had a baby. Weird. And I knew my dad didn't say the Shahada in the babys ear. So erm, I done it myself even though I'm not my dad or even a man :-/ Hmm...it was very short.

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