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Dream About Canal meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I have recurrent nightmares of being found floating in a canal but still being conscious in my dead body. I can see shopping trolleys and car tires through the murky, oily water as I float face-down. Then someone drags me from the water and I see their face against shocking daylight. I can hear officials talking about what they're going to do with me and they always come to the same conclusion: bury me. It sort of ends with the horror of being buried conscious.

In my real life I live alone with my cat that has a neurological disorder and I have no real friends, only the people I speak to at work. I've always had massive trouble communicating with people and I also have a chronic abdominal illness, which I won't go into. But, it often makes me feel like I'm confused as to whether I'm supposed to be asleep or awake. I've never learnt to drive because of this. My family also live a couple of hundred miles away. I really love them, though.

Death in a dream is typically symbolic of the end of something in your life - but it isn't literally death! Dreams usually reflect subconscious wishes & desires or fears. Yours sounds more like the fear variety. So in short, there is something you are fearing that is going to end. But only you can determine what it is you are afraid of that is going to end.

The type of death in a dream also has some signifigance. The fact that you are in a canal and that you are later buried "alive" is also significant. Although it isn't really clear from your description as to what exactly this may mean for you. However, both are "enclosed" spaces - a canal is a type of enclosed space, and of course, being buried is an enclosed space. Do you have any tendencies towards Agoraphobia?

It's also interesting, that the people that find you in the canal, you describe as "officials." They are not family members or even your co-workers or famous people (which often appear in these types of dreams). "Officials" of course are symbolic of your lack of personal relationships in your life. "Officials" represent distance and structure and authority.

Example: What do fish mean in dreams?

I keep dreaming about going to a lake, river or canal and at first i see some fish, then i somehow know that all the fish are gone or i can see them dying what does it mean

Example: What does it mean to dream of a fat, shiny goldfish?

My mom dreamt that she saw a fat goldfish swimming in the canal near our house in the province.
She was with her dead mom and the fish was very shiny. Plus, the canal has clear water and the fish is clean and very fat. Please tell us the meaning of this, Thank you!

Example: Please Help. What does it mean if my ear is bleeding in my dream?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that my sister and I were swimming in a pond/canal/ocean...I couldn't tell what it was. Anyways, we were swimming around and saw sea turtles. We swam after trying to catch them, but they began to sink..as if they were dying. Suddenly, my feet got stuck and I would tap my sisters shoulder so she could bring me to the surface, however, I freed myself and for some reason, I would carry her to the surface instead. On the way out of the water, there were these electric barriers, where we had to crawl in through wires to get out. I touched a wire and it shocked me a little (I could feel electric shocks) but it didn't do much..then I woke up.

What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at the movies with friends and I couldn't pick a movie we both wanted to see. It was taking a long time and I was getting really anxious. Then all of the tickets were sold out so we went out back. We were in a ugly empty city parking lot just waiting around. Then we went out to an industrial bay/canal type thing. As the sun was setting I was trying to get my camera to do a self-timer so I could get pics of all of us, but my camera wasn't working. I couldn't get to the setting and the sun was setting fast. It was really frustrating! Ugh! The reoccurring pattern in this dream is not being able to get things done on time due to stress/difficulties. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay so i had the scariest most realistic dream ever that i actually woke up screaming and swear that i slept walked or something. can anybody tell me what this nightmare means?

It was at some place I didn’t really recognize and my sister was there. And we left the closed place and there was a gap on the ground that divided the place and the rest of outside, my sister jumped it without a problem but I was a little hesitant about it. There was also some other girl beside my sister that I didn’t recognize and on my side there was a girl named Olivia something with an S last name. (fyi I don’t know anybody with that name.) well this Olivia was really pretty and mysterious she had big hazel eyes o.O I think. She tried pushing me the other way but I told her I had to concentrate and she had to leave me alone. So she disappeared.
I got back and took a run for it to the other side. As I was running the gap expanded and my sister and the unknown girl were getting farther and farther away.i couldn’t seem to stop myself so I fell. And I was far down in the bottom of this gap which turned to be no more than a sea of dark red water. As I was swimming towards my exit Olivia comes from underneath me like monster and pulls my leg under to drown. I somehow managed to get away but I remember taking a last look at olivia and she was in the shape of a snake.
I was running, couldn’t find my sister and the other girl. I started to feel like they were never even there in the first place. I remember that i was suddenly out of there to some other dark wooded place that I think was a bus stop? I don’t know why but I ran and ran to Mount Zion Cemetery (that supposed haunted place that my bf took me the first day we met) when I got there it wasn’t really a cemetery but a circle of abandoned houses. I recall staring at one pink house with stairs on its side and mold all over it. They looked more like attached houses. On the ground was algae water green and sticky. Something spooked me out because I went under again this green slippery water. I was trying to get out of the canal on the side but I kept slipping
and i woke up.

someone please tell me what this means? thank you soooo much :)

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Okay the first dream I would like to ask about is one I had a long time ago now, but still plays on my mind from time to time like it was yesterday. Basically it got to a part where I walked out of a building amongst many men. We all looked across a canal which the building stood next to. On the other side was a fence which was in a box shape. Next second a women had kinda run into this fenced area with three 'reaper' looking people with scythe's. They slaughtered her but I could not quite see this happen but all I could hear was this horrific screaming for a while and a hand reaching up above the fence for help. Me and all the other men on the other side of the canal just stood and watched.
No this was most definitely not a film.
The next dream I would like to ask about is actually a couple of dreams I have had recently where I have been in the mountains either stuck, falling or on the run from people that are either close to me or used to be close because they want to kill me. I don't quite understand why I have been dreaming about mountains so much.
Any answers of thoughts on the two dreams will be appreciated. Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

backround information:

its about my dad's girlfriend' nephews, so they're basically my step-cousins.
i get on really well with all of them, and also, the other person involved is my mum's boyfriend's niece, i also get on with her.

kay so i had a dream that my 2 step-cousins (who are about 7 & 9) became cocaine addicts and they murdered this girl, then i went for a walk by the canal and one of my step-cousins pushed me in, then when i came up from the water the dead girl was floating beside me, and then i was pushed i again later and her leg was floating beside me.

i had another dream about a different step-cousin (mentioned in backround information) where me, my sister and a friend were staying in a hotel room in england and theres a song that gets played when the disney parade goes on in disneyland, that song would play whenever she was near, but she was some sort of demon child who wanted to kill us, she would bang at the doors and the windows saying 'help me' but it was a trap (she's about 7)

what does this mean :|?

Example: What does this reccuring dream mean?

I keep having this weird dream at least once a week that my Father and I are at a canal bank and we are trying to cross the bridge just as we are about to cross Tiger's come out from no where they never attack us but we are both scarred...Last night in my dream my dad took my hand and we finally got over the bridge as we got over we met a passer by and he said to us don't worry about those tigers they are tame I glanced back over and the tigers were playing with people just a like dogs would

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