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Dream About Canadian People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think this dream means? Is it a sign from God?

I dreamt last night that I flew to Canada on a unicorn-pegasus hybrid, and when I landed all of the trees started talking and all of the Canadians had cat ears. Then I was attacked by a flock of purple geese that everyone proceeded to throw cheese at. What do you think? Is God trying to tell me something?

This dream is about your personality and how you see things. If God is showing how your logical thoughts may be seen in spiritual symbolism, I will accurately interpret it: You see yourself as somewhat soaring in life (flying). You romanticize about your lifestyle and intellect, being economically efficient and earth conscientious (in a unicorn hybrid). And you desire the way of peace and security in your world (flying to Canada). In your view, nature talks to us and reveals the truths (trees were talking). You idolize Canadians as people who will closely listen to these things (Canadians had cat ears). You do feel like you're being attacked by a particular group, which you see as people who flock together (geese). But you don't see this groups true colors (geese as purple). You feel like the group you can relate to is sophisticated in arguments, throwing out great answers (throwing cheese at the violent geese).
These are the inner thoughts of the dreamer about herself and how it appears in spiritual symbolism.

Example: Dream interpretation: what does it mean?

I had a dream my brother and I went on a road trip to the States (we're Canadian), and took turns driving there.

What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of having a daughter?

i have been with my boyfriend for almot 7 months and we are of different cultures. i am an anglo european and he is french canadian. we have had discussions regarding future languages and schooling if we ever have children, as he was always concerned of our children being "french haters" as some of the anglophones here are.
i had a dream that i had a daughter with my boyfriend, she was a teenager with long dark hair and light eyes. she was very pretty but in my dream she was arguing with us (my boyfriend and i) about french people and how much she hated them. what does this mean? thanks in advance!

Example: What does this reoccurring dream mean?

In my dream...

I am in my detached garage at about 1AM for some reason. I am putting the covering back on my '57 Ford Fairlane (one of my praised possessions).

I then head back for the house.

Once I enter I see a loved one (different person every night) laying dead on the floor.

I then turn around to see a home-invasion robber coming at me with a knife. I try to stop him, but he ends up stabbing (and killing me in the end).

The dream ends with my body having a respectful burial at sea off of a Canadian Coast gard boat I used to work on.

I am not a big dreamer, but this just baffles me. Can anyone help?

Example: What would it mean, a Canadian woman dreamt about moving floor.?

She dreamt about going to a wedding, and had to climb up a ladder, then go through a hole in the floor to get the clothes to wear. They gave her a dress and a pair of white shoes. She felt that the shoes were ugly, and went to a second hand store to find a nicer pair. When the shopping was done, they went back to go to the building. The floor was rocking, and they and other people couldn't get to the door.

Example: What does the Dream Act mean for me?

I'm a 16 year old Canadian guy living in the States. I'm in my junior year, and I've been living here for about 7 years. We're waiting on our Green Card. It's been approved, but we're still waiting. We're here on an H1B visa. Does the new dream act affect me?

Example: What was this dream supposed to mean?

I cannot remember what exactly happened in the beginning, and I apologize for its length, but here it is.

I was running away with my little sister (I don't have one in real life) away from some creep who wanted to use us in an experiment. I can't remember what he looked like, but I recall vaguely a white mask and mustache.

We arrived at a house and frantically ran the doorbell.

I'm not sure what happened, but for some reason I was able to control the turn of events-- in reality, if someone was chasing us, no one would have been able to answer the door before he caught us. However, I seemed to be able to slow time down on his part and make him run very very very slowly as someone answered the door.

We were let in, and the man in the mask did not persist.

At some point, we were upstairs hanging out with the children of the household. Suddenly they all transformed into people with white masks, and I panicked and attacked them with whatever I could find.

Eventually the dream changed and I was in my own house. My mother told me to hide, so I did. At this point, I'm sure it wasn't because of the Nazis coming, as it would soon later be in my dream.

Through a series of hiding, I found myself hiding in a closet within a closet within a closet, hiding with several other people.

American/Canadian/English/Australian archaeologists happened to come. For some reason, it suddenly turned into the fact that I needed to run away from the Nazis.

I ran to them with a sob story and they started to take me away, but then we got caught.

Somehow, this is when my father and neighbor entered in. I haven't talked to my neighbor in a while, but he used to be a real jerk to me, but it seems he's toned down a bit. He's a year younger than me and I see him frequently at school, so I guess that's why.

Somehow I escaped again, this time with my dad and neighbor, we'll call him Jim.

I don't remember where we escaped from, but I can remember Nazi soldiers chasing us, running. This was about the fourth time I was running from something. Running in a dream is surreal, I don't know how to describe it, but it's like your legs are jello and you're desperately trying to get them to work.

We hid in a supermarket, and our names came on the announcement system. I ran around screaming, but someone was willing to save us and hide us.

I called for my father and neighbor and we ran into their car (for some reason, it had my name plastered all over it) and we had a car chase, but we were soon caught.

I made another attempt to escape with my father and neighbor, we were caught.

We were brought to this amusement park place thingy...but I knew it was a trap, yet I knew there was no escape this time. My father and Jim did not believe me when I told them it was a trap, we weren't here to have fun.

The next day, I watched as Jim was led into a room and gassed, and realized everyone at the amusement park was to be given the same fate. It was soon found out that my family was Christian (I don't know why this detail was brought in, I guess my dream has been really random so far).

I woke up abruptly then.

Eventually, another dream came, and it was roughly the same as the very first dream. I was in that house, and there was a party. (I think right now I should mention this house and the road it's on has appeared multiple times in different dreams, such as being trapped in it, going to a friend's house but realizing it's cursed, and hiding from kidnappers in it.) I was having a bunch of sword fights with chopsticks, and was never beaten, so I got really cocky. My former crush was there and we hung when he slung his arm around me and I started flirting with him. We went upstairs, where a bunch of the people from the popular hierarchy at my school were dancing and partying. He was snatched away and I started pacing the hallway and had another sword fight with chopsticks with some random guy in my class last year.

Some random points are that I noticed a lot of running away, as well as this mysterious house and masked man. For some reason, I keep feeling like something is going on. I'm not Jewish, nor really Christian, and I've never seen any movies about the Holocaust or read any books, except for Number the Stars which never really featured concentration camps and another Holocaust book that I read ages ago.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I started my day like i usually do.. but it was waaayy different.
Everything was normal til i got to school. I went to my 1 hour class and she got mad at us or something and made us stay 10 mins late..which isnt normal cause she had another class. Anyway, I got really mad and just got up and left. It was weird cause i was really rude about it and totally acting out of character. I was acting like those kids that act out and always go to the office when they do.. you know what i mean?

After that it gets a bit weirder

I remember that i was in the car.. and i was speeding and driving like idk.. a bat out of hell. haha. And i kept saying that i have good grades so i act how i want..

This is the scary part.

I was home and i was watching something.. and i asked why dont ghosts or demons or something live here on earth.. and something answered my question but no one said anything.. i just heard it in my mind...
I walk out into my hallway and look in the mirror..
And im talking.. i said.. we are wretched people(what i heard in my head) and my lips are moving.. like i can see them moving but in the mirror... they arent.. I look really really TERRIFIDE! .. and my upper lip was all sweaty. I have never seem myself look like this. EVER.
after this point no matter what i did i couldnt control my voice my movements or whatever i did.
I tried to scream dad, kick, whatever i can do but i cant! (happens a lot in my dreams)
After looking at myself in the mirror for a while..
it looked like some one grabbed the side of my shirt to make me come back in my room
but there wasn't a arm or anything and my room was really dark like i couldnt see anything.

Then i woke up.. still couldnt scream at first.. and talked to my dad XD

Example: Really wierd dream, whats it mean?

There are 2 parts.

Part 1:
I'm at a school swimming carnvial in a race and i'm swimming along, all of a sudden my bikini comes off, I swim to the end and theres a guy standing there (I know him from school) and he says 'Damn, miss can you make taleah float?' then I smile an him and he smiles back and winks, then I turn around.
Then i'm suddenly out of the pool and theres a kissing room kinda thing, like if you open the door you get kissed, I open the door and another guy I know from school Casey opens the door and starts making out with me.
Then he stops and closes the door again.
The other guy keeps smiling at me.
On the bus trip home for some reason it's going to take a long time so they said I have to find someone to drop me home first.
Then I see there pixie looking things and they said they'd drop me home, I said no, I was thinking a guy like a p plater.
Then were driving along, for some reason it's raining, heavly.
Then the 2 pixies keep following the bus.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

Dream On...Westbound. Dream On!?

I was somewhere here in my state, in a darkened lobby of an office
building or hotel, when my former boss, KW, was standing near me. " I
want a good fare to Montreal? " I said as I had come to learn that she
had something to do with that type of business; 'that' being the
travel business. She pulled out a small piece of paper and I saw her
write two figures: 109, twice which I interpreted as $109 dollars each
way. I thought that that wasn't a bad airfare, but I'd have to add on
the various taxes between here and Canada so that could boost it by
another $70 to $80 dollars, but I agreed to it. I thought that I would
let me aunt know that I'm going, by a simple telephone call. Before, I
realized it, I was in Montreal.

While there, it was day time. I was in a very similar room. I was
seated at a table, which I again, believe was part of a lounge in a
hotel lobby. In another room, Conrad Black, a Canadian publishing
magnet was speaking. In real life, I'm not sure if he has a French
accent or not, but he seemed to in my dream. Directly in front of me
were two men, which I suspected where reporters. I asked them if they
were from the Montreal Gazette.
"Yes," one replied. I asked about what Black was saying and they
seemed to be in a mood between happy and jaded. I believed that he was apologizing for something that he did, or was trying to defend
himself. Black, was indicted in the Canadian courts some years ago for
something to do with stocks and pushing out competition. He was also
in legal trouble here in the U.S. for similar offenses. The reporters explained something to me. I was grateful because they didn't have too. They were probably sick of everything and were more
interested in drinking than listening to Black fall all over himself.

What does this dream mean?

I love Montreal. I haven't been since 2005. (Can't afford it)

This is the second time this month that my former boss ends up in my
dreams. I whisked myself to Montreal. I love the city. I did think
about my financial situation a bit; how much I could spend, how long I
could stay, etc. I was glad to be there, but my familiar world loomed
in the not-to-distant past.

The reporters...I wanted to be one. Maybe I'd be bored after a bit.
Tired of work like the rest after while...listening to people lie.

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