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Dream About Camels meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, i had this dream, that aliens took over our world and blocked out the sun, and all the kids had to stay in their classrooms, and everyone except me was enjoying it and having fun. then, i saw my mum and dad and my cat standing in one spot telling me to go over there, then i did, then we went home and continued life, except with no electricity..

it was really weird..and when i woke up it felt as if it were true, and i was really scared..
so, do any of you no what it meant? thnxx♥

One interpretation: you would prefer a warm, loving, happy home life to the alienated life one perhaps encounters on the "mean streets." (This, btw, is the subject of C. S. Lewis' excellent--meaning, why don't you check it out--novella, "The Great Divorce.")

Your obedience is important, as you are not rebelling against the gnats of home and swallowing the camel of "alien-nation."

The "trueness" relates to how your dreaming consciousness, which is your waking subconscious, and more tuned in to your feelings and emotions, views your whole life--waking and its more lively dreaming :)

Thus, it is really well that you be "afraid" or "scared" of merely becoming an alienated worker in a hive mind, a "godless luciferian superstate." This is the daily reality of e.g. Soviet Russia or Third Reich Germany, and it is not a "pretty picture."

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed a camel fell in love with me. He was following me around and loving on me like the dragon in Shrek.

I've been reading a book about Noah flood myths, and studying the historical accuracy of the Old Testament, but I haven't read anything about camels.

Example: What does a dream about a camel spider insect mean?

In my dream, I was in my room and there was this large camel spider but it had the head of a praying mantis and every time I touched it with my hand, it burned and I tried to flush it down the toilet but it wouldn't go down and then it jumped out of the toilet and I picked it up using a washcloth and let it go outside.

Example: Muslims , what does it mean to dream about heavy rain in ramadan?

I never has doubts about islam but last year I had many doubts and I even reached a point when I was an agnostic BUT I have been studying quran and making duaa to Allah to guide me and increase my faith and serenity for the past few months , but last night I almost lost patience and asked Allah to make it faster as I am weak and starting to get depressed and asked him to forgive me for my many sins . Larstnight I had a dream that there was heavy rain , what does that mean ? if it does mean anything

Example: What does this dream mean...?

my dream: the nile river was in my back yard, there were camels with circus hats on asking for peanuts. its means...

Example: I dreamt of a 7 headed knight or god holding a bow and arrow riding a camel - what could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was in the intimacy of my emotions and was accepting all kinds of people in my life and following the crowd, than the devil gave me a gift but I didn’t know who it was from so I accepted the gift. Once I took the gift, I developed a soul bond with the devil and they were able to torment me, terrify me, control me and destroy me.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a baby camel?

i had a dream that my mum brought me a baby camel?

Example: What does a calm, friendly white camel mean in a dream? Dream interpetation?

I just dreamt that there was a white camel in the yard. She was calm an patient and friendly.
I remember her befriending me with ease and, I don't know why, but there was, as best I can put it, an ethereal or heavenly feel about her. Just something calm, loving, and divine.
The next thing I remember is my family being present. They were having an outside picnic. One of my sisters mentioned that she (the camel) should be returned (got the feeling that the camel was 'loaned' to me, yet, at the same time, felt like she'd meandered away from where she lived and had come directly to me because she knew I was friendly -there's a woman at the end of this road who was a friend of my mom's and who has horses, birds, dogs, and cats that she cares for).
As I approached her for a second time (the camel), she laid down on the ground and rolled onto her back like a dog, more than happy to let me pet her belly.
However, as I did, a black and white fluffy dog hurried over and walked between she and I, as if the dog wanted the attention, instead of me giving it to the camel.
After the dog had left (feeling defeated that I hadn't split my attention, or directly given the dog any attention) I got up onto the camel's back and we started walking (well, she walking, me riding) towards the driveway in the yard.
I got the distinct impression that, although she knew she had to leave and go home, she was glad to have spent the time she did with me.

...could anyone help me understand this nice, yet peculiar, chunk of my dream? Thank you for any insights you can give! <3

Example: Recently i have been having the repetetive dream of a rabid camel attacking me does this mean anything?

i usually wake up in a cold swear and wet sheets everytime i get this dream...

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