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Dream About Calves meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of a green snake?

I had this dream an there was this green snake tatoo in my lower left calf what could be the meaning of this?

green snakes are the best snakes! you should probably get the same tattoo to avoid any complications in your life.

Example: To all you dream interpreters, what do you think my dream meant?

Last night I had a dream that I went to a place to get tattoos with two parents of a baby girl named Angel. I believed Angel had recently passed. I was watching the tattoo artist do the tracing onto the parents and when I looked down at my leg. I had got a tattoo of a police badge and the name Angel with a halo on my calf. I rushed to scrub it off and it appeared to be doing so and then I woke up...What do you think that means?

Example: Can you help me with this dream?

My friend has dreamed this twice now and would like some help in what it might mean... here goes " She is at an air port her feelings is having lost or something is missing... she is walking around the airport with a rope in her hand and tied to it is a black and white cow... following the cow is a brown and white goat...following the goat is a brown and white calf (does not belong to the cow) What does this mean?

Example: I have a dream that Ive been wondering about for a long time...anybody have any insight to what it could mean?

Ok so I dont really know what I want to find out, or if there's anything to find out. For all I know, it could just be an ordinary dream but it scared me when I was little and I just wanna know if anybody out there has any clue to if it means anything if anything at all.

So I dreamed when I was in 3rd grade that I was outside with my BB gun. This was like directly after I killed my first ever thing with it, a rabbit. Well I dreamed that I was outside with my BB gun and there was like a holographic rabbit just sitting still behind the car. It was brown/tan sorta just like a transparent shadow, but when you looked at it closer it had all the colors of the rainbow like when you hold a CD under the light.

Well I snuck up to it and took a few shots at it and it didnt budge...I kept going foreward, stopping, aiming, and taking shots but it never moved. Then I got right up on top of it and shot it and it morphed and stood up into a calf. It chased me and I remember looking back and it just lunged toward my face and then I couldnt see anything but like a brown haze everywhere I looked and if I focused on anything it would turn holographic and reflective and I remember hearing the phrase in like a half man half woman voice "You've never been loved this way before but your hate has just begun"...and then it left, and everything was normal again, but I remember next seeing myself like from an overhead view and I was kneeled down in my dream crying and praying...and then I woke up, in my bed, in the exact pose that I was in in my dream, kneeled on the matress, head and clapsed hands on my pillow, praying, crying, and FREAKED out.

I havent had any dream like that ever since, no scary after stories to talk about, no hauntings or whatever, thats been like my only paranormal *if you can even call it that* experience. And this was before Id heard of the exorcist or possession or any of that, my family would just tell me the devil would "get me" if I didnt live by god, but I just find all the details I remember a bit scary, considering I'd never heard of any of that stuff before.

So whataya think? That was my disturbing nightmare. Was it anything? Or just a really bad dream? That was in 3rd grade and Im heading into 11th now...and like I said, thats been my only "real" *or to me it feels real and credible* paranormal experience...Thoughts?

Example: Please can anybody tell me what my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in the gutter and i had lots of horrible green sewage on the back of my leg on the calf. I remember being very disgusted as i was trying to pull my trousers up because there was a lot on the trousers,near my feet and ankles. It was horrid and i don't/can't remember why i was there but i was and i was trying to get as many boots from the sewage thing as i could in a competitive sense as if i was competing with someone or something lol? and i remember just trying to get the boots no matter how dirty they were and they were brown in colour and i managed to get two pairs.

Later i dreamt that i met a man that i knew a long time ago, he was my uncle that i don't really see but anyway i saw him and we were meant to have a meeting or something. So i went to see him and i liked him and he was ok with me, we were in his car and then he told me to go home now and i was very far away from my house with no clue as to where i was. It was time for me to go now, the meeting was over but he said go home i can't drop you off and at first i thought he was joking but he said seriously i can't drop you off you will have to go home on your own just ring somebody.

Example: What's this dream mean?

I was in the back of a hovercraft, when it broke down in alligator and water moccasin infested water calf deep. Suddenly I had to run in the water which I saw there were thousands of baby ones. Nothing big. But I had to hold my daughter above it which weighed me down enough to allow myself to be biten all over but she was safe until I woke up. Anything?

Example: I had a very weird dream i need a meaning?

Alrite so this is gonna be weird first off i need to tell you i dont remember all of it but i remember a lot..
So It was as if i just got outta a coma or sumthing i remember riding down the road n the car but i dont remember who with i think it was my aunt n her boyfriend but neways Its like i just woke up outta no where n its been forever i didnt know wat happend but i just kept asking ppl why the wouldnt tell me no one would give me the answer i was looking for now b4 i get to the next part imma say tht i remember layin in mi sisters house n i was scared to death its as if killers kept breaking into there house but i couldnt see there face well i holard for garrett mi sisters bf n i realised the person was mi aunt she told me it was her n i was fine i ended up walkin with her n sumhow we ended uup stealing everything in her house almost miranda,daniel n i,N then i remember leaving with her,Then it was as if i woke up again from a coma or sumthing n i was at this place with mi mom a water park i still new sumthign wasnt right i didnt know wtf was going on n im not sure wat was wrong with me but i discccorvered i couldnt b around ppl as if i had a dieases n they acted as if i was dying now a wierd part On mi left leg mi calf i musta cut i love you in mi calf but i dont remember it mi dream was like a NIGHTMARE n i woke up to reality in mi dream felt mi leg and it was there n thats all i remember when i woke up i was soaked in sweat n scared for my life i started crying and i didnt know what to think ...im bipolar and lately i havent felt the healthiest its like im stuck in stare 24/7 i cant focuse on anything i fell inlove with a girl n she fell in love with me but theres a problem she moved to baltimore n im in west virginia we want to be together but weve been arguing a lot were having are doubts mi bipolar gets worse n bc of tht i take about 15 or more pills then i should but it helps my minds n body lately just feels almost dead or sumthing idk but its freaky n its hard to explain b4 my memory sucks n i get lost n mi thought n just forget everything its like that for almost everything i do i take lithium-su pills for anxiety n another kinda for anxiety i had a shot b4 i went to sleep but i felt fine so idt tht has nethign to od with this damn dream its frustrating and makes me want to put my fist through a ******* wall n im hsving troubles i dont know who i am i really dont i no wat im not but not wat i am guys i think my minds ****** up and i dont know what to do i need help bad ;/

Example: Can someone help me interpret my dream?

Okay so I had this weird dream years (yes YEARS) ago and I'm still confused about it. I totally remember it like I just had it last night.

I'm walking in a forest with a man and a woman. They're both tall and dressed in the stereotypical ancient Greece/Roman attire (white knee-length togas, gold sandals with the strap going up the calves.) The woman had short blonde curly hair and the man had short brown hair, average male style.

Anyways, so we're just walking when suddenly I stop and I look around, confused. "I'm asleep." I say. The other two stop and smile at me. The woman says, "Yes, you are." I ask, "Am I going to wake up?" The man says, "Yes." I ask him if he's real and he holds out his arm. I feel it. His skin is the softest, smoothest skin I've ever felt in my entire life. "I can feel you," I tell him. "Yes you can," he says. And then, just like that, we continue walking happily through the forest towards a lake.

What does this mean? Who could those two people have been? It was a completely lucid dream, at least that moment was, and like I said, it's as vivid now about three years later as it was when I was having it.

Example: Hippo dream interpretation?

i had a dream about a hippo. and kate and her 8 kids *(off jon & kate + 8)* the hippos was on a leash. it was wild and in the end of the dream it gave me three painful scratches on my calf. two of the scratches were on the bottom of my calf and the other was on the top. i know it sounds weird that i would be asking this on yahoo answers but ive never had such a vivid dream before. could anyone tell me what any of this might have meant? the hippo had a "keeper" who was inside of a building watching kate just kinda take the hippo for a walk and for some reason i was there to help. the hippo was angry...

i knwo its strange but ir eally need help with it im kinda worried about what it might signify because of all the changes that are taking place in my life right now...

Example: Has anyone ever woken up at like, 2:30 AM and feel the muscles in your leg calf tightening and then?

an ungodly pain shoots through your leg and you find yourself cursing and screaming for someone to kill you. THEN after it is done you stretch you leg out a bit and then your muscles tighten again and the ungodly pain returns only far worse. Then you find yourself limping around the next day.

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