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Dream About Calves meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: In a dream I was bitten by a slender greenish snake.I would to know what that means?

In detail.the dream started at summer school,I was hanging out with friends,I left and a friend drove me to a mini market that is very close to home.I ran from the mini market to home which is about a block away.and as I was running the scenery changed to a jungle setting.I was jumping over boulders and branches and I was joined by 2 white females. Suddenly I was bitten by a light green snake on my left calf. It didn't heart and I wasn't in pain but I grabbed the snake by it's head as it was attached to my calf and pulled it out fairly easily. Next I was in hospital getting stitches(weird right?). The dream seemed to majorly revolve around the snake bit. I'm curious.

To dream that you are in a jungle, signifies aspects of yourself and your personality that may be inhibited. You may be experiencing some chaos and unpredictable circumstances in your waking life. Consider the phrase "it's a jungle out there!"

To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. Alternatively, the snake may be seen as phallic and thus symbolize temptation, dangerous and forbidden sexuality. In particular, to see a snake on your bed, suggests that you are feeling sexually overpowered or sexually threatened. You may be inexperienced, nervous or just unable to keep up. If you are afraid of the snake, then it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy or commitment. The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive change.

Example: What does this dream mean? (self harm)?

I dreamt I was on a boat with my three closest friends whom I haven't seen in a few months. I was completely nude, and very uncomfortable and I had a pair of socks, so I put one sock on my foot and the other I tried to use to cover my genitals in front of my friends so they wouldn't see me naked.
Also, I had for some reason put hundreds of little nails into my calves on both legs and they started to bleed more and more, it seemed logical to drive the nails into my skin since I had no clothes.
I started asking my friends for help when I realized how much blood I was using, and it took much convincing before one of my friends, the only female, helped by taking the nails out of my calves. They wanted to drift to the nearest fed ex for help.

Also I had this dream while I slept on a crab boat.

Example: My dream what does it mean?

I have a dream that I get every once in a while, but never makes any sense.

I'm in a long passageway very dark and the the only light is coming from overhead. But there is a roof it's like the light is coming from a tube that just hovers in the hair all the way down the passageway with the coloration of moonlight.
I walk down the passage way barefoot and shirtless with nothing but jeans on.
Walking towards a small light at the end. There is no noise, I dont even hear myself breathing but, soon, I hear a squirming noise underfoot. Like I'm walking on water. I keep walking till it feels like I'm walking in a shallow puddle. I stop and look down. The back of my right pantleg was soaking wet from the calf down. I reach down and roll up the pantleg to find that I have a perfect cut all the way to the bone down my calf, blood pouring out. I tried to yell. But nothing came out. And then I wake up. I have never reached the end of the hall.

Example: I've had a dream about snakes. A snake actually. I'm afraid at first, then I'm not. What does it mean?

In my dream, I step off a ledge and my foot lands next to a snake I didn't notice earlier. It stirs and I'm frightened so I try to get away from it, but I cant seem to move fast enough. The snake catches up with me, and bits my calf, but it has no teeth and it doesnt hurt when I'm bitten. I keep moving away, and when I turn to look at it, it seems to have devoured my foot. I panick, but pull my foot out from its mouth easily. I'm not afraid anymore, and the snake seems harmless without its bite. And it's eyes don't seem menacing. It looks at me, as it was playing. I finally get up and go off, it tries to catch up but doesn't manage to. I woke up with the image of the snake on my mind.

Example: Any idea what this dream means?

I had a very peculiar dream last night.
I was in my bathroom, taking a bath. But for some reason, I had to rub something onto the bottom of my legs (calves) to make them a bright glowing blue...to attract the jellyfish in my bath.
I had these weird nipping pains in my legs and part of my back, which I assumed to be the jellyfish nipping or biting me.
I lifted my legs out of the water a few times and shook them to try and get any jellyfish off which may have attached themselves to me, but there were none there.
There were some instructions on the floor, which I had to read, about what I had to do. Rubbing the gel stuff on my legs then doing something...I don't know what I was meant to be doing.
But I couldn't reach the instructions, and every time I leaned to get them, the nipping increase and it was too painful.
Somehow, I managed to get out of the bath (it was sudden). I looked in the bath and there was dark brown seaweed and brown/pink shadows in the water which I assumed to be the

Example: What does this highly detailed dream mean?

the people involved in this dream are:


the boy that i like (L)

this dream was in very, very high detail and part of a longer dream in which L was a serial murderer.

L and I were chosen to compete in a three-legged-race for band camp. He was wearing a dark red hoodie and khaki cargo shorts with side pockets (rather important) and I was wearing a dark red fitted polo and black Soffe short shorts. I was really nervous because he was tying our legs (my right, his left) together for the three-legged-race with black strips of cloth at our calves and then further up over the knee. It was really tight and I was getting really blushy because, well, I've liked him for two years, and direct physical contact has this effect on me. He put his arm around my shoulder and I put my hand around his waist.

Because of our eight-inch height difference, I concluded that he would have a longer stride, which would make our gait strange if we wanted to efficiently and quickly win the race (this is why your three-legged-race partner ought to be around your height.) So, I said to him:

"Please don't dominate over me just because you're taller and stronger."

I said that very specifically, using those exact words to him. He reassured me that he would not dominate.

When the race began, I felt a really intense pain in my leg, so bad that I wanted to cry out, but I didnt want to jeopardize our chances for winning. Furthermore, he was, in fact, dominating, which was making me nervous. Every stride hurt, and we were going really fast. I tend to shrug off pain (in my waking life, I failed to notice that my foot was gushing blood before) so I pushed through and tried to match his pace.

Finally, we finished, and I just couldnt take the pain any longer so I collapsed onto the grass. He came down, too, since our legs were still tied together. I was almost blinded by tears as I tried to rip the ties off. When they finally did, I noticed that my entire leg was covered in blood and there was a very deep gash on my thigh, bleeding very profusely. His leg was also covered in blood and his shorts were stained with it as well.

It was at that point that he reached into one of his side pockets and said cheerfully, "Oops! I had a blade in my pocket!"

The strange thing is that when I woke up, I realized that he had been the murderer in the dreams prior to this one. Also, I was amazed that my subconscious would take into account so many factors:

-I wear short shorts all the time, he wears shorts with side pockets often, the blade that he had could be easily positioned to cut me while not harming himself
-three-legged-race-->our legs are tied tightly together, but the difference in stride would be enough disturbance to slice up my leg
-height difference
-and I told him not to dominate

In real life, he hardly ever talks. He is in my most vivid and disturbing dreams.

Example: Another freaky dream. What's it mean?

My dream started out normal, I guess... I was sitting, watching TV if I remember correctly.
But then I look down at my left leg, and see a hole in my inner, upper, calf. The hole contains, for some odd reason, water, dirt, and a chunk of grass. I panicked, and ran to my mom, water spilling out of my leg. She told me to take some medication, so I took a pill with juice after pulling the grass out of my leg. When I look down again, the juice is resting in my leg, just below the hole.
Stuff happened, I was running around in a panic, trying to get help. At one point, I found a gameboy advance in my leg, and I pulled it out quickly. Then I turned on the TV again and found out that all the stuff from my leg was being teleported to an anime world, and some of it kept landing on some guy who was standing on a stage.. When I emptied out my leg, I found said teleporter or whatever in my ankle.
The end.

If it makes any difference, I lost a close friend on the 4th to heart failure.

Example: I had a dream I got hit by a car?

It was so painful. I remember being hit by a car near some neighborhood here where I live, but ofcourse I was still alive yet in alot of pain. I was then in a apartment/room where I was left to recover. I remember my whole body was aching and my left calf was popped out (it kinda hurts now that I just woke up). But I do remember having my friends around me to support me.

What does this dream indicate?

Example: Please someone help me what does this mean?


i had a dream this morning.

it started out that my parents took my husband and i to my grandmas house.
(grandma on my moms side).

well my mom and i were inside the house in the dining room and she said that i took her piano sheet music. i said that i didn't take it.

she said she was going to call the police and see if they took it when i got arrested.

then my dad told me that i needed to go out and feed the baby calves in the barn. he said remember it only takes a half a cup of powder to make a bottle.

i said i know i have done this before.

then hubby and i proceeded to the barn where 3 baby calves were. they were dark brown in color.

two of the calves were bigger then the third calf. the third calf was skinny and looked like the other to calves were getting feed more of the bottles then the other one.

what does this dream mean?

Example: I have a dream that Ive been wondering about for a long time...anybody have any insight to what it could mean?

Ok so I dont really know what I want to find out, or if there's anything to find out. For all I know, it could just be an ordinary dream but it scared me when I was little and I just wanna know if anybody out there has any clue to if it means anything if anything at all.

So I dreamed when I was in 3rd grade that I was outside with my BB gun. This was like directly after I killed my first ever thing with it, a rabbit. Well I dreamed that I was outside with my BB gun and there was like a holographic rabbit just sitting still behind the car. It was brown/tan sorta just like a transparent shadow, but when you looked at it closer it had all the colors of the rainbow like when you hold a CD under the light.

Well I snuck up to it and took a few shots at it and it didnt budge...I kept going foreward, stopping, aiming, and taking shots but it never moved. Then I got right up on top of it and shot it and it morphed and stood up into a calf. It chased me and I remember looking back and it just lunged toward my face and then I couldnt see anything but like a brown haze everywhere I looked and if I focused on anything it would turn holographic and reflective and I remember hearing the phrase in like a half man half woman voice "You've never been loved this way before but your hate has just begun"...and then it left, and everything was normal again, but I remember next seeing myself like from an overhead view and I was kneeled down in my dream crying and praying...and then I woke up, in my bed, in the exact pose that I was in in my dream, kneeled on the matress, head and clapsed hands on my pillow, praying, crying, and FREAKED out.

I havent had any dream like that ever since, no scary after stories to talk about, no hauntings or whatever, thats been like my only paranormal *if you can even call it that* experience. And this was before Id heard of the exorcist or possession or any of that, my family would just tell me the devil would "get me" if I didnt live by god, but I just find all the details I remember a bit scary, considering I'd never heard of any of that stuff before.

So whataya think? That was my disturbing nightmare. Was it anything? Or just a really bad dream? That was in 3rd grade and Im heading into 11th now...and like I said, thats been my only "real" *or to me it feels real and credible* paranormal experience...Thoughts?

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