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Dream About Calves meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did my dream from last night mean?

Last night I had the most bizarre and creepy dream. Anyways, I was wondering what it meant so I thought I'd ask. Here it goes... (It gets a little disturbing)
It started with me getting invited to a party by some people i dont really hang out with anymore and my little sister. I was friends with these girls in high school and now they tend to hang out more with her and we don't really talk.
The party started in Disney Land which was weird but cool. We went to different places in Disney Land but they were all related to Alice in Wonderland or Song of the South.
After a while, it moved on to this bizzarely dark house with a wood burning stove. I knew it had a wood burning stove because I could smell it.
In the dream i drove my truck to the party and all the windows were down which turned out to be relevant later but not right now. (In real life, my truck has broken down and won't run. Which may or may not be relevant.)
Anyways so at first it was just kinda normal at the weird house... Like we sat around for a while and did nothing, just chatted and drank soda, but then i went to my truck to get something and it turned out that to be "in" the club I had to pass a test. (At this point I found out that I was really in a secret club meeting and if I wanted to keep being in I had to pass this test).
Well the test was staying calm and not freaking out when they tried to scare me. It wasnt just like popping out from behind chairs it was really elaborate like they dressed up as zombies and corpses and buried themselves so they could crawl out of the ground and grab my ankles.
After I got past that and was back inside they were popping through doors to startle me but it didnt work.
I asked my sister "how they hell did they breathe when they were buried?"
And she said "they used yarn"
I'm not exactly sure how that worked... In the dream I had a mental image of people using pieces of yarn like straws to get air to them when they were underground.
Anyways so then finally they were like "ok cool you can watch a movie with us" and I was like "this was a bit over done but whatever" so we went through a door at the back of the room where we'd been drinking soda to go watch a movie.
The door led into a barn which wasn't as weird as it sounds (in fact it seemed normal until I woke up)except that it was full of mutilated-but-still-alive animals... like a headless sheep with a barbie glued to its side was running around and there was a cage full of cows the size of chihuahuas that had been skinned and cut up weird but they kept sitting up and mooing. (By "cut up weird" I mean that someone had been harvesting meat off of them without actually killing them.)
OFne of them was a calf that was growing as I watched. "Hes gonna need more room soon" I said and one of the girls sniffed and replied "or not"
At this point my dream self decided to run... So I turned around and ran for my truck.
All the people dressed up as zombies were actually zombies so they were all trying to eat me and crawl through the open windows of my truck at me as I escaped. (see? i said thatd be relevant)
At this point I was woken up, but I fell back asleep a few minutes later and it continued with me escaping, but either nothing relevant happened or I can't remember it.
So, what does that mean? Any ideas?

sweet dream.. I actually had a similar one.. well okay the similar details where zombies..just milling around at first really.. a creepy house and the idea that I would have to pass a test( which I never even got a chance to try, the zombies killed everyone.) And some guy id never meet was running away from half eaten cows, He jumped in his red truck, he shouted to me because he was happy his truck started ( maybe he thought the zombies maybe did something to it) I don't ever see if he got away or not cuz I woke up. I still wonder if he would have offered me a ride out of there... I really have no idea what it means but felt like responding anyway.. sorry I am no help

Example: What can it mean if you dream someone is holding both of your legs...?

by the calves (not hard) and moving them in a sort of circle round and round while you are sleeping mostly on your back but a little to the left? And then lightly slapping at the covers near your face? All the while in the dream you feel a panic and your heart beating fast and hope this mystery person who you are afraid to look at will stop touching you. And you hold tight the remote to the television and try to turn the volume up as if by accident to perhaps scare them away. Then you wake up and can feel your heart beating fast and feel shaky.

Example: Dream, what does it mean?

last night i had a dream about idk something and then i had a hole in calf it was like eaten away or burned away and inside i could see like stringy stuff and blood...i think woke up and was freaked out and i cautiously look and touch my leg...what does this mean?/

Example: I have dreams about getting into trouble and flying to safety...? What does it mean?

For example, this time, I had a dream about being "locked up" but there were no cells or anything. It was more like a really dingy, dark, dirty high school, and all of us were high school age. We (my "crew") were around the lunch table, plotting and planning our escape, but in order to do it we needed an old (out of style) pair of bowling shoes as part of one person's disguise or something. So me and another kid went down some stairs to the cellar to go look, and somehow we ended up outside. It's not that we weren't allowed there, but I guess the guard was on to us, because immediately, she started shooting. I grabbed the other kid, concentrated real hard, and flew up to safety. And then, I concentrated again and cast spell to make us invisible as we hid up in a tree.

Like always with these "danger/escape" dreams, no matter what happens, if I just clear my mind and force myself to believe I can fly, I start to fly, and in every case I (we, this time) make it to safety. What's it mean?

Example: Can someone please tell me what this means in my dreams? (Two different dreams slightly long)?

Okay. This has been bothering me for awhile. I had this dream. Alot of the time i have dreams that symbolize thing and come true. (Odd i Know, just please try to help me)
OKay here is the first dream.
Im in my room. Sleeping. I hear someone tapping at the window trying to get it. I grab my gun and start looking out at my other windows. My dog Vapor is looking at the window. He is making slight barking noises but not alot. (he barks at anyone he doesnt know, so he knew this person) I run to the window, I open it. There in a white horse trying to get in. I tell it to get back. Then i realize it is sweating. It needs my help. Right as i realize this it falls to the ground. I dont know what happened to it but it is not dead. As i run to go help it, I wake up.
What does this mean. Right when i woke up the name of my friend came to my head...

Here is my second Dream:
A large hairy brown cow delivers a female calf who looks exactly like the mom. I know the mom cow is evil. Right when she delivers the female calf gets on the mothers back. Then the cow paces. Several times up and down a road or something. There is something on the mothers back like a Eagle or vulture (sp?). Then the female calf gets off and then the mother cow lays and has a another calf. This one is male and looks slightly different. He immediately gets on the mothers back. He is evil too. After awhile the female calf comes back. And gets on the mothers back. Then i wake up.

Most of the time as i said my dreams symbolize things.
When i woke up from this dream my sons girlfriend popped into my head. She has a brother who is psychotic and has been in a mental hospital. he is younger than her. My sons girlfriend has mental issues also. And is on depression medicine. Their mother severely abused them when they were little. Amber (my sons girlfriend) did not talk to her mother for awhile. Then eventually went back to her.

Can someone help me interpret these dreams? If you can even help me with one that would be great.


Example: Dream Interpretations?

Does anyone know what flying means in a dream. Not that I fly every 'now and then' because in all of my dreams I have the capability to fly. This has happend from a very young age and I am now begining to wonder what it means?

Example: What would mean feeding a cow in the dream?

I had seen carrying some human food from the house and put it in front of a cow. Later, I also remember seeing holding cow's mouth and feeding her. This time, I am feeling I am feeding her fodder rather than human food. The cow was quiet and happily eating what I fed her. It was sunny and pleasant setting. I saw other things too which I don't remeber but the cow feeding memory stayed with me when I woke up. What would be the meaning of it?

Example: What does this dream mean ?


i was wondering what this dream means that i had this morning.

the dream:

it started out that my parents took my hubby and i to my grandmas house ( on moms side). my mom and i were in the dining room and she said that a took her sheet music beacuse she was going to play the piano. i told her i didnt and she said she was going to call the police because she said they might of took it when i got arrested.

then my dad told me to go out and feed the baby calves that were in the barn. my dad told me remember it only take a half of cup of powder for the bottles. i said i know i have done this before i know what to do.

so hubby and i went out to the barn and began to bottle feed the baby calves. two of them were good size they were bigger in size then the other one. the other baby calf was kinda skinny and not as big in size as the other ones. i looked like that calf got left out of eating like the other 2 calves got in the way of eating so that the skinny one would not be able to eat as much. the baby cows were all dark brown in color.

that was it for the dream it stopped at that us feeding the baby calves.

real life part:

she has a house that has a barn but has nothing in it now. it use to have cattle in it.

i got arrested back in 2006 for driving with my brights on in town and i got arrested cause i didn't pull over when i was suppose to.
i was only in jail for 3 hours total. that scared me enough so i don't do anything like that again.

i was wondering what this dream means?

serious answers only please !


Example: Two dreams, one I was killed the other I was in love? What do they mean?

I've had a night full of strange dreams. Two in particular have me rather...intrigued. In one (I can't remember the order they came in) I was watching as a young woman, obviously not much older then my nearly 16, was led into a room. It was a rather large all stone room that was darkly lit, candles only I think. And there were quite a few people. They were dressed rather elegantly, old timey. Their faces were either really pale or painted white and they had some black face paint around their eyes and mouths. The girl, just as pale, but I could see that that was her actual skin tone, was wearing a white tank top and white sweats, cinched to the calf, and she looked completely disheartened yet still strong as she was lead to an elevated part of the center of the room. Suddenly I was right beside her, her arms were chained. An elegant looking man with long hair and no face paint, though he was pale as well walked up to her, I think he was about to place a blindfold over her eyes but she refused muttering "I've seen enough already" The man said "Very well." Then he grabbed her neck and pulled down.

Then it was over. And now that I'm awake and thinking about it, I thought it was an imaginary scene from a movie yet to be out with an actress who happens to look a lot like me, but as I thought about it more, that girl was me. Just perhaps a few years older and paler.

Onto the other dream. I was walking near the beach at sunset with a guy. I wasn't quite sure who he was, I don't remember seeing his face. I just remember feeling so utterly and completely in love with him. Also for some reason I felt...newly married, like I was on my honeymoon for some reason. It was great, though I never dreamt about...you know that part. I remember him helping me surf, and windsurf. I just remember being so in love with him.

So, what do you think they mean?

Example: Are calf tattoo's cool?

I recently got my 2nd tattoo last week. I got it on my left calf and it kinda goes diagonal. Basically what it is is 4 stars with the writing above stars make me dream. A few people have said calf/leg tattoo's are not nice on either Men or Woman. what do you guys think?

I got this tattoo on my calf cause i like it and the design is something that means to me so what others think is in-material right?

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