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Dream About Calves meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I'm giving up soon. Please help me.?

I am a 14 year old girl who weighs 54 kg and is 165 cm.
I joined a gym last week because I felt I wanted to change. I have stopped eating at night, maybe a fruit. And eat some sweets / crisps 1 time a week.

I eat normally , quite small portions.

I workout at the gym, but I'm starting to give up. Every time I exercise completed at the gym , it feels like I have not done anything. although I get really sweaty and my whole body is shaking. it feels like I'm never going to change.

I have QUITE round belly . And I have fat on my inner thighs . I want abs. I want to have thin thighs . but it feels like I'm just dreaming. I have muscles in the legs because I went to gymnastics before , but not anymore.

Here's my workout schedule looks like.

4:00 : Can / I run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I burn about 160 calorier .
4:20 : Coach I force my calves . I exercise for 3-4 minutes .
4.25 : Working out my legs with a machine.
4:30 : Coach to my thighs with another machine.
4:35 : I train my inner thighs with another machine.
4:40 : Coach to my back with a machine.
4:45 : I train my stomach with two different machines.
4:55 : Working out my arms with another machine.
5:00 Am I ready . As 1 hour. Right after I feel I have not done anything.

Please, help me . I'm training right ? How long will it take before I see a difference?do I train hard enough ?

Do cardio workouts which means running on treadmill, cycling, stairs master, but while doing it, make sure you dont over do it. The key losing your belly fat is by sweating and working out as long as you can. For example, when I arrive in gym, i start with running and holding my heartbeat at 150. thats my limit and i can run with that tempo about 20 min. Doing that every second day, you'll see results in less than 8 weeks.

About your "diet" plants, you're 14 and you're still growing so eat regulary. 5 times per day(small meals)
The most important is your sleep time and make sure you eat breakfast everyday. You'll need it.

Good luck.

Example: What do you think of this Youtube video of brave Dreamers standing up against a U.S. politician who want take away DACA from all the kids?

DREAMers Erika Andiola & Cesar Vargas confront Steve King in Okoboji, Iowa for trying to end DACA

Immigration activists confronted Rep. Steve King in a delightfully uncomfortable exchange that the Iowa politician completely botched. At a fundraiser in Okobiji, Iowa, Dream Act Coalition members Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas addressed King on his anti-immigration policies. Andiola called King out on some of his more inflammatory remarks, including his allegation that some undocumented illegal children smuggle drugs that are hidden in their “calves the size of cantaloupes.” In response, King said to her “You're very good at English. You know what I'm saying." King added "I’m really sorry that you come from a lawless country. I hope that you can have a happy life. But please, do not erode the rule of law in America.” Ever loyal and gallant, Rand Paul, who was campaigning with King, bolted with an aide as soon as the two activists appeared.

Example: How to get the body I want?

Right now I'm a male, 150 5'11". I naturally have thin calves and arms. My torso is a little flabby with most of the fat on my body in my chest and belly.
My dream body isn't big but its long, lean and very cut. What would be the best workout routine to get this body? My thighs are more muscular than I'd like which is why I'm wary of doing more cardio even though sprinting is the only workout I enjoy.
Any diet and exercise tips? Ex: resistance training x days per week, foods to eat and foods to avoid. I'm also a vegetarian so no meat recommendations please. I appreciate anyone's time!

Example: If i do 120 minutes of cardio and eat only 700 cals, will i lose weight? cardio gains weight for me?

i dont want to be big with big calves big thighs. i want to be flat stomached very skinny, thigh gap and underweight? 105 pounds is where i want to be. in 114 pounds an 5'7 and 14 but when i do cardio i seem to get bigger calves and dont lose any weight! i do the elliptical btw, how can i basically just look like a stick, my choice thats my dream/perfection body image. so dont comment rudely

Example: I need opinions from competitive amateurs?

I have a horse that would be a kick butt jumper/event prospect for a rider that's better than I am (aka, less tense, more confident and actually wants to jump) that I am selling.

I have been in the works to get a pricey dressage horse but now I'm wondering if I'm ever even going to be able to compete - something I want to do. Would you get a pricey dream horse or would you stick with a cheap horse than can do the bare minimum of what you want to do? Would you even have a horse?

My question is this: If you were unable to compete (for any reason) but you could still ride and do all the same stuff (just not competitvely) would you still want to?

I've been feeling pretty torn about getting a new horse once the one I have is gone and wanted some opinions. Would you still want to ride/have a horse?

And if you are a non-professional, how much would you spend on show clothes? Boots, breeches, jackets, etc? I've seen boots starting at $1,200 and jackets a close runner up around $500. Are the investments for professionals or do amateurs take part as well?

Example: Fat Burners - Yes or No?

OK so ever since quitting soccer I've become quite chubby. I'm 6 ft tall and I weigh 94 kg. My dad told me that I'm big boned just like everybody on my mother's side. I play a lot of basketball and it is a dream of mine to learn to dunk. I have strong calfs and the main thing that is holding me down is my fat. Lately I've been living a healthier life style - Oat Meal for breakfast, Soup and some meet for lunch, and a salad plus rice or smth for dinner. I haven't seen any changes in my weight whatsoever. So a friend who's into bodybuilding and such suggested a fat burner. I usually try to avoid those artificial muscle building and fat burning substances but I've really given this fat burner thing some thought. My friend said that the fat burners paired with a healthy diet and exercise (which I already get from regularly playing b-ball) will help me finally lose body fat. I was just about to order the fat burner when someone told me that it may cause impotence. Now I just need to know whether to buy the fat burners or not. Will it harm me in any way? And please don't say something like "it doesn't harm you but don't use it anyway cause the natural weight loss process is the only true one" cause I've really tried the natural way and it just doesn't work.

Example: How do I know when I am ready to go en pointe?

I know a lot, and I mean A LOT about pointe work and ballet. So you don't have to "talk stupid" to me.
I just want to know how you can tell if your ankles are strong enough for going on pointe.
I am 14 years old, have pretty good arches, strong, muscular thighs and calves, I do 3 sets of 50 releves every day to strengthen my legs for pointe. I am a natural dancer, I am more advanced on my dance team for school, and I've taken a jazz class before. I know that this does not qualify me for being a "real" dancer, per say, but I am really passionate about dance. I am getting ballet classes for Christmas, so I'll be starting those soon hopefully.
My dream is to become a Professional Ballerina, but my dreams are constantly being crushed by the fact that I'm a "late-starter" for dance.

I just want to know if it would take me the 4 years of ballet to get onto pointe, or if there are exercises I can do now so that the 4 year process could be a little shorter.
I know the dangers, and I am sincerely asking for help. Not stupid answers, or mean ones. Leave them if you really want to, because I know I'll get them anyways.

Example: Looking for a huge list of two word "quotes"?

Things like Family is Forever and Pride and Glory. I guess that would be three words haha but I am not counting the middle word. The reason I am looking for a large list of sayings like this is because I am going to get the words tattooed down the back of my legs. Thanks 10 points to whoever has the biggest list. Don't bother saying that tattoos are bad and I shouldnt get them. Dont even bother saying that I should think of one I really want... I already decided on words down the back of my legs... I am just looking for more ideas then I will decide which one I like the most.

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