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Dream About Calves meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: 10 pts for best answer! What's this dream mean?

Last night, i had such a wierd dream & i'm not sure what the dream means.


I was walking to school, ran over grass & sidewalk & saw this girl i knew she was kinda a dork but i talk to her anyways. Well i see her with her backpack & she's walking somewere away home or something idk. I run after her and say, "Hey, Emma!" She does not answer & i keep walking after her for like 4 seconds more & i say "fine then be that way!" I was lost or something. I went to the skool & there was some kind of drill & they said on the announcements to go to the place. It looked like a garage or basement with 10 white / gray garage doors. As i saw ppl in my grade, i also saw a line up of ppl wearing boots i think armyish ppl but with out the suit. I couldn't see thier face, but their hair reached thier shoulders. & the princible assigned each of them to a group as the garage doors closed slowly. Then the guy that was assigned to us told us to like line up in a line.

Your dream represents that you are starting to be responsible in life. You are pushing away your dorky side. You are no longer a doormat. You are beginning to protect even your little sister and start pushing away stupid guys. You want your life to be disciplined and in order like in the military.

Example: Dream about alligator bite!?

So last night I had a short dream that I was swimming in a green lake with my dad and a few others, and I was aware there were alligators. I remember in the dream, thinking to my self "i'll probably get bit". Next thing you know, an alligator takes a small chunk off my calf, and I was not freaking out. I was just like whoa...I just got bit, what now? Then I remember being scared because I kept seeing the alligator in the water.

What does this mean?

A little background:

-i just got dumped last week, and I can't stop thinking about him ( I work with him every day) and he has a new girlfriend

-I work every day and I have no life

-I work with the guy who dumped me and have to see him everyday and act happy

-i am generally feeling anxious and depressed lately

Thanks every one :)

Example: Does This Dream Mean I Will Die?

I have this reoccurring dream where I am driving and it feels so good, but I feel a bit nervous like my driving could spin out of control any second. In my dream I always crash but I wake right up.

What could this mean? Do you think it could mean that I will die in a car accident (at my own hands?)

I have had my permit for several years; I do not have my license. I’ve had driving lessons and in each lesson I zone out and drift to the other lanes.

I just turned 23 and my mother wants me to drive, but I am hesitant because of what I have mentioned above.

What could this dream mean?

I remember Aaliyah the late singer had a reoccurring dream where she was up in the sky looking down at everyone she felt really good but kind of scared and what do you know, months later she dies in an airplane crash.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago and I really wanna know what it means.
I was sitting in the back of the car with my dad and my friend Jasmine. Not too bad but my Lying Sack Of **** ex Adam was in the car in the middle. Now I think he should have been by the window with Jasmine in the middle to prevent slaughter but anyway, For some reason I was SO tired. I mean like I couldn't keep my eyes open if someone had a gun to my head. I just couldn't control myself and I fell to the side. I used the last bit of my dream energy to tell him he could shove me if he wanted to but he said it was alright. My leg was against his and his was like fire. I then felt his foot lightly scratch the back of my leg (the calf and behind the knee) a few times before I fell asleep in the dream. Thats when I woke up. What does this mean? I actually felt his leg on mine and his foot scratching me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a huge dinning room with a lot of people, in every table there was a dish of exotic food but mostly animals such live shaped chickens, geese, ducks, partridge, pheasants, pigs and piglets, boars, goats, lambs and calves. They all looked so delicious and watered my mouth so quick but they looked almost like they were alive somehow, while the people were gorging on them, a pigeon/dove came to the window and made a rhyme;

Rook di goo, there's blood in the food,
The dish is too sweet, the beasts are but half asleep

Then I woke up.

Example: Dream about White Buffalo calf and mother?

Okay, I had this dream last night that was very vivid. I have been all over the net trying to figure this out. I was walking down the road when a white buffalo calf came down a hill towards me and I started to play with her. Then, the mother, who was also white, came down the hill towards me trying to protect the baby. I jumped on the mother and began to ride her, like I was trying to break her the way a cowboy would a horse. I looked in to her brown eyes. Then, wolves came out of the forest and she calmed down. Then, I got off her back and we all ran down the road together.

So, what does that mean?

Example: Is anyone familiar with the story or meaning of the white buffalo? I would love input on this legend.?

A white buffalo was born in 1991 on a remote farm in Wisconson and people from all over the world, (close to three thousand a day) flocked there to see it. Insights please?

Example: Legends stories about dream catchers ?

Example: Dream interpretation, chased by a bull/cow? Constantly changing dreams?

So last night I dreamt of being chased, either by a bull, or a cow, but before I go into that, I want to explain my second question.
My dreams are CONSTANTLY changing in the middle of the dream. Things aren't what they appear to be. In the beginning of last nights dream, me and my mom were in a car, driving, passing a larger-than-normal 18 wheeler. It almost got us off the road. Next thing I know, we're walking down some grassy, dusty path. It's me, my mom, one of my sisters, and a friend of mine. We pass people. Farmers, mostly. One had a goat and my mom was freaked out by the thing.
Then next we walk into a baseball field, except now it's me, that friend of mine, and an acquaintance. We approach this silver slide, and on the other side of it is a cow and her calf. The acquaintance is afraid, so she walks through the baseball field. Me and my friend have been around cows before so we weren't scared. We start to walk around the slide and past the cow, and then she starts acting like she's going to charge us. Then she does and my friend tells me to square off with her and yell. So I do.
That doesn't seem to work to well, then she suddenly changed courses and was after my friend, running to the field. Next thing I know, the cow is a bull. The calf has disappeared. It's the same color as the cow and everything... But now it's a bull.
The bull runs into the baseball field, I don't know where my friend went, the acquaintance is running like hell. I ran to the bathroom because the bull was starting after me. Then all of a sudden, a different friend runs into the bathroom with me, and I act like she's been here all along.
An interesting thing is that during all of this, there are performers training in another nearby baseball field. Trainers with their horses. While hiding in the bathroom I watched them train, and then suddenly I was at a windowsill in an arena watching the show.

What does my dream mean, it's all so confusing and crazy and disorganized?(x

Example: Mom dreamed of a calf in the house...what's this mean?

my mom told me about a dream she had where there were 2 animals in the house; she only remembers one being a calf and that it was a good, well-behaved calf. she said she woke up a little disturbed. what could this mean? thanks!

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