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Dream About Calves (Legs) meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: 10 pts for best answer! What's this dream mean?

Last night, i had such a wierd dream & i'm not sure what the dream means.


I was walking to school, ran over grass & sidewalk & saw this girl i knew she was kinda a dork but i talk to her anyways. Well i see her with her backpack & she's walking somewere away home or something idk. I run after her and say, "Hey, Emma!" She does not answer & i keep walking after her for like 4 seconds more & i say "fine then be that way!" I was lost or something. I went to the skool & there was some kind of drill & they said on the announcements to go to the place. It looked like a garage or basement with 10 white / gray garage doors. As i saw ppl in my grade, i also saw a line up of ppl wearing boots i think armyish ppl but with out the suit. I couldn't see thier face, but their hair reached thier shoulders. & the princible assigned each of them to a group as the garage doors closed slowly. Then the guy that was assigned to us told us to like line up in a line.

Your dream represents that you are starting to be responsible in life. You are pushing away your dorky side. You are no longer a doormat. You are beginning to protect even your little sister and start pushing away stupid guys. You want your life to be disciplined and in order like in the military.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago and I really wanna know what it means.
I was sitting in the back of the car with my dad and my friend Jasmine. Not too bad but my Lying Sack Of **** ex Adam was in the car in the middle. Now I think he should have been by the window with Jasmine in the middle to prevent slaughter but anyway, For some reason I was SO tired. I mean like I couldn't keep my eyes open if someone had a gun to my head. I just couldn't control myself and I fell to the side. I used the last bit of my dream energy to tell him he could shove me if he wanted to but he said it was alright. My leg was against his and his was like fire. I then felt his foot lightly scratch the back of my leg (the calf and behind the knee) a few times before I fell asleep in the dream. Thats when I woke up. What does this mean? I actually felt his leg on mine and his foot scratching me.

Example: What does it mean to dream of poisonous spiders buting my legs and head?

I dreamt I was shopping in an old house. I was with someone I loved very much but was unable to make out a face. While in the house I tripped and next to my leg was a ball of hair and in it was a large a spider. I scrambled to my feet I was scared. It was shortly after that I began to feel dizzy and disoriented. So the man I was with carried me out of the house to our vehicle. I remember hugging him and weeping like a baby but I felt so safe in his arms. When we reached the truck he sat me down and I had a hug welt on the side of my calf and as he turned to examine the other side there was a spider with its head leached on to my leg. I shouted to our friend to pull it out. I jumped out of the truck standing facing my lover and his friend they had a look of horror on their face. My head, scalp was full of these poisonous spiders just sucking the life out of me is what it felt like. They began began pulling them off and during that I passed out and woke up in the hospital confused and scared. Then I woke up.

Example: Please can anybody tell me what my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in the gutter and i had lots of horrible green sewage on the back of my leg on the calf. I remember being very disgusted as i was trying to pull my trousers up because there was a lot on the trousers,near my feet and ankles. It was horrid and i don't/can't remember why i was there but i was and i was trying to get as many boots from the sewage thing as i could in a competitive sense as if i was competing with someone or something lol? and i remember just trying to get the boots no matter how dirty they were and they were brown in colour and i managed to get two pairs.

Later i dreamt that i met a man that i knew a long time ago, he was my uncle that i don't really see but anyway i saw him and we were meant to have a meeting or something. So i went to see him and i liked him and he was ok with me, we were in his car and then he told me to go home now and i was very far away from my house with no clue as to where i was. It was time for me to go now, the meeting was over but he said go home i can't drop you off and at first i thought he was joking but he said seriously i can't drop you off you will have to go home on your own just ring somebody.

Example: Jellyfish dream - what does it mean?

I had a very peculiar dream last night.
I was in my bathroom, taking a bath. But for some reason, I had to rub something onto the bottom of my legs (calves) to make them a bright glowing blue...to attract the jellyfish in my bath.
I had these weird nipping pains in my legs and part of my back, which I assumed to be the jellyfish nipping or biting me.
I lifted my legs out of the water a few times and shook them to try and get any jellyfish off which may have attached themselves to me, but there were none there.
There were some instructions on the floor, which I had to read, about what I had to do. Rubbing the gel stuff on my legs then doing something...I don't know what I was meant to be doing.
But I couldn't reach the instructions, and every time I leaned to get them, the nipping increase and it was too painful.
Somehow, I managed to get out of the bath (it was sudden). I looked in the bath and there was dark brown seaweed and brown/pink shadows in the water which I assumed to be the

Example: What does it mean to dream about a dog biting you?

I had this dream last night, in my dream this little dog bit my calf and he wouldn't let go, I kept kicking him with my other leg and still wouldn't let go. What does it mean?

Example: Anotherweird dream-- cow giving birth and one of the calves is missing an "arm"?

hi, I have been having weirder and weirder dream. This latest one is very intriguing.. please if someone has an idea, let me know. I am in my garden and a cow is giving birth to several calves one after the other, they are "slipping" out from her. it takes me a few moment to realize it is a cow. the last calf has a hole in place of what should be an arm ( not a leg-- it seems that these animals are actually human body).. the whole dream is not scary or painful . Can someone please give a hint? Thanks in advance

Example: What does it mean when you dream about having no blood in your body?

I had a dream I had big deep red marks all over my legs. Then when I touched one of the on my calf my leg turned black and I could see everything in my leg but I had to blood.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Because it was really weird.
It wasn't the focal point of my dream, but I remember having lost my left arm, just below the elbow, and my left leg halfway down the calf. I went about my business like usual, having felt no pain whatsoever; it was just severely awkward.
Then I started to re-attach my own limbs with superglue. My arms was first, and it seemed to work. Then I did my leg while I was at school. The inside of it looked hollow, with the bone coming up through the middle.
My leg attached its self fine, but left a scar all the way around the join.
And a weird thing is, I can remember that feeling of superglue drying on my fingers, how it makes them feel like they're rapped in plastic.

Example: What could all these bad dreams mean?

I have been having these Vivid bad dreams for a little over a week now, every night its a different dream, but they're always bad or scary dreams and they're so vivid they almost seem real. In all of my dreams Iam always trying to save my own life or defend myself from someone or something trying to hurt me. One morning I woke up at 6 to take a shower and I just couldnt understand why my legs hurt so bad. So I looked at them before I got in the shower and there where black bruises along the inside of my knee and calf. There are bruises around both my ankles, wierd bruises like they look like two perfect lines that go around my ankles..At first I thought maybe I slept walk, which i have never done in my life. My room mate said that she hears stuff at night, but only when shes by herself though and she sleeps upstairs ( i sleep downstairs) She told me last night is sounded like some one was breathing in her ear & then the dog outside started barking. Now I usually go for the whole supernatural thing, but at the moment I am staying pretty open minded. Anyone have any idea what my dreams could mean or anything?

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