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Dream About Caller meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Please help! What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that my mother lived at an apartment or an old folk's home. I was walking with a lady I do not recognize, taking her to this place. She had a baby in her hand. We walked through the back and came upon this stone room outside, and she began talking about her baby's disease. The baby had one of those very rare diseases that deform them. It seemed the woman assumed I found this to be uncomfortable (which I did) but I continued telling her that her baby is beautiful and I can remember believing it whole-heartedly as I lifted the child into my arms.


Another part of my dream is of me in a city. I was shopping with my aunties at first but they all left me. It ended up I stayed behind, munching on food if I can remember. It gets very complicated here because I do not know where I was going or why, but I was leaving the parking lot and I took off my sweater and put it on the back of a trailer. I was about to grab the sweater again when this big dog jumped out at me and I ran backwards until it was stopped by its leash. I tried this one more time, and eventually a (sort of) good-looking guy came out of the truck. He was hitting on me and I can remember feeling flattered but uncomfortable because I have a boyfriend. Anyway, I went inside this building and got one of my friends out from there. My friend, whom is an older male, seen the guy and started making rude remarks, assuming I was trying to hook up with the stranger.

My friend left once I got back my sweater, and the guy offered to drive me home. I sat in the back of the truck and him and his brother sat in the front. They were diddling along and as the time passed I got more frustrated. I just wanted to go home to my boyfriend. I threatened to call my father and they started speeding them. For some reason the traffic was a lot like one you would see on a video game. They had to get in between vehicles and miss obstacles. I ended up waking up after that.

Is there a meaning or a symbol I can look up?

Well, you can look up symbols at a dream dictionary, like dream-of.com , But, a dream dictionary doesn't typically interpret your dream, because often a symbol's meaning depends on context, and on the dreamer's own personal association. You could look up dog, for example, but in your dream, the dog is held back by a leash. So you could also look up leash, and proceed that way - but that is slow going, and still doesn't include your own personal associations which may be important (e.g. how you feel about dogs).

If you really want to learn about dream interpretation, the best website I can recommend is dream.au . Jane Teresa Anderson is the best dream interpreter I know of. You can learn a lot about dream analysis by listening to her podcasts, where she interprets a caller's dream without previously hearing it.

Think of the baby with the disease as representing some part of you - because everything in a dream is saying something about you. So, you yourself have something that is beautiful, young, just starting out in life, but is deformed in some way. You are uncomfortable about this, but you still recognize the beauty - that is positive. It might have something to do with your mother, since you are walking to your mother's apartment/home. Whether the baby was a girl or boy might figure into what the baby represents, and the stone room may also be a clue (stone can represent absence of emotion, as in stone-faced). The fact that you were approaching from the back may indicate that the issue that the baby represents is private, not out front in public view.

I may not have enough room to do a decent job on the rest of your dream (there is a limit on answers). But, notice that this second part of the dream has male characters, and references to male characters (your father, and boyfriend). This is not about them, though, its about you. When a guy hits on you in a dream, something in your life that may be male-like may be "hitting on you". This gets hard to explain, but you can check out "anima and animus" by googling. The males are animus figures, that represent some part of you trying to get your attention (by hitting on you). But you resist (you are hesitant, frustrated, threatening to call your father, wanting your familiar boyfriend). There is something arcade-like or hit-and-miss about this whole experience of checking out some aspect of your own self that is male-like and unfamiliar (neither boyfriend nor father). That's too bad, because it is good to check out these unfamiliar aspects of yourself, even if they are not entirely comfortable, because it stretches you, makes you grow. But it is also good to be cautious and not throw yourself out of balance (think of masculine and feminine as yin and yang, needing to be in balance).

Hope that helps.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Recently my papa just passed away, i had a dream about him, okay so heres what happened in my dream.:: i had my cell phone in my hand and it started ringing and the caller id said papa and the number was 777, like gods number, and my papa said hello and i said hello and he said tell tammy(my aunt) that me and joe(my uncle) will meet you guys at the park. and i said i thought you died and he said i came back to life. so me and tammy met joe and my papa at the park and there was a big hill so me and my papa and tammy and joe went over the hill and there was a little coffin and my two cousins abigale and olivia were in there that i see once a year and there mom, (my aunt kim) said it will be okay girls,and my papa said im always here for you emily., then i woke up, i need some answers please help me, i can bearly live with out my papa, HELP!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in my room, with a phone in my hand. Then, it rang. I clicked the on button and said, "Hello?" but it hung up by itself, and began ringing again. I did this three times before I saw the caller ID. It said, "Maria". Just Maria. So I picked it up again, and then a woman said, "Are you ready to answer a few questions?" Her voice was light, but mysterious. I said, "Sure, why not?" And she asked me, "About how heavy is the Optical Eight?"

That's when I woke up, and I had beads of sweat on my brow and forehead. I had never heard of the "Optical Eight" before, and when I googled it nothing of significance came up, just optical ollusions.

My dream really freaked me out, and I don't normally remember my dreams at all. Can someone please help?

Example: What does my dream mean, if anything?

I had a two-part dream that is strongly linked with things going on in my personal life. First off, do dreams ever mean anything in the first place (like spiritual messages) or are they just leftover thoughts from the day that get used up in your sleep?

Okay, here's the first part of my dream. I was sitting at a small table (square-shaped I believe) that had a clean white tablecloth and a nice centerpiece. Sitting at the table with me were two of my female friends (I'm a guy) and another guy I didn't recognize. There were many other tables in the distance as if we were in a nice restaurant or banquet hall. The guy I didn't recognize was giving one of my friends a lot of attention and she seemed to be fairly unhappy. I looked over at my other friend and she seemed to notice the same thing, giving me a concerned look like "Are you going to do anything?"
Then my unhappy friend changed her mood, began smiling, and said "If we are going to be together..." and then trailed off. She was saying it either to me or to the other guy, I'm not sure which. I know for sure she wasn't saying it to the other friend because they don't know each other very well in reality.

Part Two of dream: I was walking around the town I used to live in. It seemed kind of run down and the grass was tall/uncut everywhere. A cop car went by and was being chased by a civilian car, not the other way around. I got into the cop car and called 911 (which on the caller ID said I called Canada) for the cops being chased by this other car. I heard the operator on the other line, then I woke up. I didn't get to say anything to the operator.

Both of these dreams happened in the same night. I can't exactly remember if they happened in succession or if I woke up in between them. I am more interested about Part One of my dreams. Answers from anyone with professional expertise in dream interpretation are preferred. Thanks

Example: What do these two dreams mean? Answer fast!?

A while ago I had a dream I met Ashton Kutcher and he was going to help me with my acting. So he would take out portfolio folders and call people on his blackberry. He said he would be right back but never came. He left his phone, and I looked through his caller ID list(mean, I know) and I saw him out the window. I tried to return his phone but he never heard me.

Another dream was last night that Taylor Lautner was at my old school, and a girl I hated was sitting next to me. I talked a lot with him and asked for a picture. He said he already took one with me,(I guess he remembered from a previous dream, it was scary to think a dream person remembered) I called his name a few times when he didn't notice me, and then he asked if the girl and I were sisters. I told him no and it must be because we're both skinny. He laughed and agreed. I asked him what his age was and he said 38, (I wanna know what the number means) and we joked how old he was. THE END.

So what do the dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean about seeing a check?

I dream that my sister was all in white and she didn't speak she just stretched out her hand towards the phone on the caller I.D. I saw a image of a check that said pay to the order of and it showed my address name when I try to see the amount I woke up.

Example: Can someone please tell me what my dream means.?

I had a series of dreams last night, but one in particular really stuck out and, in a way, gave me the creeps.
This dream starts with me and a couple of my friends sitting down at a restaurant waiting to be served. We're talking and laughing and then I notice a baby girl in a high chair. I've always loved children of all ages so naturally I turned around and started playing with the baby and things of that nature. The child's parents weren't around but in the dream that wasn't a big deal at all, I hadn't even really noticed that until later into the dream. I start feeding the baby little pieces of corn, which I don't exactly remember being served food but I suppose that happened. I fed the baby maybe about 3 or 4 pieces of corn and then we all decided to leave. We were all at some hardware store, for reasons in which I have no idea, when I receive a call from an unknown number. The caller explains to me that he's the father of the baby and that the baby choked to death from the corn that I'd fed her. How he got my number, I have not even the slightest clue. He started yelling at me and then he cursed me. He said that I've cursed his life by killing his baby and that now he's cursing mine. That's when I hung up on him. I can't really remember too much of what happens in between me hanging up on him and what I'm about to explain next but it has something to do with me watching TV with a group of friends in a dorm/barracks looking like place. What happens next is we're all of a sudden back in the restaurant with the baby but the baby is in pieces. Her legs are not attached nor her arms or head. We have her body pieces laid out on a table and are trying to bring her back to life. In the middle of us trying to do that, a waitress comes busting through the doors yelling at another waitress saying that it's not up to us whether this baby lives or not. That if we keep going with what we we're doing than we're going to bring her back to life but that we should leave it up to God because it should be his decision. That we shouldn't try and meddle in his work. Then, the baby starts breathing and all her body parts are connected back to her body only the baby is slightly deformed. She's not the perfect little baby that she used to be. And then I woke up. This dream really gives me the creeps and I'd like to have SOME insight as to what on Earth it could possibly mean.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that my phone was ringing and as I picked it up to answer it, I glanced at the screen without really registering what it said until after I had answered the call. When I realised that the caller ID said satan, immediately said I wont talk to you (or something along those lines) and hung up. I understand why I hung up, but why would I dream that I received such a phone call in the first place?

Example: What does 22 22 mean in dream?

Hello there, i have dreamt about numbers. someone phoned me while i am sleeping in my dream and i answered the call in my dream. some people were working on the street, so i couldnt understand what the caller said and she asked me if i can call her back. she left her number which is really interesting 0700 22 22. i googled it 0700 numbers are private numbers which can be named also FOLLOW ME numbers and i didn't know that. but i dont know what 22 22 means is. also while i was writing her number down i did mistake i wrote it down 222 but i filled last 2 with pen so it was look like 220 22 but zero one was like dark moon. if you reply me i will be so happy

Example: What does this Martha Stewart Dream mean?

In my dream Martha Stewart came over to help me hang drapery. She said she wanted to make a phone call first and went to the bathroom. She stayed in there for hours and when I went to see what she was doing I could hear that she was STILL on the phone, this is now 6 hours later. I heard her say that she better go to the caller. I was so mad in the dream and thought she was very rude, then woke up going huh?

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