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Dream About California meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that i was moving to New Orleans when i live in California. What does it mean?

A couple nights ago i had a dream that i moved to New York, Then last night i had a dream that i was moving to New Orleans. Does this dream mean anything?

not sure, but i had a similar dream that i was moving to California when I live in Scotland ha

Example: Bride dream meaning?

I had a dream that I was dressed up as Indian bride. I was heading toward the airplane. The plane was empty and was waiting for me? I don't know why I had this dream I am only 21 years old and in medical school in new York. But I been rejected by my male friend who is in medical school in California? Could it mean that in future i might be going California?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dad wa taking me to school and it was a thick heavy fog when i got to my classes i see someone playing with s a Fisher price toy the when i go HOME IM back in california., I moved a week ago anyways and I see my best friend but before i could go up to him i had to wake up

Example: What does running track dream mean?

Well, I've been having super weird dreams lately.
I'm a really lazy person so this is the weirdest dream ever. I was running on a track at school for some reason (and I never run, ever), and I ran so fast the coach wanted me to be on the cross country team and everyone was so proud of me. I'm really wondering what this dream means.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had a similar dream throughout my life and i had it again last night...it starts out , Im in a motel room with my family , when all of a sudden a young boy runs up to our room knocks on our door and says " Come and see something keeps blocking out the sun" I run to a large window in a lobby and look out. I see what seems to be a full eclipes of the sun..the boy says that this is the second time in 3 hours this has happened. as it gets dark i see a red planet 4 times larger than the moon and several moons around it..I run back to the room and tell my family to get ready to leave cause something bad is happening..i run to get my van park in front of the motel and run back to the room..As we are getting our stuff together i hear a newscast man say that everything is stable right now but the government doesent know what is going on right now and noone saw this coming..well i quickly realize that the date is 12-12-2012.. Not 12-21-2012..this is a large end time profecy but my date is different..I scream at my family to leave and we left most of our stuff there went outside to find our van gone..at 3:05 am it got bright as it would at noon and a realize that every three hours we are going through a new cycle of night and day..The ground begins to shake and people are running every where and i have this feeling of terror for my family..I find out that my van was towed and go to the place it was taken and pay the amount i need to get it out..the man i speak with is very starange and says you under stand this is the end sean and god cant save you! I then realize we are in california i look up and this large red planet is getting closer and i look at my family and tell them dont worry this will be quick and we wont feel anything at least we are all together..Then i wake up...just to let you know as of 3 weeks ago i began to have 2 seizures a day..ive never had seizures in my life and so far its unexplainable as to why im having them ,is it possible im having these vivid dreams because of that?

Example: What does this Dream mean?

I had a dream that i was on this island. It wasnt like a island of the caribean, but like a island in California i think. And i was with people. We was riding bikes and just having fun, but later on, everyone disappeared and i was all alone, and the island started sinking. So i was running, but everywhere i went, water was coming, so i got inside a truck, and the island was sinking more and more, then the water was above my head. Then i woked up!

Example: What does california dreaming mean?

Example: What does california dreaming mean?

You hear it all the time in songs but what the hell are they actually on about

Example: "Southern California, where the American Dream came too true.” meaning?

Example: Does this dream have a meaning?

Yesterday, me and my friend made a packing list for the weekend that we would be spending on a boat in the pacific. Then that night, I had a dream that me and my class went on a trip to Lake Tahoe (in California) when we arrived it looked all sunny and bright and I didn't see any snow at all. Untill someone said we would go snowboarding and I looked outside and saw a mountain full of snow. Then I went to our superviser and I said "I forgot my skiing clothes" and he laughed and laughed and made fun of me. Then I woke up.

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