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Dream About Calendar meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that somebody I had rejected became very successful later on but it was too late for me and then I dreamed that the world was under the control of the devil and only three people escaped. A guy named Emil which sounds a lot like E-mail, a guy named Julian which sounds a lot like the Julian Calendar and all these biblical references to time and a guy named Caio which means happy in portuguese and also sounds like the word Ciao.

I was thinking that:
Emil might represent the biblical Egypt
juliann might represent Assyria
and Caio might represent Samaria since he acts like an atheist but has been persecuted heavily

So they reference the prophecy in scripture where it says

Isaiah 29:
25 The Lord Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.”

Emil is a name meaning "rival." Julian means youthful and was the last Pagan Roman Emperor. Ciao is the Italian world for "aloha", so it means both hello and goodbye. The world being under control by the devil is about the reign of the antichrist when many people will be persecuted and killed for not renouncing their faith in Jesus and for not worshiping the talking Idol of his. Your dream is a prophesy, and also telling you that unless you start FOLLOWING Jesus, you won't be in the Rapture. I suggest getting into some missionary work, reading Gods word daily, getting some Bible tracks to listen to the Bible, cause the Bible says we learn it by hearing, and praying constantly, just asking God about every little detail of your life as a constant person to talk to.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night and it went like this:
I was applying for a job, and the manager lady had a list with 27 numbers on it and she said all positions were filled up. I noticed the last number, 27, was blank so I said that ones blank and she said, "no, jacquelyn luther has that position" right when she said that, i said "no...jacquelyn's been dead... (jacquelyn was a friend of mine who died in a car accident last august).
after I told her that, she didn't believe me. There was someone standing beside the manager lady and it was jacquelyn's sister, jessica. She started crying and then the manager asked me why she was so I told her again jacquelyn had been dead. Then I woke up.

It's weird how jacquelyn was number 27 on the list because there's a song that i listen to all the time called '27' and it's like, "i said your name 27 times, will that bring you back to life."
what could this mean?

Example: Dream about my crush, meaning?

OK i had a dream about my long time crush, I'm going to recall all i can remember since this dream was a few days ago.

Basically i walked into a kitchen that was sort of dark (kind of like morning light coming threw the window type of dark if that makes any sense) When i walked up to the refrigerator on the side of it there was a calender hanging up on the side of it. On the Calender she was the model in a bikini and under her picture they had lists of things like a short bio on her and the only thing i remember is it said her favorite animal was the Crocodile. What does this mean?

Usually i dont think about dreams. So i was wondering if this has any significance since lately i have been seriously contemplating attempting to ask her out but have currently been busy finishing training for work.

Example: What does this dream mean? Shaman draws calendar with white bird with long neck, beak pointing to July 7th?

The only significance of this date to me in the past is that this is my husband's little brother's birthday who is 1 year younger than me. I was born July 28th. Also the only connection I have to the Native American culture is that my husband's father was half indian or less...not sure exactly as his biological father is not really in his life?

Example: Can someone tell me the meaning of my dream?

Can someome help me interpret my dream:

It was a rather frightening one, and I had trouble getting back to sleep after it. I was at my home, and there was a decapitated horse with its head in a bag and blood and entrails everywhere, also there was this case with a person. The bag was laying on the top of my sofa, and I was just sitting there watching tv and my cat came over and tried to urinate on the wall and I was trying to stop him. Outside, my mercury mountaineer was covered in blood as well. The calendar on the wall said it was sometime during the 1990's but I didnt get a good enough look at it. Outside my front door it was late afternoon/dusk, but out my back door it was pitch black darkness. I had a feeling that the thing that causes the blood massacre was lurking in the woods and darkness behind my house, and then I woke up. Horrified.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep dreaming that I keeping loosing important things. In one dream I was in a fashion show and minutes before the show I could not find the skirt that I had to wear and I had seen it like minutes before right infront of me. For some reason my room mate from highschool was in my dream wearing one of my tshirts!The second dream I was in the tube station in London and I couldnt find my oyster card and the lady at the gates was very helpfull she just gave me an oyster with her picture on it! what does this mean? serious answers only

Example: Can you tell me what this dream might mean?

I had several dreams last night, but I don't really remember anything, except that they all seemed to be different, not one, and they all contained the number 12. I feel like I should know this number for some reason, or that someone is trying to speak to me (maybe God?) about this. I know 12 means spiritual strength, but I really don't think that's all of it. In one dream I know there was a poem, and in the other a riddle, and in another, someone said to me "because 12 is the number of disciples..." and I was like "Oh, now I get it!"... like a big realization happened.

Now I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but a lady I don't speak much to at work told me yesterday she had a dream I was preggers and that everyone at work was talking about it and my boss was interviewing for my maternity leave replacement... here's the kicker to that... hubby and I have been TTC for 5 months, but we haven't told anyone! I don't know if these are related or not...


Example: What does this mean? I dreamed I gave birth to kittens! ?

I LOVE all felines. I had one growing up, when it died, my step mom told my dad I could not have another cat. I was devastated, and put up cat posters, calendars, pictures of cats all over my room to make a point. Five years later, my boyfreind(now hubby), bought me 2 cats. I thought he was my night in shining armor! The dream occured at college, before I met my husband. The dream was totally peaceful, no fear, complete joy.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a japanese calendar?

it was a japanese calendar it had buddhist sayings on it,i know nothing abt buddhaism or japan?

i have some distant japanese ancestry my great aunt once said,and this is my second 'japanese' dream/.

in the other one I had to sit with many japanese people and write something in japanese ,i wrote no ambition in english.

Example: Plane crash and calendar dream meaning?

I had recently a dream of a plane crash. Plane crashed on our backyard. We were scared of explosion and protected our kids. Suddenly some lady came and checked our calendar on the wall. She searched some date on the calendar but I couldn't see the date. Then she said that the plane won't explode and she's going to take it away from our backyard. What can this dream mean? I feel anxiety because we
are going to fly soon on our vacations. We have already booked our tickets. What the calendar can indicate in my dream?

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