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Dream About Calculus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could a devil's dream mean?

ok, i have an ability, i can control my actions in my dreams. i am a huge fan of tekken (a game-series for the playstation) and tekken has been my inspiration to all the devil characters i draw. i guess it's time i actually got an answer to a dream i had 2 years ago, then there's one i had a few days back...

2 years ago, i saw that i was in a dark washroom, dim light, blood and fungus over the walls, i took a look in the mirror, and felt my teeth getting weaker. i touch one and it fell out and one by one the rest fell out too and i had no teeth left and i was scared. then my eyes started turning black, i backed away from the mirror. now i could see my own whole self, as if looking over my body, you know. and i saw that i fell to my knees, and fangs grew out, i grew out a 3rd eye in the center of my forehead, and my wings just popped out tearing my skin on the back and blood was showering out. and then i woke up. what could this dream have meant?

moving on. later on, i started feeling like i could control my acts in my dreams and now i actually can. and atleast 5 times in a various nightmares, i have found myself in deep trouble and turned into the devil thingy and either flown away, or shot it off. except for this one time a few days back, like last week probably.

i was in a room, black, but illuminated a bit by golden vines that look like the ones i draw in my artwork. i'm just standing there, and i feel a sudden rush of pain grasping my stomache and i fell to my knees... and you know how you already know some stuff in dreams, and i figured that it was this devil trying to take over me (a similar thing happened in tekken 4, but i haven't played it in a long long time, and wasn't even thinking about tekken for the past whole year or more...) but yes, i sat there while the devil tried to take over, and i was like "no, you won't take over me, i am not yours, you are the one that belongs to me" and fought damn hard and finally regained control of my self and killed it's desire to take over me. and i stood up with the most evil smile on my face. turned back into devil mode, looked around and flew off.

First off, noooo you can control dreams too, why I thought I was the chosen one.

Here is my interpretation of dream control and repetitive dreams in which you solve by similar tactics.

I often dream that I am a samurai, like you I am either painting or playing with my samurai swords. Thus I have deducted that like you I dream of the thing that I enjoy or do in conscious life. Some times in my dreams I am ambushed by a couple of sword wielding ninjas and I get a little bit scared, then I think, oh wait I am going to disarm this one and take his sword and kill the rest. I have gotten to the point in dreams where I could actually say, hmm wait I already dreamed this and this guy is going to jump here so let me anticipate that and so on.

If the recurring devil dream repeats itself I got a suggestion, stop drawing devils. If that doesn’t work I will give you a secret I learned as a kid, if you put you’re a pair of shoes upside down under your bed you wont have any dreams that night. I can't tell you how that works, because then it won't work.

On a lighter note, it is rare, I only heard of you and another person that can control dreams; it’s not a big deal. Apparently the power to control dreams comes from the realization that it’s a dream or that you over power the things in the dream that is, if you are terrified you lose control. I know for a fact repetitive dreams deal a lot with daily life, one time I used to play chess so much that I would come up with tactics in my dreams, or solve math problems when I was taking Calculus. So good luck.

Example: Strange Gray Dream-What does it mean?

I had a dream last night that was very strange. I feel like I wasn't fully asleep while I was having it (like I could easily wake myself up and I eventually did).
The entire dream was gray, the skies, an ocean, buildings, people, a ship. I was standing at the edge of town that was up against an ocean (I live in the midwest, nowhere near a body of water). There was a dock instead of a beach separating the land and water. I was watching a big ship (slightly damaged) getting ready to sail away and I knew that a man that I loved was riding away on that ship (I am not currently romantically involved with anyone and haven't been in a year). Once the ship left a mother and a son walked past me. The mother bent over the edge of a dock to retrieve an anchor. Her son started following her and I knew he might fall in so I grabbed him and moved him behind me. I went to help her with the anchor and decided that jumping in the water would be the best possible help that I could give, even though I was deathly afraid of that water (I don't know why I was afraid of it). Once I jumped in and became completely submerged, I first saw that the anchor line was red and then I lost sight of it in the water. Then I saw that there were brick tunnels underneath the water going toward the town, and toward the ocean, there were three large tunnels all with black curtains over them. At that point I became so freaked out that I woke myself up.
I woke up feeling like I had just had a terrible nightmare even though the dream itself was really not all that scary, just kind of depressing.
I'm not really sure what any of this means and I'm really perturbed by it. I'm not in a relationship, I'm in my mid twenties and go to school and work full time. I don't have a lot of stress in my life, other than keeping up with work and school. So I'm a little confused as to why I would have a dream like this.
Any suggestions and/or dream interpretations are greatly welcome. Thank you for any help that can be given :)

Example: What do dreams about high school mean?

I graduated in 2011 and I had a dream where I was starting a new semester in high school with some of the students I went with, some I never have seen before and some who I me on Facebook that went to a different school than me. In the dream I vaguely remember I was taking pre-calculus (which I never took) i believe I might have had this dream not to long ago to. What could this mean?

Example: I had a really scary and realistic dream what does it mean.?

I had a dream that I am having my calculus class outside and the class ends and we are about to head inside when we get distracted by the noise of a helicopter we all look up at the sky to see a white helicopter(maybe a rouge drone) being cased by md state police helicopters( not the air national guard) and then it lands near where we are and starts to move closer to us we all run for the school's classroom trailer( where we normally have class) and I make it it to one door and get in I run across the room to the other door to let my classmates in and then I see blood splatter on the window and I'm scared I hear sound stop I look out the window then see my girlfriend my teacher and some of my other class mates dead. Then a sad song begins to play and I wake up.

Example: Weird dream. Any idea of what this means?

Ive had a dream about a few weeks ago that really scared me. Ok first off it all started with me and my cousin Derek playing basketball, me and him are real close like bro&sis. Anyways there was a bank across the street that just got robbed, and the robber came out and shot him dead center in the head. Well I started crying then all of a sudden I went into a comma witch lasted two years. I woke up and my mom was right there beside my hospital bed. She checked me out and we went home, I guess i was fine i dont really know. When I walked into my house i went in my room and passed out. The next morning I got up and walked in my moms room to wake her up, well when i looked down on the floor i saw that she was hoarding. And then all of a sudden I guess everything just stopped and I remembered Derek getting shot in the head. And started crying. Then for some reason I new all this stuuf that happend when i was in the comma. My dad ran away because he couldn't take all this stuff that happened with me and derek. My sister died from this rare deises. And I havn't been to school for two years. I bursted out in tears and fell to the floor, just knowing how bad my life has been.~~~~ And that is my scary dream i had. But when I woke up i started crying, it was so weird. And just to tell you known of that stuff happened to me it was just a dream.But im real scared cause in the dream I was fourteen when all this stuff happend and im not fourteen yet. Please help me to make sure this isn't gonna come true or something, but please if you might know what this means please tell me. Thanx.

Example: Anyone know how possible I can make my dream become reality? I mean I have this great interest in become?

packaging manager by taking a course that lead to this program. My search of packaging course show I have to take science subject including calculus. I am a growing up adult man and haven't had knowledge of science subject since high school day. I mean I only had the formal knowledge of social science during my high school day. Is there any easy way to take a course in packaging science? My particular interest is in Label and Packaging

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about a person you rarely know?

I had this dream yesterday and it was interesting, because in my dream I was in a classroom and then there was a guy i know but we are not friends we are mostly acquaintances, but in my dream we were talking like we were good friends and he kept talking about getting in my pre-calculus class and he is a year younger than me. The thing that bother me the most was that he was my best friend's brother's friend. Is that confusing? Why was he in my dream? What does it mean that he was in my dream talking to me like we are good old pals?

Example: Odd dream. What does it mean?

So I was going to visit the Banana Man like I usually do, but then a bunch of tiny robots grabbed me and threw me into the candy pit. Naturally, I started to eat the candy, but then when I looked closer I found out that they were a bunch calculus problems, and that they were all due yesterday. I got really angry and flew to the pyramids to hang out with the Pharaoh and his monkey squad. We played poker for a bit, but I kept losing so I went home and sat in the bathtub. After this I usually wake up naked. What does it all mean?

Example: What does calculus mean? i keep hearing it!?

i want to know what calculus is because i keep hearing it in my Twilight book and i heard someone ask a question on here and they said something to do with calculus.. what is it?

Example: I killed someone in my dream. What does it mean?

I was on a boat with my family and we got stuck overseas and had to spend the night. Then we finally hit the shore. I got off and was greatful to be alive and went to my old school where I can play basketball. Saw a classmate that I had last year in calculus. He was a skinny guy who is slightly shorter than me. Somehow he was at my old school. Then I played ball with him a few times in my dream and then I did something to tick him off and he started swearing at me and calling me names, I got angry and punched him(not very hard as i lack motor skills) and we started fighting. I grabbed him and I threw him in a ditch and buried him alive to stop the fight. I went to do something(I forgot what I had to do) but when I went back to dig him out. He was not moving or breathing. I tried to wake him up but he didn't wake up. I got scared that I just committed second degree murder. Then I woke up. (sort of). What does this dream mean?

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