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Dream About Cage meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to have recurring dreams of caged animals in a basement?

I have been having the same dream over and over for the past four years. They typically occur at least once or twice a month. I always dream of going in the basement of a house, and finding either fish in fish tanks, tropical birds in cages, and once in awhile, exotic wild animals in cages. Sometimes the basement is dark, and the fish tanks have fish in them that look like deep sea water fish, and at other times, there is a lot of light in the basement and people are looking at the fish with me; most of them time I look at the fish, alone. I can't seem to understand these dreams. At one time, i thought they meant repressed emotions and feelings in the unconscious. But i'm not sure what they mean now, What confuses me is the cages; what can they possibly mean? Are they suppose to stay in the cages or the fish tanks or am i suppose to set them free or? It seems like a real important theme in my dreams, which is why it is recurring, so this is bugging me.

repressed emotions ...caged feelings, seems very likely...everyone has feelings they cant express, so we all let them out a little at a time if we channel them into just getting by everyday, and living/work. I am wondering if and what is making you think you have to, or should you let these feelings out, and your confusion...about them...
Probably the whole 'subconscious' thing...
Just tell yourself before you sleep that you love and accept your feelings , and that you always want to express them in appropriate helpful ways. That you need to have positive constructive and healing dreams, and that you need at least 6-9 hours of sleep a night...
You can also just EFT them, and the dream will probably fade quickly...the free version is available until march

Example: What does it mean to dream about running with a boxing instructer besides 2 pet birds in a cage?

Example: What does dreaming of freeing a bird (eagle) from a cage means?

last night i dreamed that me & my hubby were watching the sky bcoz an eagle was soaring/flying high. suddenly when it fly low, a man catch it and put it in a cage. then when the man was nowhere to be found, i freed the eagle from the cage and it flew over our heads as a mean of gratitude...what does this mean?

Example: What does this weird dream mean? Cages, stabbing, being shot. This story is very long.?

I don't remember much but I remember going to a broke down Six Flags a skinny old asian woman being there. She had some kind of pollen, one was purple and I think the other was yellow or pink. The purple one got into my pug puppies eyes and he slowly went blind in that eye and it was an ugly greyish color but he didn't whimper or anything, just sort of sat there like nothing was happening. The woman said something to me and I think it went something like "Go to this place, find this person and your dog will be healed." or something. So we went to this place and it was a run down tan one story building with busted out windows and cages on the side of it. In the cages were people and one of the people was the woman I was supposed to find. The asian woman didn't tell me who i was supposed to find just that I was supposed to find someone so I don't know how I knew it was her. Anyways I found the woman and she was a little over weight, blonde, and wore an over sized white shirt with some kind of restaurant logo on it. She saw me and suddenly got very angry. She started threatening me and cussing me out and another woman came out and went into the cage to control her. I turned away from the woman and sat down on the grassy hill that the cage and everything was on. Then suddenly she threw something and it went into the side of ankle and barely poked out of the other side. I saw it and figured out it was a toothpick but wasn't scared, like this happened to be everyday. I was a little worried and also a little angry and dug out the toothpick using my fingernails. It was a little bloodya nd had a lot of skin on it. There was also a man sitting with me that wasn't there before who helped me get the toothpick out. I didn't see him again and don't know who he was. Me and my parents left to go find the second person but our dogs weren't with us anymore and I had a feeling that my time to save my pug puppy was running out. I found the second perosn who was a little African boy who had a gun and was also very angry at me. He shot at me but I don't remember being hit but I do remember being very scared but it was like a regular scared it was like I had a ot of adrenaline and everything had a very messed up and almost corrupted feel to it. I left and went back to the woman. She said she was sorry and after talking to her I forgave her. I went back to the boy and I don't remember my parents being with me but he said he was sorry as well and I forgave him. Then I had a feeling like I was about to fly and started to get a running take off and fly to some other place that may have had to do with my dog but I'm not sure because then I woke up. What does all of this mean?

Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so in the dream I was in this school maybe, of talent? So I was in this class room sitting in a class room chairs in rows. Then the teacher said something like who wants to try out for vocalist, 3 or 4 girls got up , in the dream I wanted to get up but I knew my voice wasn't good. Then my friends called me over, I went with her and we got out of that room, we went to a room with a big bed in the middle and there was a hamster or gerbil on the bed. It was hers. She told me to take care of it, then she left. Her pet was sleeping, and I was just checking under covers, then the pet woke up then jumped then went to sleep again. My friend came back then we went outside to a playground, there was a boy and a little girl caged in the playground, my friend told me tht thier mother did tht cuz they are bad. Then this Italian man with a long black leather coat walks past us and says "grazie". I said it back. But I kept looking at him, then I saw him digging and looking around, like he was hiding something. Then i heard name was called, it sounded like a man but not at the same time.

(So what do you think?)

Example: What does a black panther or jaguar mean in a dream. It was caged when I saw it in my dream.?

Example: What do dreams about caged cats mean?

Well I'm a teenage girl, first off.
So this was the dream:
I was babysitting, or rather, cat sitting this lady's cat. I went over to her house to feed it or whatever and his boy I've been hanging out with lately was with me. I went upstairs and her cat was in some sort of cage so I picked it up out of the cage.
That's all I remember of the dream but here's the thing.
I usually love cats. They're my favorite animal and I want 50 of them. But when I woke up from that dream, I had more of a distaste for cats.
My mom and I were talking and kind of joking and we were like, well maybe I'm more of a heterosexual that I previously though. (I am straight btw, we were just like joking around.) and then she said something like... "It seems the cage represents your parents."
If you understand the reference.
Haha, so yeah, what do caged cats mean?

Example: What does a dream where I am in cage as part of the circus mean?

I had a dream last night where I was in a cage and whipped out as a circus act.

I had scars on my body.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Example: What does this mean? I dreamt I locked people away in cages? I kept them as prisoners?

Example: What the heck could this dream mean? Caged mouse...?

I was in my old college dorm room (I graduated 17 yrs ago), but it felt like I was at a new job. I looked up and saw a mouse running on a wheel in his cage. The cage was hanging from the ceiling. I'd never seen it before and I panicked because I'd been at the job for 3 weeks. I rushed to the cage and the mouse was still running. I gave him some water and he drank it. Of course he was very thirsty. Then the dream skipped to an outdoor scene where I was carrying the mouse in my hands. He bit me and I dropped him. And he ended up hanging off a ledge. Then that was it.

What the heck could it all mean? It's even stranger that I remembered this all from this morning.

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