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Dream About Cage Fighting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean (PLEASE ANSWER)?

I had a weird dream which I cannot explain. It was like something out of a crusade story where a war was going on, one which involved old style warfare with swords and bows. From what I could understand, it appeared that I was on the side that was winning the war.

What really surprised me about this dream was a moment where I witnessed soldiers winning this war holding a woman down on a wooden table and sowing some loose kind of cloth to her body. They sowed through her skin on her legs, arms chest you name it. She appeared to show no pain during this and appeared to be talking to the soldier in charge of this.

Moments later I see the same woman, sowed in the cloth and the soldiers have attached her to a large cross being suspended in the air in a cage type construct. From what I remember, they burned her on it.

That is all I remember from the dream and it has to be the weirdest one I have had of late.

What could such a dream mean?

Answer seriously and do not say I am nuts or something like that. What I want to know is what could lead to such a dream whether it means something or is just part of my subconscious anything like that.

Serious answer please.

1.) War/Crusade/Winning Side: Fighting and wars would represent some sort of conflict within you. And you're on the winning side meaning that you're arriving to an acceptable conclusion of this inner turmoil. the swords are symbols of destruction, aggression, ambition, force, courage, war, strife, cutting loose, dividing, separating; may be the sword that hangs by a thread ( over your head ), a former life struggle, or be a pun on , " Cut that out!" Can also symbolize decisiveness and will power, and can be used for knighting another. Anytime there is a conflict of opinion between the conscious mind and the subconscious, the subconscious mind wins!
2.) The Woman And the Soldier In Charge: everyone and everything in your dreams represents an aspect of yourself. The soldier in charge is you, and the woman ( subconscious right brain ) is you.
Sowing through the skin ( the garment ) would represent the suit for the soul, outer limits of the body. Skin may represent sensitivity, touch, feelings, vulnerability, the bare facts, a basic situation, or "skin tight." Clothing represents your idea of how you look to others, your outer appearance, attitudes; type of ideas and emotions that you feel, " put on," act out. It may imply you r sense of protection, style, fashion or your total self esteem. For the best interpretation, recall what you associate with the particular type of clothing, outfit, or costume seen in the dream and go from there.
3.) Wooden Table: is a convenient piece of furniture used for dining or to play things out, to play games, to place things, or to face things. Its more exact meaning may come from the type of table.
4.) Woman On a Cross In a Cage being Burned: The cross can depict the difficulties we have to bear, the way of Christ, or may imply resurrection. The cross is a very ancient symbol dating back before Christianity. It represents the incarnation of man on earth as well as death, Easter, new life, and liberation. There are many variations and styles, most indicating a particular belief or organization. The cage represents imprisonment, restriction, confinement, or can be safe keeping. Anything in the cage may represent as aspect of you which feels safe or trapped. Being Burned as with fire can symbolize anger, a fiery temper, or represent purification and transformation needed. May also indicate being all burned up about something.

It sort of sounds to me like the soldier in charge ( your left male brain/analytical ) has conquered the woman ( your loosely dressed creative female right brain ) and has completely rejected her intuitive ideas. Or it could mean that this LOOSE FEMALE who's just a little too out of control has been completed subdued. Have you recently had a brilliant idea lately that you may have rejected? Or have you broken from a bad habit that you didn't want?

Only you can read over the above interpretation and successfully relate it to the things happening within your waking life. Try to connect the dots from the "A" in your dreams to the "Z" in your waking life. Hope this answer helps you much!

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an eagle eating a small bird?

On new year's day, an eagle landed on our fire escape and we haven't see it since.

Then, about a month or so later, I dreamed about the eagle coming into our house and eating our parakeet. I manage to catch the eagle somehow and open its mouth and take out the parakeet. The little parakeet was fine and then that was it.

What is that dream supposed to mean?

Example: What does a prison dream mean?

i had a dream where im taking to prison but never went to court or anything. so what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed for more than one time, maybe 5 or 6 times that a lion attacked me. It is always scary and I never try to fight back, I just run away and if he catches me I just surrender. What do you think this means?

Example: Help - Tiger dream, what does it mean?

Hey everyone! If anyone can help me interperet this dream I'd be very grateful! I was wondering if it had something to do with my b/f cheating on me...?

It involves being in a large garden of a suburban house where there are two circular platforms with small stubs of like jail bars around the perimeter. The smaller one is empty and the larger one has a baby tiger. I'm with someone although I never see them I hear them. I go to pet the baby tiger in the cage thinking it can't get out, but it just steps over the bar-stubs and walks past me. I feel threatened but it doesn't attack. As a turn around to watch it, the mother tiger walks from the house, it has rope draped around its body. It comes towards me and attacks. I run toward the house and try to barricade a glass door but it pushes it open and lunges at me. I'm terrified but end up fighting it off by poking it in its eyes. It runs out to the garden again and sheds its rope.

Example: Dreams where I'm fighting myself what does it mean?

I had a dream last Night where I was Fighting my dark side. He look just like me but eviler and smarter. I had to fight him. after the Fight I got a Orb that was growing in a bright light and I was trap in a cage made out of Bare wire. then I woke up. so what do the dream mean? Plus In the dream I had two swords.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was in Florida last month and I dreamed this:

Ok, there was like a Ds game,Spiderman, and everything came out of it. spiderman and doc oc. so then me and a bunch of other(dont know who) started fighting him. well somehow, kevin elevin came and started fighting him to. then Darth Vader came and captured Kevin. Then locked him inside a tent.(?)Kevin was hurt or sick or something. I tried to rescue him but Darth Vader kept catching him and putting me in a giant floating cage. I escaped and Darth Vader had a waterhose. he was either watering his garden or spraying children. he caught me again and this time sprayed me with the waterhose. In the end Kevin escaped and turned into a talking golf club.(?)

Does anyone know what this means?

Example: I had a dream with a monkey and some snakes - the snakes were loose and one got into a fight with the monkey.?

I had a dream with a monkey and some snakes - the snakes were loose in my home and one got into a fight with the monkey. The monkey bit the snake, but I was afraid the snake would kill the monkey. There were many other animals in my dream, but they were all in cages, only the snake was loose. There were many large snakes in fish tanks and I had forgotten to feed them for a long time. There were mice running around - it was weird.
Can you help me analyze this dream?

Example: Any idea what this DREAM could mean?

last night i had one of the worst dreams of my life. i dreamt that aliens were attacking earth i remember seeing things like a local mall totally flattened and charred out. my whole family and i had to escape on this military transport stealth jet. we were in like these cages flying behind the jet, i was laying face down as i am afraid of heights and didn't wanna look down. i remember hearing my nephew had been killed trying to fight the aliens and my niece Kelly was worried her husband, who is in the navy was also killed. midway through the flight Kelly jumps out in distraught looking for Bobby, her husband. we land somewhere, i remember asking why we landed, then we heard atop this structure saying she thought she heard Bobby was alive over here. we took off again. then i woke up, so very realistic, i am probably leaving out other details but that is all i can think of now

Example: What does my scary dream mean? 10 Points!?

Ok, so I had this dream last night and I'm still shaken up about it.

I was at my grandma's house with my mom. Some sales guy showed up with his annoying son and took her outside. The boy started talking to me. He showed me around a garden in the back. But he kept sneaking into neighbors yard's and coming back with a new outfit. I asked him if he was stealing and he said yes. I then waned nothing to do with him.
His dad was trying to sell my mom a luxury hotel stay and she was filling out the form as I begged her not to. The son and dad went and sat in the living room. My mom finally got mad and started yelling at me how she never gets anything nice. She made me apologize and fill it out for her while she did the dishes. I was walking down the hall to my room when I saw my friend Savannah walking down the hall following the guy.
I convinced her not to follow him around and so we went to sit in the living room together. The boy came back. He told me that he had managed to befriend Savannah and Hannah. I told him he probably didn't want to be friends with Hannah, because she can be kind of bossy. He agreed. We both laughed.
Then Hannah came up the stairs. Her head was down and she didn't talk to any of us. We were confused and then I realized she might've heard what we said. I was trying to appologise to her when Savannah interrupted(She was pale as a sheet and her voice was shaking) "I don't think you should be trying to do that, because that's not what is bothering her. There is a man outside the window. He is staning in front of a tiger cage. He has a knife. He is looking at you, and smiling" I casually looked over and saw him (The tall guy from home alone).
I casually slid down onto the floor and I started whispering for everyone to get down. My mom glanced in and frowned and went back to the form. The rich guy and his son acted like nothing happened. I looked over at Hannah and she turned into a grape (This is the weirdest part! I'm sorry but it's what happened!) and Savannah slid onto the floor.
My mom told me to get a phone and call 9-1-1 and so I crawled through the house searching for phones. It was really dark because I didn't want to turn on the lights or open the curtains. It was soo scary! Then one of the curtains in the room I was in opened a bit and I saw a hand with a knife, and then it disappeared.
I get back into the living room at the end and everyone is gone even the Hannah grape.

Can you make sense of anything that has happened here? In all of the scary dreams The guy from home alone (The tall one) is always there and he always is the bad scary guy. I didn't watch home alone really young so it wouldn't be like I am terrified of him because I was traumatized as a child.
Please help!

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