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Dream About Cafeteria meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream i went to the hospital for surgery. My sister and i got a crazy doctor that kept cutting us in weird places for his satisfaction. then we went into the cafeteria in the hospital and i thought me and my sisters surgery was done until he came in and said why are you eating we have work to do and started taking our food. then i blew up in anger and started screaming so other ppl could hear. then the attention was on us. i yelled this man has been cutting us repeatedly with the knife for the wrong reasons. then people started attacking him. he got the polices gun and people started acting like their on his side b/c he had the gun. one guy tried to take it from him and he shot him then he dropped the gun. I hurried and picked it up and pulled the lever twice nd it didnt shoot. the 3rd time i pulled the lever then i pulled the trigger and shot him in the head.

Guns are often attack and kill relates in together, and appear in the dreams of guns, a setback. If is woman dreamed that he shot, herald she realized her boyfriend or husband character has a tendency to violence; If dreaming that I killed a man with a gun, it means that the dreamer will be affected by public opinion, face failure or the threat of unemployment; If dreamed someone opened fire to oneself, is safe, it heralds the dreamer will face criminal charges, but in the end can be immune from criminal punishment.
If dreaming that I wanted to pull the trigger, the gun burst, it heralds the dreamer's most trusted people cheat myself will be in the key period, if the dream of gun carelessly, it heralds the dreamer will encounter misfortune, must be careful. If the dream of gunfire, it heralds the dreamer's mishandling in property in some places, may have loss; If it is women's dream of gunfire, then suggests that the dreamer behavior is not enough to behave, at ordinary times like to quarrel with people, loss of reputation.

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Example: What does my dream mean !?

Two nights ago i had a dream about this boy who i go to school with he also lives in my neighborhood. I've always thought he was cute but never liked him. So i had a dream & we were doing the "DO". I woke up & wanted to dream about him agian so i did have a dream and it was really weird anyways when i woke up i thought about him and i like him now! Problem is we odnt know each other! I added him on myspace so im waiting for him to accept me so i can comment him. What does this dream mean. By the way i was with a girl for 2 years so yeah kind of weird. I really want him...what do i do ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so theres this girl that i really hated last year but this year was fine i didn't really care about her but i had a dream last night that i was fighting here we were in the school cafeteria when i bumped into her and she said watch it and i said no she got out a needle from a pin and was ready to stab me until i backed off slowly and took a chair up to her head i was ready to beat her *** then someone broke the fight right before we were about to fight i didn't get to hit her the rest of the dream i was crying and telling my friends in my dream what does this dream mean?

and the other dream was that i was in school and the teacher was sticking kids on poles like sic kabobs i saw there hands go through the pole like in it but no blood! then i saw my crush at the mall with a neon green shirt on cant miss that! what do these crazy dreams mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I dreamed I was back at school.

I had a large bucket of mashed potatoes and fried chicken. I was eating my mashed potatoes, and talking to my friend. However, when I looked down, my chicken was gone. Angry, I asked the guys at my lunch table, "WHO ATE MY FRIED CHICKEN?!" Looking scared, they pointed to Oran, my friend, across the cafeteria. I got up, took their tray, and confronted Oran.

Oran appeared startled, saying, "..Yeah, I ate it." I screamed, "DON'T EVERRRR DO THAT AGAIN!"

Without hesitation, I took my tray & began beating him with it, aggressively. He cowered into a ball, fell onto the lunch table, and I continued to beat him until the tray broke. Feeling accomplished, I returned to my lunch table, proud, where everyone looked at me in horror.

Then, the principle came, and announced I was going to have to get my figner prints taken. And then I freaked out & woke up.


Example: What Does Opeining Doors Mean In Dream?

In my dream I was given 2 different choices. One choice was to stay and eat in the cafeteria. The other one was to leave and go get something to eat. Each choice had its own path. One led to the cafeteria and the other led you to your car. I decided that I would leave to get something to eat. Once I decided to take this path I realized I couldn’t find my out. This man came along and I told him hey. Then I decided to ask him how to get out. He got a key and opened this door which led us to this room. It’s like he was doing his laundry or something. I started joking with him because I saw that his door knobs had tape on them, which helped kept the door close. I noticed that the door was slightly opened. So, I decided to open it and I walked out. I noticed two toilets. There was one on each end of the hall. I could hear this woman and kids talking. I kept walking and I enter this big room. I’m trying to find my way out. I notice this girl sitting on the bed talking on her phone. I turn around because I see there is no way out from her room. So, as I’m walking there is this open door leading me outdoors. I start walking down the steps. As I walk down the steps I see this white car. Once I see this white car I know exactly where I’m at. I start walking toward the car. Any ideas. Thanks in advance.

Example: School cafeteria dream?

Last night I had a dream and I can't figure it out..theres no explanation on any dream interpretation sites so here it goes.
I dreamt I was my age (35) but I was in the high school cafeteria buying my lunch in the lunch line. A girl that teased me for many years was behind me (she is also related to me thru marriage in real life) and she was telling me that I had to give $30 to pay for the teacher's lunches everyday. In my mind there was 10 teachers and i was actually calculating that their lunch was $3 a piece a day. I said "I can't do that" she said "you have to whether you like it or not!" I have not seen this girl in years and have no contact whatsoever! Is there some hidden meaning to this? The school cafeteria, the girl, $30?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Yesterday I dreamed that I was inside a cafeteria...then I saw a friend...and she left...what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream about my crush last night, I don't remember the whole entire thing all I remember is that we were at school in the cafeteria and he was going up to random people yelling in their faces? what could this mean? like the fact that he was in my dream?

Example: Weird/funny dream meaning?

Ok a while ago i had a dream where i was looking through with my eyes like i see normally. I was walking and then i looked down to my hands and i was holding a girls decapitated head while brushing her hair. Then i glanced up, still walking though my school cafeteria, and i saw on the wall/corner area and there sitting in a chair leaned up to wall was the Green Teletubby with a gun shot through his head. LOL WTF does that mean haha. I haven't watched teletubbies in years!

Example: I had a dream i was sitting in a cafeteria and a guy comes and sits down and holds my hand. What does it mean?

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