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Dream About Caesarian Section meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How common is it to have a vaginal birth after c-section?

i just had a baby 3 months ago via c-section. i was really disapointed when i found out i needed one because she was breech. i have always dreamed of the experience of a vaginal birth. does it depend on the doctor or what, to have a vaginal birth after c-section? is there any factors they take into consideration? i think that is the only way i would consider having another child. for those of you ladies that have done that, is it harder or any different?

The obvious answer is "talk to your doctor".

Others have correctly pointed out several things:
1. That VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caerarian) are much more common these days.
2. The feasibility of a VBAC depends a lot on the reason for your Caesarian, and the location of the incision.

I haven't noticed anyone mention that it also depends a lot on how much time passes between C-section and VBAC. This is important because the uterus needs time to heal and strengthen itself. Some docs will recommend against a VBAC if it is within 2 years of a C-section.

Talk to your doctor. Yes, by all means search the internet for VBAC and you will get a plethora of information, but what you get on the net is always of questionable credibility.

On your next follow up simply ask your doctor if you are a good candidate for VBAC and ask what you can do (if anything) to improve your chances.

My wife has had 2 VBACs. Yes, that means she had Caesarian, then vaginal, then Caesarian, then vaginal! As far as I can tell the kids turned out fine. Although I did notice that our first and third kids like to leave rooms through windows instead of doors ;). Maybe there's a connection...

Good luck!

Example: Please, interpret my nightmares?

Last night was a bad night of them:
In the first, my partner and I were walking home, and a guy was following us. We tried to walk quicker, and he was still right behind us. I asked the guy what he was doing, and he pulled out a knife and stabbed my partner in the back, and my partner kept walking. I grabbed the guy in a headlock, planning to throw him under uncoming traffic, and he was swinging the knife at me. I woke up.

In the second nightmare, I found out I was pregnant at full term, no one knew, and I had a secret Caesarian, and gave the baby to my sister. I was really upset about hiding it from my partner and giving up the baby without telling him, and wondered how I would hide the c-section scar. I also didn't want to see the baby at all.

I woke up thinking, what the hell?

Can anyone decipher these for me?!

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