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Dream About Cable Car meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well it's kind of 3 but it was all the same dream the first thing is there was these huge like dinosaur like horses running around just going from one end of the block to the other and terrified me...the as I'm watching the horses I find a bike that probably an 8 year old boy should ride but it was a perfect fit for me so I ride and ride and I'm almost at my destination and there's this crane thing with a guy on it..well the cars were blocked and couldn't go past so they moved it and went past I stayed to watch and next thing I'm thinking to myself he's gonna fall then you hear the wires and cables smacking each other from breaking and it look like the guy is ok the all of a sudden yu see him fall and hear a splat! Now there's blood everywhere mind you it has gon from broad daylight to like 9pm everyone ran to check on him but I couldn't then somehome I end up with my brother and his friends and a girl and she falls asleep on me and the rest of us are listening to music having a great time...then once again we end up where I started at a school across from horses and the cops are there now I got out started walking with my friends ended up at a house and I see this my "FWB" (friend with benefits) peeking around the corner no shirt on telling me to go so I move closer and see he's naked and I smack at him but he moves then I look over this ledge into the room and I see he's in bed with some chick so I get mad and throw things at him then I leave and that's pretty much the end...now wat does all that craziness mean I usually interpret my dreams myself but this one is a lil wild even for my imagination I mean I've had weirder but I don't understand this one

since there is so many things going on it can mean a variety of things, so i'll start by telling you what a few things could mean.
The running dinosaur horse things could be that you have a giant desire to go somewhere, and no matter how hard you try you end up at the same place every single time.

The bike could mean that you still have child in you and no matter how it looks, you can still fit the perfect in the image of maturity and that even though you have your childish moments you are still on the road of adulthood.

The man that is on the crane, he dies because life is cruel, and even when it seems like everything ok, something, anything can go wrong, so be careful and expect the unexpected.

The hanging out with friends can just be something you maybe wanted to do, simple.

Seeing your fwb with another chick and getting mad implies you have more feelings for him that just being a friend with benefits and you can't believe he was with another girl even though you and him aren't official, as with the terms of FWB

Example: What does it mean when you are a fairy in your dreams?

I have been having absolutely strange dreams lately. There was a traveling carnival with games, clowns, mimes and rides. The carnival was at the river's edge. Everyone who went to the carnival and everyone who worked there had a fairy who lived in their closet. I was a fairy in my dream. My soon to be ex-husband's fairy. Everyone was dressed in costume. The dream was silent and I followed him through out the carnival. We stopped at the game where you take the hammer and hit the thing to make the bell ring. And the only sound i heard was the bell. The dream was really wierd...What do you think it means?

Example: I had another dream. What's it mean?

This time my dream is about falling and falling and falling and then landing on top of my crush. She kind of disappeared before I landed and then reappeared in front of me. What d'you think this means?

Example: Mailmen driving tanks. What does it mean?!?

I had a dream last night. I remember seeing a giant SUV-looking thing, all white, with ridiculously tiny wheels, being driven around in the akron ghetto. at one point, it hits a small car (think smart car) and trips over it. The little car was completely unharmed, the pimptaninc fantastically destroyed. There are no drivers and no people around. Then my grandfather drives through both vehicles, literally, with a military tank, delivering mail, wearing an army helmet destroying every car and stray cat in his path while chanting that stupid the-general auto insurance jingle.

I woke up when I realized I just got more junk mail from Time Warner Cable. NOOOOOOO!

What does it mean? Will I be rich?

Example: Really long weird dream, what does it mean?

me and a couple people i know decided to fly to egypt, and it seemed that i could only fly because i had a cup of some kind of chips. anyway, they all started in a line, counted down there takeoff, everything they did seemed well calculated, while i was just flying around enjoying the experience, but still going in the same direction as everyone else. they stayed low to the ground and didn't go very fast, while i was going up so far i could no longer see them, flying upside down, backwards, sideways, anything, and by the time i found them again the cup was empty, i was going backwards and didn't (couldn't?) keep a straight line. I was going extremely fast and the wind was blowing my dreads in front of my face, and i went down and landed on my back but that didn't hurt at all. I watched everyone else fly away, it didnt bother me one bit. One other person seemed to have fallen as well, so we walked back to where we came. the cars on the road seemed to be going hundreds of miles an hour. when we turned off the main road, there was a street vendor selling something out of a small train buggy thing. we asked if he made the stuff, he said "no, no, my grandmother did." then he pressed a button and part of the train opened up to reveal a decomposing corpse of an elderly female. The person i was with freaked and grabbed me and we ran away. for some reason i wasnt bothered by the corpse, i was just a little hungry. we were back on the main road, and a normal sized train was going down the road, and we noticed some tracks going down the road. we stepped off the tracks, and when the train reached us, it turned off the main road. we noticed that the tracks didn't turn. the next thing i know were in a junkyard, and there's another person there i know. the train has since taken to chasing us, and it has excellent maneuverability. i jump into a car with the person i was with first and hot wire it, just as we start speeding away, the train hit the vehicle the other person got in, and the vehicle erupted into a shower of sparks and metal. at this point, im still not bothered by any of this, but i do decide to drive very fast away from the train. we drive through a town, and the person im with starts trying to fight me for the steering wheel. i said fine, f*ck up my coordination. while i was on the pedals i looked back and the train was a few inches from the back of the car, and it had changed into an evil satan looking train. i then told the person to get the f*ck off my wheel, im driving this b*tch, then the person started being a backseat driver. im doin good drivin for about 10 minutes, then i take a wrong turn, and the road drops about 20 feet into a sand pit in front of a rednecks yard. we get out and run, jump a fence over a hill, and another fence at the bottom. a couple seconds later, the train comes out of the ground at the foot of the hill.(were in a suburban area at this point) it has demon horns and its on fire. the other person is about to give up hope, and bam, right when we turn around this thing that looks like victor crowley grabs the persons head and rips it off. then he grabs my arm and i look at him and say get the f*ck off me, a$$hole and yank my arm out of his grip, and just walk off. i entered someone's house and just went to sleep, then woke up in real life. then i went back to sleep in real life.

theres another dream in the same night almost as long, but with a completely different story line. i had it after i went back to sleep after the first one

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

I had this dream which left me absolutely terrified for some reason: Me, my little sister and my dad were at a theme park and we went on some rides and such, then we entered a cable car. As it was going up, it stopped at like a station and this old woman got on. she didn't look like anybody I knew and she had a shawl around her, and decayed teeth and wrinkly face. She sat at the other end of the cable car and my sister was looking out the window. Suddenly, the lady jumped up and swiped my sister in a sack and opened the cable car window and jumped out. Me and my Dad searched the theme park for a while looking for her but in the end, he suggested we go home. It suddenly skipped to night time, we were in my house and it was dark and my house was exactly the same except in the kitchen was this huge projector with a layout of the town and red dots indicating cars. I somehow figured out which car was the old woman's and ran into the living room to tell my Dad, he was on the laptop and didn't care, he told me to go to bed so I did. It was pitch black in my room and when I was in my blanket, the door creaked open slowly and a figure walked in. She came next to my next and it was the old lady, she smiled really creepily and then I woke up. I was terrified. A few nights later, I had the exact same dream, except the old lady was my Mum which made it even more scary.

At that time, my parents were getting a divorce and my Dad had had an affair with my Mum's best friend so it was a pretty rough time. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

The dream went like this:

I joined this gang. I can't remember when or how or anything. But, i had this thing in my arm were i could shoot out cables. A lot like spiderman. And in this gang that i joined, we had high tech missions were we went into this walmart city (details on it later) and stole electronics. This gang was small and was led by a chick. A very hot one. And i remember her being so hot and so beautiful. I can't remember her name. There was another guy, Luke. I remember seeing him as a god cause he was that hot, but i didn't see anything in him. I didn't see him hot or anything.The walmart city as a walmart shopping city. literally. there were skyscrapers that were shelves to buy stuff and all that. There were cars you could drive and everything. Our mission was to get to steal this one thing (can't remember what. ) I can't remember what happened, but i remember Luke was shot and killed. Me and the hot beautiful chick were outside a bar (I remember her hair being pink...with black eyes...and very punky & touch) and i remember her saying "This whole thing is my fault. its my fault Luke's dead." And i remember i went up to her and i gave her a hug and kiss...then i woke up

This is the second dream in 3 days where i was a lesbian (i'm bisexual & still wondering. I always have been pretty close to a lesbian...) & it ended in doing some kind of kissing or sexual thing with another female. This is the second dream in 3 days where guys meant nothing to me AND i joined some kind of gang/club. AND, the second dream in 3 days where i only can remember one male character and one female character (who i end up kissing/having sex with).

Example: My boyfriend had a dream of me losing control of a car than crashing into a a wall what does his dream mean?

he said that it was night he was driving a car then he say a red car driving really fast then all the sadden it lost control and crashed into a wall. then he went to check if the people in the car were okay then he say that the one that was in the passenger sit was me all bleeding almost dying what does this dream mean does any body know

Example: Someone help me figure out what these dreams mean?

The past two nights I've had dreams that were related to each other in some way.
-On Friday night, I had a dream that I was going on a cable car/ski lift ride around my city. I had a camera with me, and it was night time. A bunch of people I know both in real life and on the internet were coming with me. That's all I can remember.
-Last night, I had a dream that my mom and I went to Chicago, and it was night time. I decided to go for a walk with my camera to take pictures. We were staying in a hotel on a weird slanted cobblestone street that cars couldn't go down, and we were in some really quiet section of the city. I decided I was hungry so I left the hotel room and walked across the hall and opened another door, where I opened up to be able to get to Idaho where my dad was staying. Then I left and found this weird old lady that was trying to sell me these weird magical apples and before I got them I had to take two slices out of the apples with my fingers and then I could have the whole apple. One of the apples, I remember specifically, was azure blue and black.

Is there any significant connection or meaning to either of these dreams?

PS- I am 16 if my age will help.

Example: Dream interpretation please stolen car. ?

I dreamed last night that my car that I love was stole almost right in front of my eyes. I was talking with my ex outside when i went to get back to my car it was gone. My bike another mode of transportation was also gone. In the dream this was the second time I had a car of the same kind stolen. I tried to report it but it seemed hopeless to get it back. I went to two sources to get a new car because as I was crying I said I have no more money for for a car. So I went to my ex who just blow me off and said he had no car. My sister asked me why i needed a car. What was the purpose of the car and why couldn't I take the bus. Please help me with what all this means.

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