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Dream About Cabinet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

It was about my boyfriend, who I'm going to break up with tomorrow. This is what happened:

Last night I had a dream that I was with my boyfriend playing video games at this house I've never seen before, and I guess he wasn't supposed to be there because my mom pulled up in the driveway and he ran and hid in the cabinet (lol). But then she came in and he made a noise by accident, and mom went over there, pulled him out, and starting beating him up. She called him a perverted b.astard and kicked him out, even though we weren't doing anything. XD

Idk if it means anything, just wanted to see if anyone would come up with a creative answer. I rarely ever remember my dreams (if I even have them) so I just found it weird.

A great dream with certain meaning.

To dream that you or your family members are in a fight with some known person and found fault with them indicates the inner turmoil you have. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.(lol. It may be rather with your boy friend and for this reason you want to break with him)

To see others fighting in your dream, suggests that you or they are unwilling to acknowledge your own problems and turmoil. You are not taking any responsibility or initiative in trying to resolve issues in your waking life. You are unwilling and refusing to change your old attitudes and habits.

Hope you are satisfied with the intrepretation. Best wishes -

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I had a strange dream, I was sitting eating dinner, and i looked out a window on top of my door and saw an extremely tall pink rabbit, with dark Blue eyeshadow. No one else could see it because they were in two different parts of my house and i was in the middle. My mom suddenly said "I will open the door and slam it so it will fall down!" But she didnt. It opened the door and we shrunk. We ran into a cabnet and hid. but it opened the cabnet and peered in and then I woke up. What does my dream mean?

Example: What does my disturbing dream mean?

i actually just woke up, but anyways in my dream i was somewhere, like with my school's track team practicing and then when i left, bad things began to happen to me. Some guy on the street [it was dark] began to sodomize me and then later somebody killed him. so as i was running i got to this place where it was like a some kind of business, but they were use to bad things happening, and they actually showed me the dead body of my sodomizer, under a sink, in a cabinet and told me that somebody horrible always happens around here and they hid a lot of bad things that happened around there. then i had to go back out into the dangerous place and i had a friend. well basically we were walking on a deserted street and then this guy start attacking me, but i manage to get away, while my friend gets killed [i also got attacked by a dog]. i managed to escape back into a safe realm [it showed the neighbordhood i lived in as a child] and then i vowed to never go back again. wat does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok now my dad passed away 10 years ago this month. And I use to have dreams about him all the time. him telling me that he is still here and everything’s going to be ok. That’s all he’d ever say in them. or me and him running away from people. So about 4 months ago I had a dream about talking to him on the phone and he telling me that he’s not coming home anymore. So I pray to him. And they other day I was crying and missed him so I prayed to him. And had asked to see him again I don’t care how I just wanted to see him. Well this morning I had this dream. It came out of nowhere.

Before I had the dream I had woke up cause my dog was panting and making the noises she does when she is having a dream. But this time before those noises she growled. Which I have never heard her do that. so I ignored it and went back to sleep then had this dream. Please tell me what it could mean? The dream;

Me and my fiancé were sleeping in bed. And I woke up to someone whispering my name. and I looked up and nothing. I wake my Fiancé up asking him what he wanted, but he was asleep! So I woke him up! I looked around the room and our closet door was open (which we keep close) and there was a small light on in there. I looked at the door going into the living room and that was open! (again we keep that close too) so I freaked! Then I saw in the kitchen the cabinet doors opening and closing. I asked my Fiancé if he seen it and he’s like yea! The weird thing was the closet wasn’t our closet and the kitchen wasn’t our kitchen as it is now.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was scared when I woke up... My Dream started at Six Flags, wherever that is. I stared at the rides, they were so high! Then, my best friend was with me. THEN! Death showed up(wearing the big black coat thing), and we ended up in a car with him. We were riding down a train rail thing, and we stopped in this weird meadow. It was dark, and ominous. He told us to find a concrete bat wing. When we did, we too it to him, and drived on. Then, we were at this house. We went in, and started searching for another Bat Wing. I had a handgun, and this person came down some stairs. A women. We his under a cabinet, and she walked by. Then, A man. He saw us, and I pretended to be a doll. I then pulled out the gun... No bullets. The Bat Wing was above us, so my bestie grabbed it and we ran. The man followed. He grabbed me, and I started beating him with my gun. His head. He fell, and the women came. I beated her jaw with it, and she fell. We shot out the door, and got in the truck. I asked Death if we could sleep, and he said no. The, I woke up.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so I had this really scary dream and I want to know what it means. In the dream I was lying on my bed in my room (which, by the way, like everything else is very dark and ominous) and my mom enters and tells me that Ada (my friend from church, a very spiritual old woman who helps me through the tough times) was outside in the living room waiting for me. I tell my mother ok I'll be out in a minute. I lie on my bed and wait for a little bit because I hear Ada and some other people talking. Among the voices is my grandmothers voice (she lives up north and I haven't seen her in a while) and while I am listening Ada ends up telling them to start praying. So they begin to pray and I pray along with them (still in my room) and I feel myself shaking with a presence (which if you go to church I assume it to be the Holy Spirit) except it feels different and not like the Spirit at all. Eventually I get up (whether it was while they were praying or after they finished praying, I forget) I exit my room to see at the end of the hall my cousin lying on the floor. I start walking towards her and she gets up and turns toward me. Except it isn't her. I mean she looks like my cousin but she looks evil and monsterish with sharp teeth and a dark presence surrounding her. She runs toward me and picks me up and I start screaming but I can't scream. She throws me in the air and my mom comes (except it isn't her either) and she helps my "cousin" throw me in the air to the point where I almost hit the ceiling. And before I hit the ceiling, I wake up.

I woke up so frightened and immediately started praying after and eventually I went back to sleep but I need to know what this dream means. If you could help me that would be great. If you know any websites where I can get help with dream interpretations. That would be great too.
Thanks in advance. (:

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago. I was in a man's house (don't know who the man was, rarely saw him) and his house was filled with clocks. There were clocks everywhere. The man told me at exactly 8:15 every night one of the clocks' alarm goes off and he told me to find which one it was. I kept hearing the alarm and went from room to room checking the clocks on the walls, the drawers, cabinets, everything. But every time I got closer to the sound, I still could never find the clock. The house was dark and I remember being terrified. Weird dream huh? What does it mean?!?

Example: I dreamed of YELLOW snakes in my kitchen cabinets. I killed them with a hammer. What does it mean?

Example: Dream?

What does this dream mean?
I dreamt that my friend's house was across the street from Taco Bell. Then we went inside and I met his sister (who was very tall and blonde), and she decided that she needed to get some chili powder. All of the chili powder was on the top shelf of the tallest cabinet, but she could reach it. Then, my friend accepted the chili powder as a signal to throw a party.
That's all I can remember from the dream. Can someone interpret this for me?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in my art class at school. My teacher opened up this cabinet that had a lot of candy in it, and some rubber toy-like bracelets in it too. She left it open, and walked away towards her desk, and I took a red sucker. She never said I could or coudn't, but when she came back I put it in my bag so she wouldn't see that I took it. I felt bad for doing it. Then she let me pick something out that I wanted, and I chose a rubber bracelet. It had like a whole bunch of tiny rubber squares that were blue and purple I think. But that's about all I remember, so what does that mean?

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