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Dream About Cabin meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream in which all of my friends went to this cabin with this girl i fancied but i hadnt because i was ill and they all had sex with her and filmed it all and came back and showed me the film and on the first night they were up there which was before they all had sex she pulled her top off and her boobs had hair on them and so they lit all the hairs on fire and thst when they all started having sex>what does all this mean?

To be honest mate Im not sure. Dont tell your mates this because they will slag you and play tricks on you that will mess with your head. Keep it a secret and tell none of your friends. You can get books that tell you what dreams mean. It could probably mean insecurity or even it could be a good thing. It could also mean repressed sexual desires and that you need not only physical but emotional love also. Try getting a dream book. They tend to have deatailed information. Best of luck mate. P.S go and get the girl if you like her.

Example: What does this dream means?

4-5 years back I had a dream,that I went to a doctor,she was a lady,I don't know what she specialised in,but here I was in her cabin she examined me and she told me I had osteoporosis(is the spelling right?)I was dumbstruck! After that I wake up, I mean it did not make any sense to me.Can anyone tell me what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am camping with my friends in old cabins. None of the friends are my very best friends. We are all supposed to watch out for the bears that have rabies. Suddenly I am by myself in the cabin and a bear comes in and starts to bite my leg. I scream and kick him and he leaves. Then he comes back! and this time he is really biting my whole foot. So, I take a crock (a kind of shoe) and put it in his mouth. He thinks it is interesting the texture and starts chewing on it like a bone. So I run out and tell my friends and they cant believe I didnt scream or something to get help. Then they worry if I have rabies. Then I wake up.

I never remember my dreams but this one I woke up and felt my leg hurting a bit. What does this dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning please :)?

Ok the main points, were Beautiful castle ruins that were a house, guarded by two gorgeous looking brown bears.
weather was lovely, the guy who owned the house was lovely.
He poured me two crisp lovely glasses of white wine.
The appartments we stayed in attached to the house were huge and amazing also wooden cabins up in the trees..
I felt it was somewhere like Africa.
then we were hiding from some shooting that was going on and afraid it would hit us, the cabin was moved safetly away.

Example: What does this Trex dream mean?

i had this TREX dream last night and i havent had a dream about a dinosaur chasing me since i was a little girl. it was TREX stompping on everything and everyone but he was looking for me and i would hide in the bushes between cars and trucks and houses. he would spot me everytime i moved and there was some guy with me i cant remember who though. he was by me the whole time. but then the dream changed. this beast TREX became powerful as in politically. he wore a suit.lol funny a TREX wearing a suit. but he was powerful he was a man but inside he was TREX and only i could see it only i knew how evil he truelly was and he made ppl join camps and had them in cabins according to gender and age. anyone who was caught outside of the camp site was killed anyone who called some one by fone was killed. and i was trying to escape but always feared he would kill me. he had his eye over the world and had people working for him. what does this dino dream really mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I just woke up. Last night I had a very long and strange dream. I'm wondering if there is any significance to it as it was really detailed and I usually never remember my dreams, and I also am experiencing some tension with my best friend in waking life. I'll go through points of my dream in asterisks.

*I was at the summer camp I go to each year, but with my classmates, not other campers. My mom sent me plenty of blankets.
*I had trouble finding an open bed.
*I was given in a cabin that only had half a roof on it. It began to rain, I thought of bed becoming cold & wet & thought, "I'll have to find someone who lived here last year and ask what to do"
*My classmates and I went to bed. We are to be leaving for a music trip the next day & vote what time we wanted to leave.
*I recall seeing green flames in a fireplace
*I forgot my instrument at home and ran there, meeting another girl in my class
*On the way back, I sang and a dog jumped on me (corgi, looked like a fox, though)

Example: Dream meaning..? Snow leopard and peacocks?

I can't remember the dream exactly, but I know it contained a Snow Leopard. I was in a log cabin/lodge type thing in the woods with some of my family and this snow leopard was stalking around the outside of the house, like she was hunting us. She could also talk and was talking to me, I think I was trying to negotiate with her or something... I also remember looking out another window of this house and seeing peacocks in the sunlight. I'm not entirely sure, but the leopard may have eaten one of the peacocks.. :/
Sorry for being vague, but any ideas on what this may possibly mean?

Example: Any ideas what this dream means?

The dream: I somehow met this family who had one child (about age 11 or 12) with mild autism, in summer sometime. They asked me if I would like to basically hang out with him and help him with everyday things like cooking when they were away. He was very nice, and in the dream I think I had known him when I was very little (about three or four) even though I had never known someone with autism at that age. We got to be very close. I think. I don’t remember much, but I remember one scene where his family and I were in their attic, looking out at the snowy forest (there was a big window). The attic was somewhat cluttered but very well furnished (like a living room would be). There was a fireplace. We were planning to go skiing.

Example: Dreams meaning please ? Asap?

dream 1.

i remember being on a cruise ship like boat, while i was laying in the cabin thing it was sinking. I remember because i saw all the pictures on all falling off and stuff but strangely enough the water did not break throug the walls or anything when we were sinking.

dream 2

I remember living at my old house in my old naibor hood and living acrossed from my favroite 90s band. i have not had a dream about them since i was 12, i remember being on my porch yelling hi to one of the band memembers from my porch. Also saying poor forgot wat name i said.

dream 3

i was at a concert for a band forgot who, i remember being called up on stage to tell me to pose with them. So i did i remember them saying why didnt i do anything idk then they sent me back to my seat i remember seeing the crowd also behind the rope thing itwas standing only concert in my dream.

what do u think these mean?

Example: Dream meaning climbing mountian with boyfriend?

Does anyone know what it means to dream of walking up a mountain with your boyfriend? It was beautiful with snow covered tops with a cabin at the top where all my family was.

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