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Dream About Cabbage meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was younger and I had this dream; I was on a street (I don't remember extremely well, but pretty good) and there was this vampire chasing me (I went through this whole phase of vampire dreams) so I ran up to my house (there's a big hill) and it was kinda like a fountain- but it was rocks and water was flowing. Then my mom was at the front of the house and said this: "Elmo, do you want your cabbage?" I don't recal what happened after that, but I think I said "A vampire is chasing me" and ran into the house. Wait- I saw the campire and he was carrying some sort of orange/red board...

Here's another: I was at my previous home (before the current one I live in) and I walked into my parents' room to see a bright white room filled with tons of different sizes of blue bouncy balls (the ones with the handles you sit and hop on) so I shut the door and we went into the garage and in the car then I woke up... I had this dream a few times...

OK maybe one more or so, I was in this house like the one we live in and it was white and spacious. (I had it two or so times, here's the first version) We heard the doorbell ring, so we answered it and nobody was there. I'm pretty positive I ran and said that an invisible man was there and was going to get us, or something to that effect. The second time I was like "No don't answer the door nobody's there it's someone who's gonna hurt us!" (Again something to that effect)

One more (again sorry) I walked upstairs, into my room and to my shelf of my little pony horse figures, grabbed one, and saw a rainbow tiedye, then woke up and it was several hours later.

the first dream meant u were felling like you were trapped and your mom or who ever was paying atenttion to someone else. dreams are another example of what you are felling the day or month your in . for example my mom would always give me crap for my b-day but my older brothers got really nice electronics, so that night i was thinking about that and had a dream that everybody got free telescopes at school and all the kids got really nice instant finding computer telescopes. and i got a little bracelete with a stare, heart whistle and everbody else got the nice (electronics).

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was going through a village in a horse drawn carriage. There was a fortune teller with me. She said duck, that man is trying to kill you. I ducked and avoided being shot at. Then I was dragged on to be beheaded, after being accused of being a witch. I felt my spirit go to the beyond and people were singing.

In an earlier dream, I dreamed that I was stealing cabbages from a farm to survive with my sister.

This man came after me with an axe screaming got to get those meddling kids.

He grabbed me by the ankle but I got away.

Example: Dream Meaning?

My mom had a bad dream, where she was like trying to reach the door to get me but couldn't, and then was trying to yell for me, but couldn't scream. And I think also trying to turn on the light, but she couldn't. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, so in my dream, I'm running in the woods, being chased by a moose with a porcupine on its back. I'm running more and then I see a squirrel in the middle of my path and jump over it. The moose, however, squishes it and continues to chase me. Then the Macy's Day Parade comes through the woods and I stop because it is going right through my path. The moose stops as well. After it passes by, I continue running until a beam of sunlight from above shines through the darkness and a piece of bacon with wings and a halo begins descending. I have affectionately name it The Holy Bacon. Then I see a giant orange in the middle of the woods.

Suddenly, I wake up. It was by far the weirdest dream I've ever had. And I've had some weird dreams.

Example: I had a strangest dream about turnip-cabbage and slaying vampires. What does that mean?

Example: CABBAGe?

i had a dream where my friend dan turned into a cabbage and started stalking me (like rolling around and following wherever i went)...the my other friends ellen sat on him (the cabbage) and he turned into cabbage rolls and i ate himm.

what does this mean

btw.. im a highschool girl if that helps

Example: Dream of cabbage and tomato juice?

The other night I had a dream where my oldest sister and I were walking through the woods and we came upon a bunch of peasant people. One woman was cutting heads of cabbage in half with a huge cleaver. A man was pouring glasses of v8 tomato juice into glasses. My sister looked at me in my dream and goes "oh, that means someone is definitely pregnant"

Any idea what these symbols could mean? Strange, I know.



I recently failed a test. A few weeks later, i had a dream that i passed that SAME test with a high score. I just took the same test that i failed but im not so sure if i passed or failed? What does the dream mean? Will i pass or fail?

Example: What could this dream mean?

In my dream i was chopping up some vegetables, a green bell pepper, a yellow bell pepper, and some red cabbage. For some reason my sister did not agree with what i was doing. So she started an argument. She punched me in the face and things went from there. . we were fist fighting. My mom came from out of nowhere and broke up the fight.
Me and my sister have never fist fought. It is not normal for us, though we do have a rocky relationship right now.

Example: Do dreams mean something?

i am just wondering if the dreams people have mean something or is it just our imagination.

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