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Dream About Business Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

when a woman you admire starts calling your first name but looking at the person with the same first name as you then the person with the same first name looks up then she stops calling your name for a second then she starts calling your name again you turn around and shes looking at you but she looks worried. what dose that dream mean?

dream 2
some you know has a nose bleed and a clot lands in your mouth and he says sorry normally

these are two people i both know from a club is this leading up to anything?

A woman can represent many different things. For clues to her meaning, consider the context of the woman, and your feelings about her.

A woman you know in real life may represent that actual person or the type of role she plays in your life (supervisor, mother, friend, doctor, business person, etc.).

Whether you know the woman or not, she may represent:

* The key characteristics that stand out about her in the dream, such as humor, nurturing, femininity, intelligence, etc.
* Stereotypical feminine characteristics such as nurturing, beauty, gentleness, creativity, intuition, inner wisdom, peace, fluidity, or receptivity

Dreaming Of A Nosebleed
Life force, life energy, or the essence of humanity.

Someone being injured and losing blood can represent a situation in your real life where you feel someone is in a weakened state.

You bleeding can mean you are feeling weakened or tired (emotionally, mentally, or physically), or you feel something is sapping your energy or time or attention.

Bleeding as a result of someone else injuring you can mean you are feeling threatened (emotionally, mentally, or physically) in real life—or you may be having a Toxic Dream.

Example: Dream meaning?

This is the first time I dream of my girlfriend. We've been together for 5 months now. In my dream, we were travelling together on a train/mrt. Then suddenly I saw some of the people I've been avoiding for years in the same train we were in. As soon as I saw them, I wanted to get out of the train. The next scene was that I left the train with another person/figure, while looking at my girlfriend who had left with the train (who didn't even notice that I was gone). I left without telling her. The next scene I was already home and then had a vision that my girlfriend already noticed that I was gone and was on her way home to me. I suddenly felt bad about leaving her and went back to the train to look for her. But she beat me to it and was already home. I saw her face. She looked dumbfounded, and then I felt sorry for her and at the same time sad for her. She went straight home even though I left her. Then I woke up. Any thoughts on this?

Example: Dream meaning?

I for a while now, for about 2 years now that I can actually remember, I have dreams that are of me dying, as in. In the dream, I see my self die as a human being. as I am now, in each dream a diffrent way. such as, 2 months ago, I had a dream where the world was ending and I was besides a ocean and a huge explosion was nearing, What confuses me is how my dreams have something do with a religous figure. I beileve in God and the devil, but I worship none, I feel that I follow both not through worship but through morals. Either way, in my dreams when I die, I end up in hell. In the dream with the explosion I remeber before I died, I started to pray to god. Which is odd for I have not prayed for years now, but either way I got to hell. In hell in my dream I remeber it not being all that bad, The last dream which was last week was that I died and went to hell and as a spirit got revenge on the people who ended my life. Does anyone have a good idea or meaning on what these dreams mean?

Example: Does dreaming about the same person two days in a row mean anything?

For the past two days, I've been dreaming about this girl that I used to have a crush on, but has now moved away. In the first dream, she wished me happy birthday (the dream occurred the night before my birthday), and was trying to offer apologies for the times she made things difficult between us. In the second dream, we were on this trip, and I was trying to make amends for being hard on her before she moved off to college by being polite and gentlemanly and asking her how her life was going.

Does all this mean anything? Or is it just a dream? I haven't been thinking about her remotely in the recent past. Hmmm.

Example: What does it mean when a certain person keeps showing up in your dreams?

well my ex keeps showin up in my dreams...what does it mean..? :/

Example: What means dreaming of having feelings with a friend (another person of the same sex) as you?

What means dreaming of having feelings towards another person of the same sex as you and that person is your friend?
I dreamt visiting a friend's house, the door of her home was open never close, but there was not much light, more like dime light. I was accompanied by a small child and another woman. My friend welcomed me more or less in a warm way but she was also cautious and with slightly tense towards me. She invites me to sit and I sit in a chair a little old, she sits in front of me and between us is only an old table.

At one point I see her holding keys in her hands and giving the keys to someone else (apparently on my dream she change of profession and she is a business woman who make keys and business cards).
In another point of the dream I see our hands touching for awhile and staring into each others eyes, I dreamed as if the two of us we were deep breathing and some tension involved. It seems like I started having feelings for her again.
In another moment the child was sitting with the other woman who came with me were sitting down in my friends old couch and the little boy who I came with me had an accident (pee on it). I felt very ashamed of it in the dream and I keep saying " SORRY" to my friend because of that ... in my dream she seems taking the situation better than me she says "no problem" couple of times.
At the end before saying goodbye to my friend she sells me business cards for my business and tells me she is going to give me a highly reduced the price. The cards she gives me are in the shapes of HEARTS AND DIAMONDS shapes.

"That friend from my dream really exist ... well now we fall some how apart but we keep cordial conversations every now and then we meet in the street, also I had feelings for her in real life and I think she did too...
Sometimes I think I still somehow having some left feelings for her or maybe is confusion. This is the 5 time I dreamed with her in a similar way after our friendship fall apart.

I wonder what it means ...

Example: What does it mean when you dream about one specific person?

This person was someone i used to be friends with, until my significant other didn't want us to be friends anymore. (the reason was because it looked like we were more then just friends.) now that we're not friends i always dream about them, and its different settings as well. and sometimes i dream about being with them and kissing them. i need help please!

Example: What does it mean when a person dreams of giving birth to a baby?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming about dead persons that i dont know,?

Example: What does dream with a person more than 12 times means?

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