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Dream About Bunny meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Could you please tell me what these dream pieces mean? Snow bunny and fawn?

Thanks in advance for any help / insight you can give me about this dream. I appreciate it.

I can't remember too much about my dream, but I do remember that I was in my home in the dining room (which has a sliding glass door that leads outside). Outside it was night but, oddly enough, I remember that it was a lovely sort of night. It wasn't a typical night sky, but more like, the stars were colored, like a nebula or something, and there were a huge array of colored stars, not simply the white stars, with one or two red or blue ones. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, pinks, violets, purple, etc.
I'm not too sure from where, but it's then that I noticed a rabbit in the house. A fluffy white rabbit. I knelt down and let it come to me (which it did quite friendly-like) and that's when I realized it was made purely out of snow. I don't remember it feeling cold (warm actually).
The scene changed. I don't remember how, but I was next looking outside to the back yard (through the sliding glass door my home in real life has), standing in the doorway. It was still night (and throughout it I wasn't afraid one bit of the dark, even though in the real world I am quite scared of being in the dark). Outside I noticed a fawn walking about. It came up to me and I happily greeted it and petted it. The odd thing was... it was made out of snow too, like the rabbit. It wasn't cold or unpleasant. Actually seemed more like it was fur-soft than anything else, but, regardless, it was made of snow.
The scene changed. I was still in the dining room and was standing, but then knelt down as another rabbit (not the same as the first) hopped over to me and I began petting it. It, too, was made out of snow like the first one. All white and fluffy, soft too, but made purely out of snow.
After a bit, it changed. I was still a fawn, but now it was a real one. Nothing else changed but that and I remember thinking 'Oh! Well, isn't this nice? ^_^' Pleasantly surprised (sort of like if you're expecting rain and clouds to greet you, but the moment you step outside you're, instead, greeted with sunshine and warmth. You're pleasantly surprised).

That's a really nice dream... I don't have a clear line on it for you at the moment, but it sounds like you are in a really good place in your life. Snow often symbolizes frozen emotions, but in this imagery it seems to be a symbol of purity and innocence. There is an overall tone of peace in the imagery, and it sounds spiritual. The beautiful stars in the night sky suggest that you have achieved something you needed to achieve, or perhaps resolved a time of trial in your life. You are approached several times by symbols that represent things like love, joy, friendship, success, they approach you warmly, and you respond in kind. The rabbits suggest the Goddess Eostre, and suggests a time of rebirth / renewal / regeneration in your life. That the fawn changes from a fawn made of snow into a real fawn, also suggests a transformation or rebirth. They also suggest Spring, again a time a regeneration. I don't have a clear interpretation for you, but it sounds like you are in a good place at the moment...If I come up with anything else, will come back and add...

Example: Dream meaning? (About hens, bunnies, and a gecko?)?

Lately, I have been dreaming a lot.
One night it was about a peacock I was scared of that was "guarding" a friend's house.
The other two nights I'm really curious about.

So one night in my dream, I dreamt I was in a farm like field. I saw young hens walking around and hiding (like as if playing hide-and-go-seek with me). I ended up straying away from searching for the hens because I found some chicken eggs in the field... Lots of them (like Easter egg hunts, but with real chicken eggs). So I started picking one after another and soon enough had a basket of them. In the middle of this, I found a metal cage with four little baby bunnies inside; two white and two black. I completely adored them so I decided to take them home with me.
And that was it.

Another night (my most recent one), I dreamt I was in my backyard but it was filled with potted plants and growing leaves and vines everywhere (My backyard has none of this). And I really wanted a gecko for some reason and I finally got one. Well.. I think I found it somewhere.. I didn't have a proper cage, so I put it in this huge plastic container and put the lid on it slanted (so it could breathe..). I put some leaves and a water bowl and what not in it. I remember the gecko was trying to climb the walls to get out.. The main problem was that I didn't have any food for it. And by the time I found a bug/worm to feed it, the gecko was turning yellowish brown and dying...
In the end, it died, and I felt really bad...
In reality, a gecko wouldn't die in an hour... (Unless it was starving already, I guess)

If you could help me out by solving the meanings with me, I would greatly appreciate it (:

Example: What does this dead bunny dream mean?

I had a dream that i was walking around Cambridge with my family. I stopped by a pet store because i saw a bunny outside in a cage. Well we walked passed the store a couple times. The last time i noticed that the bunny was out of it's cage. So i went to go bring it back to the pet store but it was closed. so i was carrying it around cambridge with me, but then i dropped it and it was dead. I started crying and my family didn't really care. I was really sad though. what could this mean? Does me being sick have something to do with it too?

Example: My sis and i had a dream of our pet bunny falling off the balcony .what does that mean?

it seems that we had that dream at the same time because once she told my mom what she saw , i was like :O , i saw the same !

my bunny's color is white .

thank you in advance :)

Example: What does my dream mean?Bunny?

I have a cat. And last night I dreamed that I heard louud meow-ing in front of the door. I saw the cat and in her mouth she was holding the smallest bunny ever,didn't even have it's fur grown out yet. In a day she(bunny) became bit bigger and grew white fur. I would feed her and carry her around in school, market , everywhere. Sometimes she would transform into a cute small bug with big ears just like hers, but she would get back to being bunny each time.. What does it mean? And what does dreaming of bunnies in general mean?

Example: Spiritually speakn i dreamed about having intercourse with the easter bunny tonight. what does this dream mean?

Example: What does an evil robot bunny in your dream mean? help?

my little brother has had this dream repeatedly atleast once a year since he was 7,
basically theres a shooting star and he makes a wish, its night time and the stars and he notices a camera in the tree, then he has a vision and sees a evil bunny on a computer tapping fast pretending like he's not spying on anything,
last time the bunny tried to kill him by sending a giant robot with a sword to kill him but he managed to destroy it,
now i laughed my *** off when he told me this but it seems pretty serious cuz apperantly the bunny is waiting for his chance to kill him, e_e, anyone have any ideas?

Example: Analyze my Baby Bunny Dream...?

Last night I had a dream that I was sitting in this garden/junkyard kinda place. There were a few baby bunnies trying to climb back in their hole when they saw me coming. The first 2 got away but I caught the last one. I held it against my chest until it wasn't scared anymore, then I let her go. She climbed back into her hole and then I could hear them talking to each other. They were talking to their mother. That's when I walked away and I laid down in a dark room where I could still see the garden through the door way, it was then full of tall pink flowers. But I could still hear the rabbits talking.

So what do you think? Thanks in advanced.

Example: What does it mean to dream about white bunnies?

I went to a huge pet store and I opened one of the cages and saw 3 bunnies. I walked around the store and opened another cage and saw 2 more bunnies. This all happened in my dream. I also saw a whiter scarf made from rabbit fur at the Pet shop and I got confused and woke up.

Example: What dose it mean when you dream of a bunny?

For the past couple of days the same bunny has appeared in my dreams. Its black and white and no matter what my dream involves its always somewhere in the dream and sometimes im holding it (i think) other times its sitting on a green blanket. What dose it mean?

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