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Dream About Bumper Car meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

i keep having dreams that are like, if you've seen it the film 24 days later.
i've had tonnes of dreams where, i'll be with a friend, or with a random group, and i remember one i was walking around a redundant car park, and like i'll be so petrified but i dont know what of. and i'll be running, and people will be chasing me trying to eat me. and i remember getting to the top of the carpark, and it was either getting my *** eaten or jumping, i jumped, and like, it was weird i thought i'd of woken up as i hit the floor. but i didnt. i hit the floor, and in the dream felt nothing, then a few seconds later woke up. (well thats how it felt)
another time, i ran into an underground car park again lol just a coincedence i dont have a fear of car parks. and i jump into this car with my best mate and drive through the car park, and up these stairs, runningover hundreds of these, flesh eating human beings. bouncing off me bumper and everything, then i find myself, out of the car in an airport. and everything seems okay.then we're walking towards an aeroplane, and im following the pilot, and some guy runs from infront of him to just shake his hand, then i walked past the pilot and this guy, and i see his back, is missing. fully exposing his ribs, blood guts gore the lot, so i just run into the aeroplane, all of a sudden all these flesh eating fuckers reappear again, and theres these people begging me for help but im just running. and i lock myself in the cockpit and can look through the little hole, and see these 'zombies' or whateveryou want to call them, just trying to get to me. and in this dream they do, and they eat me and i just woke up.
ah and another scary one, was when im walking through a hospital, and i walk past this screen and can see someones shadow, and they just. explode. and im running, and then this guy comes and finds me and takes me to this like, science place. and theres a group of people and this guy is like, your safe in this room. so theres about 15 of us in a metal room. and a woman whispers to me, 'his eyes, hes not one of us, hes going to change' and then he comes back in, and he just like, explodes, well all this blood goes everywhere but hes still there in one piece, and he has wings. and hes just looking at people and they're falling to the ground, and just *******, they start eating themselves. and in the dream i remember thinking, the only way i can survive is to eat myself, and im just watching people eat themselves. they're really disturbing and they're really worrying me now.

please someone reply, just one reply is good. i know thats alot to read through but thank you in advance if you can give me any sense about these few dreams of many! first serious answer will get that 'best answer' thing :)

it just means that you have an awfully good imagination and bubbling creativity and stuff like that. you watch and read and think alot i guess. and repetitive dreams are really common i had one of myself getting chased by something( forgot what exactly) for at least 5 times in a week.dreams are just dreams. spend more time worrying about reality than something your imagination cooks up. no offence

Example: Someone please tell me what this dream means!?

I am meeting this actress Heather Langenkamp and in my dream I was her and my little brother was in it but he was my son. And we were at the fair and in the dream I wanted to go on this ride but my brother (in the dream he was my son) didn't want to so I didn't go on and there was this man we were talking to and he was gonna take my brother on rides and take him to go eat a chicken sandwich, lol. And then I went to go get my brother and told the guy "nvm I dont want him to go on rides" or something like that. And then I los him and I was on line for the bumper cars and i was calling my brother or son in my dream lol but got no answer and I woke up.
But its weird me and my little brother hardly ever get along hahha :) but I love him.
So what the hell does this mean?
ps I'm 14 and hes 8.

Example: What could this dream mean?

In that night,I woke up from my bed,then I was doing something and then I went back to bed.Then,I had a dream...In the beginning of that dream I was speeding in a fast car(like Mclaren F1 or Koenigsegg ccx).At first I viewed it from the bumper of the car,seeing only the road,then it changed to first person view,and I was able to see the cockpit of the car,I've seen my own hands.I was using the steering wheel and then I saw myself shifting a gear.I was going on a road that went upwise and then I was going on a cranky road,turning left and right multiple times,then I arrived at place.It looked like a big cave or something,and then I saw my hands.I saw that I have gloves on my hands,and then I had a vision like if I have consumed hallucinogens.Then I screamed:This is a dream!And then I said:This is a wake back to bed lucid dream.Cool!So now I'm in a lucid dream.Then I went deeper in that cave and then I saw something like an Aurora.And then,I don't remember...I think it ended there.But I know I used to turn around sometimes in the dream because I know that if you turn around in a lucid dream you try to prevent it from ending.

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I have a dream fairly often that I'm in an airport and I usually either miss my plane or forget where I'm going or both. Lately, though, there have been clones everywhere in my dream, usually in threes. For example, in a recent dream of this nature, I had to go out to the parking lot to my car to get my cell phone, only to discover that there were three of my car. I was able to figure out which was the original because the other two didn't have my bumper sticker on them. But there were also three of my cell phone in each car, and only the original was the one that received and made calls. There were even three of my people I saw in this dream. Then, of course, I lost my way once I got back into the airport and couldn't figure out where I was going or where my plane was. Can anyone offer me some analysis?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I havent remembered a dream in years then 2 nights in a row I remember them and I think they are trying to tell me something... First of all some background to the dream; I have recently gone off the rails a bit taking unauthorised absence from work and drinking too much and generally having fun, its a job that I am sick of but won't quit because im anxious about the jobs market and the lack of alternate employment, but also at the same time I have become lazy and havent been looking for another job because ive become too comfortable with the easy money. Also ive taken last week off pretty much unauthorised, and havent heard anything from them, and I am due back Monday, I am almost begging to get sacked, but havent taken the action and dont know if i will quit

1st dream: Im at my house, theres a kind of party going on and Im chatting to a charactor from a program I watch in a language that I am learning. My and my friend leave the party and go to get the tram in town, which happens to be Galway (ireland), out to the Gaeltacht (irish speaking area) where I can speak the language I am learning, however when we get the tram is packed and I cant get on, then it starts moving off and I am trying to run after it but I cant run very fast and I cant quite grab the handle on the tram to pull myself on. Then my friend wants to go the pub and wait for the next tram, at some stage we end up back at the house. The last thing I remember is going back to the tram station with my friend but I cant find out which platfrom (i think its a train station now) the tram/ train we want leaves from... I cant remember if we ever get the train and I certainly cant remember getting to where I wanted to go

2nd dream: im back in my old school but its a college lesson, which is optional i.e. I chose to study there (i am studying part time for a subject that is linked to qualifying in the job im doing - law - and im not in love it and have been questioning whether to continue or now, the course and career im in were pressured on my by my dad) and Im a bit of a messer and the teacher gets angry with me, throws my assignment back at me and its a low grade, something which I dont care about because I hate the course, and I turn and say to a friend (an old school friend who I havent seen in years) that im done with it im leaving, and he turns and says "what now?" and I say, 'no', but I wont becoming back, for some reason I feel a bit apprehensive about getting up and leaving in front of everyone. Then it gets a bit crazy and there are a sort of gang but in cars trying to get into the school to get me, so me and my freind start running through the halls and at every corner I see the bumper of a car of the baddies pull up at the window, I can only see the bumper I cant see whos in it because the blinds are down almost to the bottom, we run and run and I know a place to hide (for some reason this is a place I dreamed of YEARS ago and never remembered until I rememberd this dream), the dream I had years ago was in a big house and it involved squeezing into secret doors and passages into deep and solitary places. But in this dream im with a friend and as we progress through doors im not 100% where it is but I know eventually we will get to a good hiding place. It gradually becomes a hotel, I have to stop to go to the toilet and thats when we are caught, but I dont think the person who caught us were the people in cars outside the school trying to get us. The person who caught us was more like a headmaster, someone trying to keep me in schools, he says get back to school and we leave, and thats all I remember. Also the people who were trying to get into school to get us were not police or anything, there were normal cars.

What I get from these dreams are that a) im trying to get to somewhere I want to be with something I love (i.e. the language im learning) but I cant get the transport for get there, b) im plan to quit the studing but people are chasing us and I am trying to hide, I never actually seek to get out of the building, im trying to hide within it. c) the character I talk to at the party represents someone who was encouraging me to go for what I want but I cant get there and d) in both dreams I have a friend with me, in the first dream the guy just wants to go to the pub and I follow and in the 2nd the guy doesnt want to quit school but nontheless is running with me. In the 2nd dream a person in authority I.e. the principle finds me and tells me go to back to class. e) I remember fear at the people trying to get into school to get me, thats who Im running from, despite saying in the dream i will quit at the end of the day im always running from the people outside trying to get in. But maybe those people dont represent a threat? maybe they represent the way out of the career/study im unhappy with? The fact im trying to find a hiding place, does this mean im scared at breaking out the career/ study im in?

If anyone has any insi

Example: Weard dream what dose it mean?

This is me most weardest dream in a long time with so manny stories i rememberd this story when i was looking at some dream questions. This all happend in this dreem im 97% sure this is correct detail of what happend i didnt wake up during this and i dont remember it when i waoke up but only a little im 13 years old btw and this is no norlam dream sorry i cant remember hardly anny detail but plz what dose this mean!?!?!?!? this is the order it happed. i think.


A guy stealing something - ( Dont know but it was part of this dreem i did play sims and my tv and the wadrobe got stolen )


people in bumpper car rides out side having good time


some disaster happened and well i dont remember what ( whasent revlant to water )


in another large room (metal wall) manny sparks from eletrical things mixing with water well the place was sinking and then i gou up some stairs and found some expensive hardware/Game accsesories
couldent resist... i remember puting it into my bag from the box of things but when i got to the top of the stairs.


soon after i was at the top the sinking stoped it was like at a hotel ( i dont know why but something happend wich gust made me know where my mum was and i remember been rilly safe and fine ) when i got to my mum and well i think wike i woke up from a nightmare but at the same place then i showd my mum the stuff and then soon after i woke up...

Example: What does this weird dream mean? Almost felt real? Please answer!...

Okay, it's kind of weird. Sorry. It almost felt real when it happened.

I was at an amusement park with my best friend, Alana, and we were running up these steps to get to the top where we could slide down the slide. I was feeling very hyper, energetic and adventurous that day, so I would go ahead of her and call " Come on, come on! Hurry up! Let's get to the top! " So we got to the top and we slid down the slide. Then we went to this other slide and I saw this guy in my class named Jake. We all talked for a minute, then went our separate ways. We went up another place with a lot of steps and high also. When we got to the top we figured out it was a slide that had this bumper car sort of thing, and they were like jet powered or something. It was on a giant, wide slide and stuff, not possible to fall off really. We decided to do it, so we got on. We played around a little bit, but then something happened. A little boy ( maybe 8? ) crashed into me extremely hard from behind, which made me crash into Alana's go cart thingy, and they both exploded.

Alana survived, but I, unfortunately did not. I got both of my arms blown off and I bled to death. Alana got many scrapes and bruises, and she has scars for life.

I could feel myself coming out of my body, but I kept telling myself " What's happening? Why am I just laying there? Where are my arms? Why can I see myself? " All thees questions were running through my head. I flew ( I guess ) out of the slide and saw Jake, holding my bloody hat I was wearing. He looked really sad.
" I can't believe she's dead " He said. He gripped my hat tighter and started crying. I started crying too, I felt so sorry for him, even if I was dead. I went up and hugged him, even though he couldn't see or feel me. ( like a " its okay " hug. not lovey ) Then I saw my mom walk in ( her name was Aunt Betty for some reason )
And then I woke up, or I just don't remember any more.

All names have been changed in this story, but the girl is really my best friend and the boy is really in my class. Here are some details:
The first slide was purple the second pink. The stairs were all carpeted and blue, and the towers we climbed were extremely tall.
I woke up and my arms were hurting and I was sad. But in the dream I actually " felt myself come out of my body I could " feel " my arms being exploded off.

What does this dream mean? Please tell me, sorry it's so long!

Example: What does it mean when you dream that a comet hits the earth?

Example: What does this dream mean its been bothering me, this is recurring too?

I'm a 16 year old gay guy and i had a Wierd dream...It started off at me at my ex bestfriends house who I hate now and my ex bf was there then me and my ex got in the car to go to this creepy forest where we took a boat o. A swamp to this empty bumper cars thing and we played bumper cars and I kept asking him if we are just friends..then my bestfriend who lives in australia now and her brother popped out of the bushes and reminded me that I left my purse (lol) at my ex best friends house then this girl I know came and picked me up and my mom was in the far and I was freaking out about my prada bag. I still have feelings for my ex bestfriend who slept with my ex bf and me and them dont talk anymore...I know all dreams mean something what does this mean? Thanks

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone else's car?

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was looking at someone I used to date's car. I was standing looking at the back of his car and looking at the stickers on it and I knew it was his. I am very curious, I haven't seen this person in a very long time and it did not end very well between us.

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