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Dream About Bubble Wrap meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Is it true that cheese gives you weird dreams?


The question is not what would you do for a Klondike Bar, but what would you do for a slice of cheese?

Can you imagine a burger without cheese, nachos without cheese, pizza without cheese (for those of you who take the cheese off the pizza, please seek help and discontinue reading this article immediately!) or grilled cheese without cheese? Can you see where we are going with this?

For many people, including the cheese enthusiasts behind this perspective, a diet without cheese is like a tabloid without Paris Hilton. It is a world turned upside down with all the joy of living sucked out of it. The situation surrounding cheese really is this dramatic.

We will now take the opportunity to offer some advice on choosing the right cheese for you. If you are one of those people who takes the cheese off your pizza, and for reasons unknown to us are still reading this article, here's where you should listen up (I mean, c'mon, you obviously need some serious guidance).

Here are a few cheeses that really get us pretty excited. We'll start slow with some of the basics: mozzarella is always a savory Italian choice (even though you took it off your pizza!); American goes well with almost A-nything and is absolutely A-mazing; ricotta is a mushy and wonderful thing, don't be scared by the texture.

Besides taste, other cheeses top high on the list because of their effects. We bet you didn't know that cheese can affect the way you dream. It's true, for as much as you consciously savor cheese, your subconscious enjoys it as well. Forget that old wives' tale that cheese gives you nightmares, for in fact cheese can give you wonderful dreams.

Not only does cheddar taste great, but according to one study, about two-thirds of 200 people who ate cheddar 30 minutes before bed had dreams about celebrities.

British Brie cheese also has a tendency to give women dreams about famous men cooking them dinner. It also gives men strange dreams, such as having drunken conversation with a dog.

On the other hand, if you are craving some delicious cheese as a midnight snack but would prefer not to dream, try some Cheshire cheese (according to a British article, it has been known to suppress dreams).

If you haven't yet found your favorite cheese, don't be discouraged. There is an enormous variety of cheeses which can be characterized by the type of milk: raw, skim or pasteurized, and also by the animal from which it comes, be it cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, horse or camel. Yes, Camel! We guarantee that each different cheese will have a new and exciting effect on your taste buds and maybe even your dreams.

As some final words of cheese wisdom, we'd like to advise you on what to do when your cheese is in danger of being stolen. Simply say: What do you call cheese that's not yours? IT'S NACHOOO CHEESE!

By the way, bubble wrap is cool too.

Example: Looking for poems about the meaning of life...?

I am writing a paper comparing three poems on the meaning of life. They need to be by professional poets. One poem that I have already selected is Edgar Allan Poe's poem "A Dream Within a Dream". If you have any suggestions on any poems that would fit into this category, I would be very grateful. Thanks everyone!

Example: Dream meaning, do you know?

I was wondering if there were any good sites that you could type in your full dream and someone could automatically answer it for free. I found one a long time ago that worked really well but I can't seem to find it anymore. I might as well tell you my dream so ----

I was the only human in a witch clan, and me and my friends were wandering the halls of a theatre house, I had been hanging in a witchy store just messing around , with these three guys following us. I was able to push off from walls and windows and I could fly. I told one of the other witches this and tried to show her and I wasn’t able to fly. (Fast forward to a place outside) Still in the witch clan, me and chandler walk around and A boy has a crush on me. No matter what he keeps on trying to get my attention. The boy is a shorter brown haired boy, but leaves as a tall slender blonde haired boy. We walk into this ride entrance, but as we climb on in to this closet with seats, guided by this very trashy lady, me and my best friend sit together and I find someone’s small black fur pouch in my hands along with a small nearly destroyed wildflower, the boy who has a crush on me is holding my small spell pouch and I don’t try to take it back. We plunge into the darkness as the ride shoots down and into the light, we glide through a baseball game, down through electric wires and back into the ride beginning. As we climb off the ride I see the flower and pouch are gone, and I search frantically. I tell the boy who has a crush on me and we climb into the ride we just got off to find that the trashy lady sitting in the ride, her face is bloated and red, and shes silent and still against the wood. We run off the ride and the guy who has a crush on me leans against a small well, he is very angry for some reason. I walk up to him and try to get him to stop thrashing around. He stops and looks at me, I wrap my arms around his slender waist and he seems to be very surprised. I can feel these emotions bubbling up inside of me, and he tells me that he can also feel these emotions as well. I felt like I was walking on air, like I was in love to the fullest, and so was he. He also told me that he couldn’t believe he would fall for a non-witch.

So if you think you may know the answer please tell me, and if you know some websites, they would be gladly appreciated.

Example: I keep having dreams about halloween...what could they mean?

I keep having dreams about Halloween. Like not nflightmares or anything but fr some reason I have A ton of random dreams about trick or treating. A couple were about me being late for triick or treating. In one, my friends wouldn't leave even tho I kept telling them all the candy would be gone they just kept saying the best candy got out at 9:30. So we went out at 9 30 and only two ppl had candy. The other one about me being late was about me not having a costume. There was a costume truck parked right in front of my house but for some reason I couldn't get a costume in time. It was as if time was moving faster. I didn't get a costume until 11:30 and u guessed it: no candy. These both happened in October. It was the beginning of the dreams. I thought they were done but I had another in early november that I had no costum and neither did my brother so we were sitting on this loft making costumes and I was in a dollar store so thts were we were getting r supplies. The only thing I could find was bubble wrap and plain black clothes (long sleeved black shirt, black leggings, black socks, black gloves, a black toque ...basically enough to cover everything but my face.) so I put on the black clothes and covered them in bubble wrap and went as...yes...bubble wrap. I'm pretty sure in the dream I was thinking of a costume for next year. And I can't remember what my brother was. In another dream, also in November, my brother had missed trick or treating on the 31st so we went out for the 1st. I kept insisting that nobody would give out candy on the firt but my mom said that lots of ppl gave out candy on the first. We left the house at 5 PM and went to this house, one that actually exists in my street, and rang the doorbell. They told us that Halloween was yesterday and they had no candy but my brother started crying so they gave s a tin of tea worth $138 (at least that's what the lady said and I can't find any reason to disbelieve her) we went to more houses and got other things as substitutes for candy although I can't remember what they were. The dreams stopped for awhile but I had anther one again last nigh. We were going trick or treatng, me and my sister that is, and at one house they gave us meat. Yes, meat. They gave my sister a raw steak and me some meat that I can't remember (it doesn't exist in the real world) and tried o give me a platter of hors deurves or whatever their called and a steak but I said it wouldn't be fair to my sister. The house was on my best friends street and we went there next and it looked exactly like it did on halloween with the headless Harry and her brother sitting on a chair with a mask on but with sound effects. Then I went to a differant house (I was alne now) qnd walked righ in the door thinking it was one of those covered procure where u go in one door and thn have to knock on he next one but it was really part f the house. There wS a little girl who just stared at me. I explained to her y I was in house although it took me a minute to remember. Then I left and she gave me a drawing. I remember the tv was on in the background and I thnk I met her dad too. Then I decided to email the steak guy and thank him. He had told us a bunch of emails but I could only remember one so I tried it and I got a email back saying it was his girlfriend and shed tell him we emailed. (btw, the steak guy was from like India or something) . Then I started craving Steak (weird cuz I hate steak) and went back to he guys house. He gave me all the stuff he'd offeredbefore and gave my sister some more stuff too so it would b equal. (apparantly she came back.) oh and the computer I sent the email from was across the Street from the little girls house. Just outside on a desk on the grass. So why do u think I keep dreaming of Halloween. Also, something weird but I seem to have a sense of time and place in these dreams. Usually I don't know anything abot he time or date except for when I wake up I might no it's a wired nght because it was dark and snowy but in these dreams I often know the exact time and date while I'm still dreaming. And most took place in places I know, I didn't recognze the dollar store but I knew it was one even though it didn't really look like one. Like in the last one I was on larchwood crescent the whole time and I knew that. Wierd? Anywayz...what do u thnk it could mean?

Example: Can someone interpret this dream about a mze?

So I had a very weird dream last night. I was with three other people, one was older than me and a guy, I don't remember the specifics about the others but I know there were two of them. We were in a maze and we had to get out and fast or else something was going to catch up with us a kill us. However, there were many really scary obstacles.
There were these beats that were like bears but they crawled on all fours lower to the ground.
There were also these people who crawled around in the dark and you could only see their pink, glowing teeth, otherwise you didn't know where they were. They were absolutely terrifying, and at one point the older boy who I was kind of thinking of as an older brother was trying to escape them and ran right into a bunch of bears and almost died. Honestly though, they were awful. Imagine the grudge with glowing fuchsia mouths.
And there was lots of bombs and booby traps and stuff.
There were also three levels to the maze. We started in the outer one where the walls were pretty high, like ten feet tall. I don't remember much about this part.
The vast majority of the dream took place in the second part, where the walls were about five-six feet tall. That's where the people with pink teeth and the bears were.
The third part the walls turned black, they had been tan before, like sand. But they were very short, only like two feet tall, and there was smoke billowing everywhere. We considered crawling under the smoke to stay hidden, but just decided to sprint through, each of us holding one of the others (so I guess they were much younger).
I stopped dreaming after running into the third place, but there was a sense of relief and safety, as if we had made it even though I hadn't actually dreamed that part.
At one point in the dream the older guy was capture by someone, I don't know who. He was tied to the ceiling, hanging from his hands, and I snuck in an took this other random guy's hand and pushed up on the ropes with his arms and they released my friend and wrapped around the random other guy's arms. We ran, and that's when we got to the third level, but right before we entered, I saw a hand covered by a red padded gloves releasing the random guy. I think that was the person chasing us.
Other than that, it was just us running and confronting creatures and trying to escape.
Yeah, weird, right? Any ideas on what it means?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

In my dream, my crush was trying to recue me from a zombie appocalypse, so he stole a car. Someone tried to steal it back and they ended up crashing it. My crush was put in a hospital, and the nurses were evil so they were wrapping him in tape instead of bandages. I left to steal a car to rescue him, but the same thing happened and i got out of the car before it crashed. I ran back to the hospital, but it was like i went back in time. There was no highway and the hospital was old fashioned and stuff. There were willow trees and green grass everywhere. There was a river by the pathway. I went inside the hospital but my crush wasnt there, and when i asked the nurses where he was, they said hes in the garden. So i looked over and there he was. I went over to him and he was fine, no bandages or anything. I kneeled down in front of him and kissed him. The surprising thing was, he kissed me back (with toung). What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I just had a dream, and it is driving me crazy! I have been dreaming about this girl forever now, and I'm not sure what this means. Every time I ask her for her name, its fuzzy, but I narrowed it down for the first name to either:


And her last name to:


She is of either Arabic or Indian decent judging by her head wrap and features. In every dream it is basically the same thing, we have a love affair, and then it ends up with her dying in a tragedy. I try to save her but its impossible. Like for instance. Just this morning, I woke up out of the most frightening dream ever. I went back through time, and was sent to the RMS Titanic, at first I was just a passenger like everyone else with no knowledge of the tragedy, because it didnt happen yet of course. Then I seen this girl, she is absolutely beautiful, and we starting to "go at it", and it felt like an eternity. After lying in bed with her, something clicked, and I remembered that the Titanic would sink, I remember staring into her eyes and crying, trying my hardest to tell her she is going to die on the ship, but I will do anything to change that. I ask her for her name in every dream because I dont recognize her until I wake up, and she mutters her name, and its always fuzzy sounding, I never remember to ask her how to spell it or anything... But even though I am upset in my dreams, she is always fine and calm. I have to find out what this means.

Now I am a firm believer that dreams, have very strong meanings and maybe its trying to tell me something. Any help on this subject? Please only good advice, I do not have time for a troll. Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that the I saw the boy that I like at a gas station. He invited me to go to his house and i had to walk down a long, curvy road with a bunch of piles of orange leaves to get to it. When I got there, it was a big mansion like house and I went inside. Then he took me to the room full of laundry and bubble wrap, that kind of looked like a dry cleaners. I don't remember the rest but I don't think that it was important. this is the best that I could remember it.

What does it mean? :/

Example: What does the odd off the wall dream mean?

First of all I was looking for something, and then what I was looking for turned out to be some ancient artefact. Then all-of-a-sudden, I was in this team of people and we were racing to find this artefact before another team of people found it.

At this point, I became a deep sea diver and we were diving down around this ancient city, then we went into this house (still underwater but with no diving stuff, like we could just breath for some reason) and we had to solve this huge puzzle with these special stones. I remember we had to look all through this house (even in the walls) and put these stones the right way round.

When we thought we had done it nothing happened, but then this person from our team turned out to be on the other team and they had the last stone and put it the right way round and wished that they were the most powerful person in the world.

Then we got locked in the house under the water after he had left.

Then again, I wasn't on my team any more, I was on the other team and in another house (on land this time) and the person who had made the wish had turned into a kind of monster that looked a bit like the hulk,but he was killing people and I was scared.

Then we were in a car with the monster guy and he was having an argument with the driver because they didn't like each other and for some reason there was a girl in the front seat with a baby and I was on the back seat with he monster hulk guy, who was wrapped up in some kind of bubble wrap that we thought would keep him tied up.

Only it didn't keep him tied up and the car crashed and the monster guy kicked the the front seats and all this blood went all over me and every where and then he started pulling the drivers head off and things went really slow like slow motion and I was really scared so closed my eyes to pretend I was dead (but like in the dream though) but when I closed my eyes in the dream I woke up in real life.

It's totally crazy and off the wall and even after I woke up I was petrified and just frozen still in my bed for ages. Like I wanted to get up and put the light on but I was totally scared by the dream and couldn't move.

Example: Interpretation of my dream?

ok, last night i had a dream about 2010 or something like that. Their was this big wall of water like taller then Mount. Everest. and to survive we had to make a bubble out of bubble wrap and get in it. Then we moved again cause another wave was coming but my sister and my cousins said they were tried and decide to stay and let the wave hit them. Me and my mom left them, then a boy who wanted to live got in the car with us with his brother and we drove off. I looked up and saw the beautiful sky and the clouds, above that was the wave. (After that i woke up shaking)

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