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Dream About Broken Glass meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of blood and broken glass?

It has been 3 days already but I couldn't forget this nightmare.
I was in my high school at night , the town was empty and the wind was furious , I was in the middle of the courtyard when suddenly all the windows broke down, millions of tiny pieces of shattered glass was covering the floor, I was barefoot and wearing a long light white dress, then I heard shouts and screams coming from outside the school, out of the blue the entrance door was violently open and I saw a group of strange people they were all wearing black clothes and then different group of people wearing white robes appeared out of the blue just right behind my back and I was standing there in the middle , they started fighting and blood was everywhere some blood was splashed on my dress , I was scared so I tried to run away I walked out of the school to the main street, no one was there, the town was dead, no sounds , no motions just the wind and I .
I kept on running when I thought I should stop to catch my breath , some hand that I didn't even see stabbed me in the back with a piece of broken glass and it was so painful. I swear God I felt it, I felt a horrible pain when I woke up I run to the bathroom, I took off my shirt to see my back in the mirror there was no wound but when I touched it , it hurt. I'm really confused what was all that about,and I couldn't stop thinking about that dream for some weird reason so please can you explain it to me ?

trust me i have the same dream and want to know why i get them as well so your not the only one who is getting the same problem well nightmare

Example: Broken glass in dream?

last night i felt like it was forever i was dreaming very vividly. i forgot most of it but there was a part where i was in my bedroom laying down watching something on my laptop and then i just got up and suddenly i was surrounded by glass. i started flailing my arms breaking the glass all over my arms/ hands..there were pieces stuck in my arms/hands and the pain didnt seem to phase me. i think i was high or drunk in my dream or maybe cuz of the blood loss but all of a sudden i started stumbling around and out of my room. i went outside. all of a sudden i'm at my old elementary school (it's nighttime) and on the side of it there's like a fire escape but it's really long and goes all along the side of the building. so i'm walking along this thing and look down and see a guy walking next to the building. he keeps looking up and back and me. then i realize who it is. it's a guy i knew in middle school and after a year of high school he left..i had seen him again towards the end of high school but that was years ago...idk why he'd be in my dream now. we were never close..just kind of acquaintances (sp?). anyways i recognize him and go down to say hi.

that's all i remember. whats the significance of the broken glass and self mutilation i guess?

Example: What does a dream about glass mean?

I just woke up from a pretty disturbing dream to me. I dreamt that my face felt like it was burning. So then in my dream I must have just moved out of my house, because we were unpacking in a new house. And I was asking everyone what the doctor said my problem was. And my father was crying and couldn't tell me what was wrong. So then my sister finally told me that the doctor said I had broken glass under my skin on my face... Weird, I know. Can someone please help me out here! This is too strange of a dream to just forget about, and now I can't sleep.

Example: What does it mean to dream of broken glass?

I had a dream that I still remember vividly a few nights ago. I was at a school in Wyoming, sticking dimes into a brick wall and when I pulled my hands away there was a million small pieces of broken glass stuck in them.
There was a second part to this dream. I somehow knew a secret about someone I'd just met, and they attempted to strangle me after I called them on a lie. That part is clear enough to me. There's someone in my life I shouldn't trust. But help with the first part would be awesome.

Example: What does it mean when i dream about broken glass?

i had this dream last night that i was walking on the road. there was this guy who was on the side of the road breaking glass like it was paper just tearing it apart throwing it into this pile in the grass, and i was walking barefoot and ended up stepping on some glass iwas pulling it out then ifell in this big pile of broken glass. it was yellow blue and all different colors. iremember feeling paralyzed and helpless and icould feel the pieces of glass on my skin and where it was trying to cut. the guy didnt react to me while iwas in the glass but then out of no where he comes running to my help, trying to get me out of the pile.
will someone please tell me what this means? icant find anything that sounds similar to my drea.
thank you.

Example: Dream interpretation - broken glass?

I was back in my home city and walked from my house to the bus stop. On the way there there was suddenly a lot of broken glass and bottles all over the pavement and it looked like the whole container with glass had been dumped there. I was stepping on it and trying to avoid the broken glass in order to continue to the bus stop. Then I saw some packed new electric toothbrushes and wanted to take some home because we would need it (we use them), but then when I looked at the packaging it looked squashed and dirty so I decided not to take it. Anyone has an explanation? Thanks. :)

Example: What does broken glass mean in a dream?

(Please no immature answers) . . . A week ago I had a dream about my cousin where she looked very weak. The other night, I had a dream about her again where there was broken glass spread
everywhere around the floor. In each shard, you could see her face and in some of the pieces
she was angry, upset, and very ugly (almost monster like). There was blood around each
shard which was her's. I did not touch any of the glass. Here's the thing. This cousin of my mine
is not a good person, and carries a great deal of bad energy if you will. I do not associate with her do to the fact she is a pathological liar and has pyscho tendencies. She also is HIV positive
and sleeps with guys without being honest and upfront she is sick. Pretty f***ed up of a thing to do if you ask me. (BTW I do not dislike her or have any prejudice twds her because she is HIV positive). But this dream feels very ominous to me. Does this mean she is going to die? OR is something bad just waiting around the corner for her? Or is this dream a warning of some kind? Please help. Thanks.

Example: Dream about broken glass?

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was with some friends and like I think something fell or someone threw something and it caused it to break and shatter into tiny pieces of clear glass. I think I was walking on it and I think I fell on top of the broken pieces of glass which ended up in me having little pieces stuck in my back and other places. But the most memorable part was that I had A LOT of tiny pieces of glass stuck in both of my hands and I remember holding my hands up to my face but I didn't really try to do anything about it...? Is there a meaning behind falling on broken glass and having like a trillion little pieces stuck in my hand?!?!

Example: Dreams about broken glass?

So for a while now, I don't know exactly how long, I've had dreams about broken glass. My dreams are always random with no connection between them from night to night, but the one thing that's constantly the same throughout my dreams is that I'll step on broken glass. Does this mean anything or is it just a coincidence?

Example: Dream about broken glasses..?

what does it mean?

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