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Dream About British People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I know I could google this, but I can never be sure if google is accurate or not about most things. Ya' know?

I've heard a few things , that it means you're thinking about them or they're thinking about you, or that dreams are just a catalog of your memory and is random... but i really wanna know.

Some examples:

the other night this girl we'll call L was in my dream and we were best friends almost like a female bromance. But in the waking life, L and I can Never be friends due to some circumstances. I thought about the dream all day and then that night was crying and apologizing to her (in my head) even though the circumstances are both our faults.

Then like 2 nights ago I had a dream where I was trying to get into a concert for some british band, and every time I kept like magically appearing outside of it again like I couldn't get it. I connected this to trying to get back my british friend who I am feuding with. But I don't really understand this one either. Because I haven't had anything to do with him in like a month.

Last night my dream had about a dozen people in it that I haven't had anything to do with in years. So I know I wasn't thinking about them and they weren't thinking about me.

I read a long time ago that studies have shown that having a dream just means you are clearing out cluttered thoughts in your mind. If you think about it, some of the dreams you have may have been related to something that you did a lot of earlier in the day or even that month. From personal experience it has happened to me multiple times and makes absolute sense. I hope this helps!

Example: What does my reacurring dream mean?

i keep having this same dream...

Okay, so, i'm walking on the street in my neighbore hood, and it's completely empty (usually people are outside) No porch lights are on, no street lights, nothing. I decided that i would go to the closest house where i knew the people who lived there, so i ended up to these kids house that go to my school. i knock the on the door and wait but no one comes and gets it... then i hear footsteps and i wait but right before the person is gonna open it, the dream changes, and i'm standing on a street. I instantly try to find a store i could go into, but all of them are closed. In the distance, theres a forest and stuff, and i see this little girl, with long dark brown hair, wearing a white dress, and pale. For some reason i start following her into the forest i cant see her but i can hear her and im running after her. finally i come to this little clearing, There's this random door, and it looks all fancy so i decide to go into it... so i open in and walk in and suddenly i'm in this big mansion. But the little girl isnt there anymore instead theres this giraffe, and he has a british accent and he tells me to "find it" and i ask "find what" and he says "Find IT" and i said "What is it?" and he says "The Page" and now i'm just sorta pissed so i ask "WHAT PAGE?!" and he says "The page from the book" then this hole opens up under him and he falls into it and i try to follow but right before i jump in i wake up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream last night, and it was extremely bizarre. The dream started with five friends of mine and myself on a helicopter flying to Great Britain. Let's call my friends Jim, John, Nate, Paul, and Red. All we knew was that Britain was being ruled by some kind of dictator. On our way their we were hit what with I assume was an RPG and we descended into the ocean beneath us. As if by miracle our group woke up on a beach. I do not know the name but I did know that we lost two of our guys. John and Paul were gone. We moved forward and found a compound that was friendly. In it were two British young men. They told us to go with them on the front and we agreed. I do not know how long we were on the front but in that time we lost Nate. We were told that the attack was a failure and we should give up from our commander. Red, Jim, the two British friendlies, and I would not have it. We decided since either way we were going to die that we should just try to take the emperor's palace. But with only five? We devised a stealthy way to get in. Once we were in there was no way for the emperor to get out. (I do not know how this was possible, but yeah) When we revealed ourselves and opened fire we lost Jim and one of the British men. It was one British man named Rahul and myself. (Rahul doesn't sound British...) When we made outside the emperor's room Rahul decided to stay outside and keep at bay. When I went in I finally saw who the emperor was. It wasn't an emperor, it was an empress. More specifically, a girl whom I adore from my school. But at this point I was 24. Yet I remember it all. She told me how her country will never give up and how if there is a single person standing they will continue to fight. How she wanted to die so she could be a martyr. She leaned in as if to kiss me, but I pushed her away and shot her point blank in the head. I just stood there for a minute, thinking, then I went to get Rahul. We carefully went out a window closing it before leaving so the army could not track us, and we jumped into a river overlooking the empress's palace. I woke up after that. This is quite possibly the strangest dream I have ever had. I do not watch war movies, read war books, poems, etc., nor do I play war video games. It..just happened.

Example: Does this dream have any meaning?

it is a bit bizarre but then most dreams are i guess. I went to my local under paths about 5 minutes from my house and in the bushes near to them was loads of balls all different sizes, like footballs but some as small as tennis balls but they were all european sort of flags as the desighn, alot of spanish balls and alot of british.They were a bit like the euro millions balls for the lottery on the advertisement. I started to pocket some and loads of people started comeing over and doing the same thing and there was these two black guys looking at some digital cameras in the bush near the balls. I then ended up with my mum down iceland which is not far from the underpaths and then the fish and chip shop (also near). Its probually nothing but i was just curious if anyone had any idea what it could mean if anything
thanks in advance
thanks in advance

Example: What does a black pegasus mean in a dream?

i had a dream about a black pegasus and my mom in the back yard and they walk around the side and a black dog jump up to the window. any idea what the black pegasus might mean can't find any thing on it

Example: What does this dream mean? (kind of long :/)?

So I just woke up from this dream. I just wanted to put it down so I can remember.

I was in England, I think in the countryside. I was there with a group of teens, I thought for a birthday party that was going to last a few days. It never dawned on me that I never met this guy before or anyone else. The guy the party was for had blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and a nice smile [we’ll call him blondie]. That’s all I remember of what he looked like.

So the first part I can remember now is I was sitting on the floor in the kitchen, and then blondie walked in, and asked me what the pill I was taking was (it was birth control, exactly like the one I took irl) but I didn’t want to tell him that, so I just sort of ignored the subject. He then told me that he had been thinking about me, and really liked me. I was kind of surprised. I leaned against his leg, and told him I kind of liked him too, that he was cute. Then I was up on my feet, and he was behind me and kissed my neck, near my ear. I laughed, and then we made our way into the siting room with the rest of the people, and some noticed we were holding hands, but didn’t comment.

The next part I remember, we were outside doing some sort of game that required us to choose a car. I heard someone say “maybe they [blondie and I] will split up, they’ve been together since the start of it” so I chose an old black junker, and sat indian style on the top. Blondie came over and asked me what I wanted to be when I was older ‘so he could judge what he was working with’ or something. I told him I wanted to be a disney animator (true) and he kind of smirked and asked how that was going to get us a house with a green trim, and I told him that ‘well, maybe things will work out in the end, let’s just focus on right now’.

(****, the dream’s starting to slip away already.

Ok, I think the next part was he gave me a letter he wrote signed ‘love,(but not the real kind, unless, um, yea) but I can’t remember reading it. W went into the sitting room again, and this time my friend sarah’s mum was there, as was Blondie’s. Blondie’s mum was apparently some sort of british aristocrat, who really didn’t approve of me. She made it sound like he dated a crap load of girls and a few at a time, yelled at him, then went away somewhere. THen sarah’s mum asked me what my mum thought of me being in england where I was, and I told her that I didn’t think she really knew. Well she knew I was in england, but I thought that she would think I was in some hotel or something.

(I’ve forgotten some parts in the middle, some neck kissing, more I can’t remember)

Well this is the end part: Blondie went off to talk seriously with another girl who had apparently liked him. I felt a little nervous, but I decided to give it some time and space. I walked around the house a little, going up a narrow stairscase followed by two little girls (who I think were Blondie’s sisters), until I heard Blondie’s mum talking to herself about something then going to her bedroom door, so I ran downstairs and slid part of the banister to get down. I was now in a room next to the one Blondie was talking with the other girl in (the other girl kind of looked like awkward dancer in Friday, but with a blue dress). I wanted to eavesdrop, but I decided against it, so I went off to another room and found a kitten to play with. I would throw a pink rubber ball and she’d pounce on it. But then the cat grew to adult size in seconds, then back to kitten, then cat, when she ballanced on the ball. I picked up the ball with her balancing and showed two other kids who were at the party, and they laughed.

Then I looked again, and they were still talking, Blondie looking serious. I was getting a little impatient, but turned away to see my dad handing me a paper saying ‘he really likes you. I found this in the car.” and vanishes. On the paper is a comic about us. I leave it on the stairs, to see if Blondie’s done, and he’s not, so I walk back to the stairs again and notice the comic again, looked at it briefly, but didn’t really read it. Im looking at Blondie again, when I wake up.

The first thing I think is that I never read the comic. I never read it. I felt that there was something important in it. Then, I open my eyes and see Blondie’s face lying next to mine on my pillow, but then I blink, and he’s gone.

You know how you kind of sense things in a dream? Well, I sensed this guy was kind of like me. He seemed kind of cynical and a little cold on the outside, but he really was a nice person on the inside. And this was a LONG dream, I left out parts I forgot, and i usually don’t have long dreams at all.

Example: What does my scary dream mean?

So this isnt the first time i have it. My mum thinks maybe it means because after my Korean crush gave me s*it that I am starting to not trust Koreans anymore.

Plot: I am driving along and Im still the 15 year old that I am, minding my own business then some car follows me to a supermarket that I go to. I don't know what happened to my parents possibly got killed.

As I stop, the car parks behind and I run like crazy but then fall over and get back up and it turns out it was Koreans chasing me and Chinese as well. They all then say I am Russian but I tried to tell them I was British. They were following me of course like spies.

I then get so scared that everytime I run around to hide, the Chinese and Koreans still say I am Russian and tell me to speak Russian. I said I couldn't and only knew a few words in Japanese, I was an English girl and knew a little Dutch and possibly a little bit of French.

I told them that they accused me of being Russian because I was a white girl. Then a guy distracts them and tells me to follow him into the building and we manage to hide safely. The guy introduces himself as Lee and I said my name.

the dream ended after the introduction after my mum told me to get up which I then got really pissed off.

This was like a movie but what did this dream mean. Is it what my mum says what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that the Jonas brothers were bullying me and they came into my house and spray paint and rip it apart. Then there was a knock on the door so i went to answer it and it was a T-Mobile man wanting me to sign for something. Then in the same dream Sam, from iCarly, came in and was my best friend!
When i woke up i was really confused!

Could anybody help?

Example: What do these dreams mean ?

For the last two nights I had similiar dreams ...
First night : I was dating an Indian / British guy . I felt good but I was afraid of what others might think and also in the dream I had a fight with my best friend .
Second Night: I was dating an American guy , In this dream I felt better and we were more serious .
Bonus details : I was recently told by a guy that he had a crush on me ...

Example: Why are British people reserved and not outgoing?

I'm asking this as a tourist in England. I'm Canadian, by the way.
I've been in England for the past four weeks. Been to London, Birmingham, Manchester and now I reside in the outskirts of London. It has been an amazing trip, but I noticed that the British people are pretty reserved and introverted. Small talk is not common in England. For example, I was at the train station waiting with some 8 strangers. I expected somebody to small talk with someone about the weather, their day, or whatever, but there was a pin drop silence.

I have a feeling people in this country don't think like winners. In Canada, and in the USA as well, we are raised as extroverts (as a society) and we are taught to think like winners. "You CAN achieve anything you dream." "Do NOT let anyone defy you." "You CAN write history." "You ARE a champion." This is reflected in the way we talk and carry ourselves. And in the sports we play - usually physically challenging ones like ice hockey, American football, basketball, la crosse, UFC (mixed martial arts).

But why is this not the case with England? I think partly it's because the ones who founded USA and Canada were free-thinkers, and wanted a society that had separate ideals and beliefs.

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