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Dream About Breath meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do you believe dreams mean something?

and also do you believe that dejavu means you dreamed this before?

Hi there,

Yes, I do believe dreams mean something. Dreams are the telling of a person's life story. It is told a day at a time for the allotted time we are here. Until the day we cease to breath, thoughts perish and dreams cease for lack of experience.

DejaVu, certainly means it was dreamed before, but I like to think of it more along the lines, of having been triggered by a past experience, sometime in one's life. It is remembering when it first came about, that will take some searching. Yet, it is often detected by the first sentence in the opening of the story. Look for clues like: "I dreamt I was in my grandmother's house". or "I was on my old street".

These will give you an idea of what the "story" shall entail.

Your sister,
((dream interpreter for over 20 years))

Example: What does my dream mean?

2 nights ago i had a rare dream, and i say rare because ive never experienced this kind of dream. first of all it was about a guy i know but not exactly met, hes a bit older than i am and i'm not into older men, that's what i find strange. In my dream we end up in a relationship that breaks up his marriage and he runs off with me. i know this guy from my sister's school, he picks up his kids and i occasionally run into him. he's attractive but i would never do anything to break a family apart, now that i see him i get this nervous sensation. I really need to find out what this dream means so i can move on and breath! hope someone can help

Example: Dream meaning?

I have dreams that are very detailed - the entire dream fits together as if an author had been planning it for years.. but many times my dreams have water in them. Whether the water is calm, clear, rough, dirty - if it's an ocean, a lake, or a bathtub, it doesn't matter.. but the weird thing is that whenever I go under any kind of water, I can still breathe. I'm breathing slowly and shallow so it isn't comfortable and I still need to get to the surface to get enough air, but I can still run out of breath under the water and take in enough oxygen to be okay. My dreams are never about the fact that I can breathe underwater.. it's just a little something that happens but I notice it a lot. What could that mean?

Example: Simple dream.. couldn't catch breath. What does it mean?

I realize this is silly but I've got a crazy crush on a guy that I've never even met before from youtube. I've been watching his videos for hours at a time and well anyways, I had a dream about him and all I remember is that he had been eating and then he started holding his neck/throat and his lips were kinda bluish and he was trying to get his breath but he couldn't breathe. He walked into another room, I followed him and then I woke up.

What does this mean? I honestly can't make sense out of it. Maybe just a weird dream with no meaning...

Example: Meaning of dream catchers?

Does the design of each individual dream catcher hold a special meaning? For example the feathers and the design of the thread?

Example: Strange dreams? meaning?

okay so ive been having very vivid dreams recently. i don't usually remember my dreams, but i've been able to recall mine for 3 days in a row now.

1. i dreamt i was living with my good friend and her brother. i was pregnant and they were both disappointed that i was irresponsible and let this happen (i'm 15). i took the criticism and never told them that, in my dream, i was secretly raped and that's why i was pregnant. (i havent been raped in real life)

2. i dreamt i was talking to my mom in our living room, and all of a sudden it was hard to breathe, like the air was thicker or something. she told me to go upstairs and see what was going on, so i did. when i got to my room, there was this smoke, but it was kind of like the steam from a sauna, except it was very dry. i had turned on my heater and it was blowing all this dry air and i had to hold my breath and turn it off because the dry air was so thick i couldn't breathe.

3. last night, i dreamt i was in an airplane with my parents. it was a very small airplane, only fit the three of us and it was on autopilot. it was giving us a tour of some sort. about half way through the flight, i realized we were going too high. i had this feeling that we all know the plane was broken and we were going to crash, but no one did anything. we just sat in there and pretended that the tour was interesting. i knew that they knew we were going to crash, and didn't know why they didn't do anything. at one point, we went so high, we broke into the clouds and suddenly we were very cold. then, i remember my dad said he could see my aunts house. she lives very far away from us, and the way it looked in the dream was totally different to reality. she lived on a big farm in my dream. finally, i took matters into my own hands and ended up gently crashing the plane into her yard. she came out and asked us what happened and my parents both kept saying how they thought they were going to die. we were all fine.

any ideas on what any/all of these dreams mean? i feel like they have symbollism but i can't pick it up.
thanks :]

Example: What do dreams about killing yourself mean?

I had a dream i killed myself and when i woke up i couldn't breath. What could that mean?

Example: I had this dream last night, i was talking with Jesus and i noticed he had garlic breath, what can this mean?

plus, jesus looks like a bee gee in my dream

share your thoughts

Example: Spices dream meaning?

The dream interpretation Spice and dream meaning of the Spice

To dream of spice, foretells you will probably damage your own reputation in search of pleasure.

For a young woman to dream of eating spice, is an omen of deceitful appearances winning her confidence.

What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about kissing Hannah Montana and she says "you have bad breath"?

I discussed this with my wife and she tell me that it means I am mentally retarded, but she is not a professional. Please help.

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