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Dream About Breast meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Breast feeding dream. Meaning?

Had a drean of feeding a newborn that I given birth to. I had a miscarriage months ago. I was only 8wks but I don't think it's related. What could this dream mean?

It sounds related to your mis-carriage, I can't offer any other meaning other than you were pregnant and lost your baby and now dream of nursing a baby, sounds related to me. Have you seen a grief counsler? Losing a baby is a very painful thing, even if you were unsure about the pregnancy.

Example: What does this dream mean about my breast?

last night i had a dream that i had a growth on my left breast, it looked like a maggot, i told my mum, she told me to pull it off, so i did, it left a little hole where it had been, my mum then told me to squeeze out the puss, so i did but this strange thing came out the hole which looked like an ear muff, but it was red and pink with blood on as it was a part of my breast, i pushed it back into the hole but thought i had done it the wrong way, so i left and went to the hospital, then i woke up.

i know its such a wired dream, i am 16 weeks pregnant and having very strange dreams

Example: What does it mean to dream someone gives me breast implants?

It was done without my knowledge while I was asleep or resting or something it took me awhile in the dream to realise someone had put something in them.

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming you have breast cancer?

I was waiting in some kind of DR's office to get results and they actually told my mom and she told me. It was so real. I woke up and felt so releived that it was actually a dream. I've also had a dream that I had AID's before. What does this mean?!?!

Example: Wath does it mean to dream about breast feeding a baby?

So I had a dream that I jabs to babys n was breafeeding one of them wath does this mean?

Example: Meaning of Dream: Second Nipple on Right Breast?

I dreamed that I had a second nipple that appeared on my right breast. (the color and shape was totally normal). My left breast was normal.

What does it means to dream of having a second nipple on the right breast ?

Example: What do it mean when you dream about your breast leak milk?

Example: Dream meaning breast milk?

i had a dream that when i got out of bed my bed was wet on the right side where my breast would have been and so was my shirt. so i then touched the one on the left and milk came from it too i was amazed. then i woke up info about me i am late for my period/was ttc...thanks in advance

Example: Breast feeding dream - what does it mean?

I recently had a miscarriage - but I didn't know at first as the baby died - but I didn't pass the foetus. Around that time I had a vivid dream about breast feeding, in fact my breasts were really painful and as soon as the baby latched on I felt enormous relief. Do you think this was my body telling me there was something wrong?

Example: What does it mean to dream of breast feeding a baby ?

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