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Dream About Breast Milk meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do it mean when you dream about your breast leak milk?

Dreams are just your brain organizing information. Nothing more. You probably thought about breast milk or some type of related issue during the day and while your brain was organizing it, you dreamed it. You'll be find unless it really happens.

Example: Dream meaning breast milk?

i had a dream that when i got out of bed my bed was wet on the right side where my breast would have been and so was my shirt. so i then touched the one on the left and milk came from it too i was amazed. then i woke up info about me i am late for my period/was ttc...thanks in advance

Example: What does it mean when you dream about drinking breast milk?

what does it mean when a pregnant girl dreams of drinking her own breast milk?

Example: What does it mean to dream of breast feeding a baby?

Last night i had a dream that i had a baby, i was breast feeding him and the milk would just come squrting out.There was alot of people i saw my uncle who died 3years ago he said hi how have you been i love you and gave me a big hug, i huged my other uncles who told me the same in my dream this girl hit my baby not knowing i was holding him. i got so mad i gave my baby to this other girl and we started fighting. What does this deam mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dreaming about breast milk but coming out of you?

Example: What does dreaming about having breast milk mean I had almost the same dream twice?

I dreamed two weeks ago I was prego then last week I had breast milk then again last night I had breast milk I know I am not pregenant for sure what does this mean ?

Example: Dream Interpretation - Breast Milk?

I dreamt I was with my mum and I was concerned about my nipple. On examining my breast, my mum opened my nipples and the milk that poured out of my breast was bad, like it had gone off. My mum was upset / worried for me and said to me not to allow my boyfriend to touch it anymore.

Example: Dreams meaning according to islam?

i had a dream last night that my breast milk is leaking..and i could see milk coming out from breast..i saw only from one breast..i am muslim and i want to know its meaning according to islam..can any muslim knows it meaning..thnx..

Example: What does dreaming of milk mean ?

Example: I had a dream my breasts were leaking milk?

I wasn't pregnant in the dream and what's weird is I had a baby a couple months ago. My breast was pouring out milk, I felt the hotness . . . it was so real! I'm a single mom, could that mean anything? I also don't have my baby at the moment, but am getting him soon. Please help! And please don't respond with "dreams mean nothing" because to me, they do. Thanks!

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