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Dream About Bread meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean.?

So I was in a grocery store with my mom, buying groceries, and I see that the clerk but a lollipop and bread behind him. Like, he charged us for it and then he hid it. And I was like "um. Excuse me.? You just took our food." And he's like "no I didn't." And the clerk in the next isle SAW him but she was like "no he didnt." so I was like "GIVE ME BACK MY FOOD.!" And omfg I just went into like hulk mode. I body slammed him and I kept punching him over and over and then he started punching me back and then all of a sudden everyone turned into zombies and I grabbed his arm and twisted it and he fell in the isle and I punched the zombies (there was like 2-3 zombies" and then I went for our food but he grabbed my leg and I fell. And pretty much my whole dream was punching and twisting his arm and biting him for my food. And my dream ending with us fighting. Btw, I have no clue who the clerks were.

The meaning of the dream depends on what lollipops and bread mean for you, symbolically. You are obviously very very upset that you are not going to get something that you have put value in (been charged for, about to pay for). It is over the top upset, inappropriate upset, an I-don't-care-if-everything-goes-zombie upset, I'll still keep fighting. By that I mean that "normally", if everyone turned into zombies, you would drop whatever you are doing and get yourself out of there. It's another way of saying just how upset you are, how attached you are to that lollipop and bread.

You might think that you would have fought if the items would have been anything, not just a lollipop and bread. But your unconscious specifically picked those two items, so I think that is significant. So think about what associations you have with lollipops, and then separately, with bread. What do they each (separately) remind you of, what comes to your mind (without analyzing too much).

I can only say what they bring to mind for me, if I had this dream. The first thing that I thought of, is that lollipops are candy, which is something that tastes really good, but is not true sustenance. So (for me), it would tend to represent something that is superficially attractive, but not that good for me. But that doesn't meant that's what it is in your dream - it could be, but it depends on your specific association.

I looked up lollipop at dream-of.com and got another good idea: it is another word for "sucker", and therefore could be a pun on the word sucker (that is, a person that falls for something). That could explain the extreme reaction - we all get angry when we think we've been had. Has that happened in any way in your waking life (you've been duped, then got angry?).

As for bread, my association is kind of the opposite of lollipop - something healthy. We used to make home-made bread, so for me, it is also symbolic of all the good feelings that could go with a healthy family, and especially a kind and giving mother. But that is me, what about you? Once you brainstorm that, you have to put it together with both the lollipop, and being very upset about it, and piece together the meaning that way. The dream dictionaries can sometimes help with an individual symbol, but they can't capture your personal associations, or the context part (piecing it together with the rest of the dream).

Example: What does dreaming of bread mean?

I dreamt that there was bread, and at first the bread was stale then when I went over to it and started to tear a piece off , the bread was soft , warm and freah. What does this mean?

Example: What does dreaming of bread mean?

I dreamt that there was bread, and at first the bread was stale then when I went over to it and started to tear a piece off , the bread was soft , warm and freah. What does this mean?

Example: What do dreams about mouldy bread mean?

I keep having a dream about mouldy bread, thats all i can remember about it. what does this mean?

Example: Giving Bread as Business sample product dream meaning?

Help! I have this dream where I went to a not so good neighborhood place more like a squatter's area, then I give free sample of bread with red beans as it's sandwich bread for my business sample. After that i saw my two classmates then gave them each a sample. I sometimes give a sample in a plastic ware and when all my bread is gone. I ask my classmate if my bread is good and they don't it doesn't taste good. Then I went into some kind of a bookstore, to buy some important papers, then I see my Dad and told him that my product was a failure and he told it's ok, try doing it again with more preparation and study. Then I went into that bank to deposit some money for my two sisters (which I don't have any in real life, I'm only girl) using checking account. I deposited some 2,500 to one of my sister. Then I wake up.

What does this dream means? I would appreciate it if someone interpret this. 10pts thank you =)

Example: Last Week I Dreamed i was touching myslef with a loaf of bread What does this mean?

im not particuraly fond of bread but this dream really confussed me because i kind of liked it. what does this mean?

Example: Meaning of a dream, of rolls of bread turning to sand?

In the dream I was holding a plate with warm rolls,and when the man Im with went to take one,it turned to sand.Could there be a meaning to this?

Example: I dreamed about BREAD!..what does that mean? :P?

And it was shaped in the figure of a heart lol

Example: Meaning of a dream, of rolls of bread turning to sand?

I worded it wrong. The man Im with had a dream that I was holding a plate of rolls,and when he picked one up,it turned to sand.

Example: I dreamt I was giving my ex loaves of bread, what does it mean?

I broke up with this guy a month ago, and he removed me from his life completely. 2 months ago he said he wanted me and before he was trying for us to be together, we've been talking for 3 yrs. I just had a weird dream in which i was driving my car and before it i was eating loafs of bread, they were good. So as i was driving i passed by him, he looks distressed in my dreams. I honked the car once, twice when he noticed it was me he looked angrier nd didn't want to stop, but he did. He walked over to the car and said smiling "I stopped thinking about you." I stopped the car so i could give him the bag of bread, he took it as i drove off upset about what he said.

What does this dream mean?

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