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Dream About Bra meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream about a bird eating my bra mean ?

I dreamed of a little black bird with a long and big beak. He was chewing and eating one of my bra's (I wasn't wearing it at that moment). I moment I wanted my girlfriend to stop him but she just stand there and laughed while watching the bird chewing my bra.

Does the gf in the dream make fun of your breast and breast size? I think this is a meaning of the dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream about my science teacher calling the azaan and the whole school including me read the namaaz. My teacher is an atheist and does not believe in god. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean if anything?

i had a dream that my husband was leaving and taking the children with him and i was not allowed to go with him he said no you stay here and you can come later on he left me with the house and the bills and i knew that i would never go later on some how someway i knew. Then he said if you try on this bra which was an A or B cup size i could go i know funny ha ha but anyway I AM NOT an A OR B SIZE i would never fit in the bra. I KNOW THIS IS SUCH AN ODD DREAM but it kinda gave me a worried feeling about him leaving i know in real life we are happy and fine it just gave me a weird feeling this dream.

Example: Panties and bra dream?

I had some dream of wearing panties and a bra. Could this dream mean anything.

Example: What does it mean to dream that you're wearing your bra backwards?

? :) thanks!

Example: What does it mean if I dreamed I had a thick rubber bra on, and had to cut it off?

Example: ****_Bra bellydancing dream!_****?

I had a dream that I was bellydancing and I think I was wearing a purple and gold bra with a long skirt that was a mulberry mauve colour. There was an audience of people that I know from school, and I was the best belly dancer there. Then my friends started belly dancing too. I remember my friend, dusty wearing a bright red bra. And my other friend, rebecca, was wearing a purple bra.

What the?

can you tell me what this means? =)

Example: What does it mean to dream you have so much money that you're even stuffing it in your bra?

like wads & wads of money.i dreamed this happened to me & i was so overwhelmed that i ddnt know where to put so much money? is this good or not? thanks so much in advance

Example: I had a dream where I removed the bra to the girl I like and she was a not-yet-pubescent yet, what this means?

I am obssesed with the idea that I could not like the girl I like more than since she is so pretty. This I love is the shape that she has. She seems to be a peasant I like that

Yesterday I had a dream when she was in a photo accompanied by her friends group on a pool. She weared bikini - that photo is real I like see her. The photo is from the very previous day before she was going to engage her boyfriend. Her bikini had been inmediately before bought.
Suddenly the bra of her bikini dissaparead and I saw her breasts. And there was nothing---> she was like a girl whose breast have not "risen" yet. She was like a girl.
I really like it ---> it was a wet dream

Could this mean that I don't like her "fleshful" physics but just the sweet shape of her body - peanut butter coulored hair - big blue eyes - peasantly gentle skin ? Could this mean that I like from her body no more than her innocence?

If I just like her body I am a piece of ****. If I like of her more than that so I could fairy love her.

Her very soul is sweet - not just her body. Anyways she has too front attitudes at her personality and I hate frontality. I knew her body before I have knew her soul. So I am concerned

the half-girl breast that she had on the dream could mean that I love her fairly?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so in my dream there was a huge explosion and Alice(milla jovovich) from Resident Evil was there so then the survivors went into a plane and this guy told her to put a bra on and that bra in my dreams was the one im wearing right now..

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