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Dream About Bouquet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? Help?

I've liked this guy, and I know he likes me back cuz he stares at me and used to play with my hair a lot... Well we haven't spoken to each other for a year, but for some reason i keep getting the same exact dream where he comes to my house and brings me a bouquet of red roses, and right when our lips touch, I wake up... What does it mean? I've had this dream plenty of times..

Dreams are about things that you have thought about during the day, especially right before you sleep. My guess is that since you like him, he keeps appearing in your dreams. If I were you, I'd just relish the fantasy while you have it. I love dreaming about guys that are on my mind. If you want to date him, try reconnecting. But if you wish to do this, do it sooner than later. The more you fantasize about him, the more he will become an ideal and not a person in your mind. When this happens, actually seeing him in real life can be disappointing compared to your fantasies.

Example: Dream meaning?; -Small bouquet of marigolds (some old -Dont get married twice in a dream -Running through emty city in search of something?

Example: What does it mean if i had a dream that i was in a wedding and i caught the bouquet?

Only thing is the only other person in my dream was a guy I met about a week ago.

Example: Hi i dreamt that my ex gave me a bouquet of chrysamthanum, what does it mean?

Example: I dreamt there was a bouquet of red roses on a chair and a mystery man, but he didn't speak. What is meaning?

Example: Bouquet of Flowers and envelope at front door?

What does it mean to dream of a bouquet of white daisies and an envelope at your door?

Example: What does this strange dream mean...?

I had a dream that an angel spoke to me in a foreign language and then threw three bridal bouquets at me. What can this mean?

Example: What could my dream mean?

I had a dream that a boy gave me a bouquet of flowers and in return I gave him a bouquet of dead flowers.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that the guy I like gave me a huge bouquet of flowers. Before that, I dreamt that saw him again in a gathering. I'm really confused. Help?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

on july 29 2009, i had to put the light of my life to sleep. He was a pekingese and he was 17 - 19 years old. He was extremely special to me. I miss him very much. A month or so after he was put to sleep, i had this dream where i was in my foyer and when i looked out the glass door i saw him out in my grandmother's flower garden. For some reason her garden was dead. The plants were a brownish tanish color. I ran out to greet him and sat down on the sidewalk. He came up to me. He looked young again! His tail was wagging! He could hear and see in both eyes and he looked like he was smiling. I held him in my arms and hugged him. Then afterwards he turned around and walked away from me, disappearing into my grandmother's garden. I said, "No, please don't go. Don't leave me." And then he came back to me and i held him in my arms again. Every so often i have dreams of him. That was my first one. The 2nd one (which was the next night i think), i was standing out on my porch and looked out the window. It was raining. I saw under our lilac tree that he was sitting underneath it, looking at me. I ran out into the yard and i think i hugged him if i remember correctly. then i turned away for a second and when i looked back, he was gone. In my dream i waited a few days. I would go outside and call for him and he would come to me. One of the days in my dream it was sunny outside. It was summer time. I ran around the side of the house and called for him. And there he was. Tail wagging, smiling. I ran up to him and said, "Come on!" and we ran into the house. I looked for a can of dog food to feed him that hasn't already been givin to the humane society. I found one and fed him. As he was eating out of his old bowls i went out into the garage and for some reason my whole family was sitting on this huge bed in the garage. I told them, "Macho's alive! He's come back!" and i ran inside and got him and brought him out. Everybody was so happy to see him and were petting him. After that i put him back into the house so he could finish eating. Then all of a sudden i had to leave, but i don't remember where i was going. All i remember is that i was crying...bawling actually. Then i went into this strange building and i woke up. Another dream, i was in this maze like city thing with a friend. I was looking for something but i'm not sure what. Then i found my mom and she took me through the maze into some old womans basement. We went out the back door into the yard. She had all these caged animals in the back. When i looked in i saw all these dogs and cats. Then i noticed, that some of the animals were the ones i had in my family from the past. There was Tiger(my mom's old cat. i think that's why she lead me there. to get tiger back) and there was Flippy(my step mom's dog that passed away 2 months after macho did) and then...i heard this little whine. I looked down and saw Macho inside the cage, wagging his tail, looking up at me hoping that i would see him. I fell to my knees and i almost started crying. Once my mom finally opened the cage he came running out to see me and ran into my arms. I pet him, and rubbed his ears, and looked into his large brown eyes. He whimpered as i pet him. Then right before i woke up my mom said something really mean...but i don't remember exactly what it was. The last dream i had was where i had gotten a new dog, and some of my family members came over to see her. She was a black and white Borzoi dog. Her name was Grace. Then i decided to call for Macho for everyone to see. I called for him but he didn't come. I looked in my grandmother's garden, and i found him behind a plant. He didn't look right. He basically looked like a zombie...a walking corpse. I asked my step mom what was wrong with him and she said he was just transforming. I reached out to touch him but he growled at me, and tried to bite me(i was shocked. He never did that before, to anyone). I decided to leave him alone for a while. After a bit, he seemed to be back to normal, so i decided to play fetch with him with a bouqet of roses(don't ask why...i don't even know. Could you tell me?). Suddenly when threw the roses it went right there the wall of my neighbors house. It went right through it like a ghost. and macho went right after it. like a ghost. i went in to find him. my neighbor was in the shower and was having a party tonight. I finally found macho under the table in my neighbor's dining room. I tried to get him out but he wouldn't come. finally people started showing up for the party. i ended up talkin to them, although what i really wanted to do was get macho out of there. i ended up staying real late. and finally i just went home. the next morning i woke up and couldn't find grace. i ran outside and it was snowing. i screamed for her. and then all of a sudden she just popped right out of the snow, almost frozen to death. i quickly brought her inside. then i woke up. So...i'm really sorry this is so long. So does anybody know

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