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Dream About Bound meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this bizarre dream mean?

I'm in another town in the same state I live in. I am riding in my family's van with my mom driving and 15 year old sister sitting in back. We are driving up a neighborhood street when we drive by an acquaintance of my sister's from her school. She is walking with her mother. When the girl sees our van, she starts running after us to talk to my sister. I tell my mom to slow down but my mom keeps driving. My mom starts to slow the van down and while the girl is running to catch up to us, a red truck driving the opposite direction mows her down going 60 MPH. The truck also mows down her mother and then keeps on driving 60 MPH through the neighborhood. I look back at the street and see both the girl and her mother laying in pools of blood. My sister is horrified from what happened and starts crying. I yell at my mom to turn around and chase down the driver who hit and killed the girl and her mom. I am in shock realizing that just a few seconds ago, these two people we sort of knew were alive and in the blink of an eye, they were dead. I try to remember what type of truck it was that ran them over so I can tell the police but the shock of the moment made me forget. I later find out that the guy who ran them over was a crazy guy who apparently went on a rampage hitting pedestrians because he thought the government was declaring war on him. For the rest of the dream, I realize that me and my family could easily have been victims of this incident had we decided to ride bikes instead of drive.

What does this dream mean? It was very graphic.

The meaning of a dream is very rarely literal. By that I mean, that I don't think that what you dreamed is going to come true, or that this dream is about those people that got run over, or your sister. Instead, its about you. The scenes and circumstances were created (brilliantly, I think) by your unconscious to say something about you.

First of all, you are in the family van, and mom is driving. That tends to say that where you are going right now is bound up with family, and that your mom's influence on you is very important, what is driving you. There is nothing wrong with that. Eventually (depending on your age now), it would be good for you to be driving - it would mean that you are making decisions independent from what your mother might want you to do.

What I think that the dream actually means may be a little hard to take. So let me preamble with the fact that dreams exaggerate, partly to get a point across. So, if you agree with the interpretation, it is best to take it in stride, that is, recognizing that it paints a picture dramatically.

Different characters in dreams are not usually who they are, but they represent some part of you. So for example your mom - in the dream she actually represents her influence on you, that is, that part of you that is influenced by mom. That is subtly different than being your mom directly.

So also with your sister. She represents some other part of you that is young, and, I suspect, very relational. That's because 15-year old girls are typically very relational and social. So your unconscious chose her to represent this part of you that is suffering (recently, in the last day or two) some kind of shock or horror - it is suffered (I think) in the relationship department.

Now that crazy truck driver that mows down your sister's friends: this also is you. That is the part that may be hard for you to accept. This is my interpretation - you can chuck it if it doesn't make sense, but give it a decent hearing and then decide. The fact that you couldn't identify the truck might make this difficult to believe - because that is a clue that you are to some extent hiding this from your conscious mind. But, you said that he was on a crazy rampage because the government was after him. So, is there any sense that you are feeling oppressed by all the rules you have to live by, the order that you have to maintain? Those rules or order could be what the government represents, and his rampage is what the crazy driving is about.

So then, the point of the dream: your dramatic reaction to what "government" represents in the dream, has caused you some damage in the relationship department. It is shocking to you - you didn't think that one would follow the other, but its like random, crazy damage - like a ramapage in how your reaction (to "government" in your personal life) affects stuff.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?!?

ive been having this dream for about 3 months now.. and i was just wondering what it meant..
its at night and im running away from my mum down the street where i live.. then i run into my grandparents garden(they live no where near me) and then suddenly i am lay down on the table in the garden.. with all of my family stood round me in a circle.. with those scream masks on and the grim reapers scythe..(i havnt talked to my family in around 4 years because of reasons i dont think ill have enough words to explain..)...then they all start hacking at me...and ill wake up at the same point ever night..(the blade is just about to hit my face) but recently its been changing and im being chased round a old abandoned farm by my family in scream masks with the scythes...
so basically i was just wondering what it meant..
oh and im 15 and i dont and never will believe in god.. and please dont say because i dont believe in god this is why im having this dream...

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that woke me up this morning, very scared. Me and some girl I don't know were tied down on a table together, a thin rope tied us down and at the end of one side of the rope it was tied to a table leg and at the other end a nail was tied to it and down the strangers throat. All wewe had to do was untangle ourselves and try to get the nail out her throat. I got untangled but the more I untangled the farther it was trying to go down her throat.

I stood up with the rope in my hand and it was like something inside of her was pulling the rope and nail farther down. The force was so strong it yanked the rope out my hand and she started choking and swallowing her blood. I started breathing hard and fast almost as if I was hyperventilating and that woke me up...

Why would i have a dream about something like this and what does it mean?

Example: What does dream mean?

Is there a specific meaning to dreaming? like you think too much during the day it incorporates into your dreams at night? Or that wissh for something that it becomes part of your dream because in your dream/ imaginary world it only can satisfies your wishes?

Or is it a sign that telling you that is what bound to happen in your future life or the reverse (what you dream - the exact opposite will happen to you in future life)?

Not being too superstitious here tho...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at school, walking on the balcony when all of a sudden a curtain dropped down and behind the curtain there was a ring of fire. I picked up a girl (whom I have never seen before) in my arms and started running. The girl was heavy and as I was running a boy our age came and helped me carry the girl.
What does this mean? Thanks!

Example: Please tell me what this dream means..?

(I am male, and I had this dream last night) I was in a restaurant with My family and it was my 21st birthday which is weird because I turned 21 on the day I left for my first deployment to Afghanistan. (I'm still currently deployed) The waitress was very attractive, and she was my age. Right around the time that she decided to bring me dessert, my family had gone and I have no idea where they went. They probably went to the car or something. It was kind of like a "I'll catch up with you later" situation I'm guessing. When she returned with the dessert, (which also is odd because I never order dessert at a restaurant) I said thank you and she leaned in and kissed me. It felt very real and I felt like it was supposed to happen. Keep in mind, this was not a lustful kind of situation, I've had dreams like that before but nothing really like this. When I woke up I felt sad that it didn't actually happen. I couldn't even remember what she looked like.. Anybody feel like analyzing this for me? I'm not sure what it could mean, with the symbolism and whatnot.

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

Last night I had the most weird dream.
I dreamed I was sleeping in my bed, but then suddenly I got up and walked to the window to find the sun was up in the sky and everything was quiet and still. I know it sounds pretty normal so far but the point is; in my dream both my watch and my cell phone clock showed it was 1 am (and 4 am the second time I looked at it)
That's the weird part...I dreamed about some kind of midnight sun.
Does it have any meaning?

Example: What does this dream means?

in my dream a cousin told me to get a haircut.

Example: Spacecraft dream, what does it mean?

I dreamed about a large airplane looking space craft that was hovering over. There was also a helicopter and I had the idea it was for surveillance. Later in the dream we had to go in an old truck to get a kid and a lady and there was not enough room in the truck, but we all fit in there anyway. It seem like Armageddon in the dream. what does it mean?

Example: POLL: What does it mean when you dream of being bound and whipped...?

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