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Dream About Bounce House meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

When I was younger, I would have this dream 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes even every night...

I was playing outside with my sister, minding my own business, when my sister had to go to the bathroom. I didn't think anything of it, so I kept on bouncing my ball up against the house. Then I saw a truck. They passed along that road all the time, and I never reacted to it, but this one on the other hand, made me terrified. I would always tell myself I was overreacting--until the car stopped. Then I ran up to the door as fast as I could, but my feet were dragging and I was wheezing (I have asthma, so that was normal for me). I had a horrid feeling that something bad was going to happen, I didn't know what at the time, but it was to be horrible. The door was locked every time but once (the man got into the house that time) and I would always wake up when he was within reaching distance.

I had this dream very often for almost two years. Then when I found out what rxpe meant, I had the dream again, for about 9-11 months, about 2 times a week.

What could this have meant then? Thanks in advance!

Hi Emmy Lee,

Let's see what you have written within you...

Dream opens by speaking on your relationship with your sister ("playing w/my sister").. Something going on around you ("outside").

Dream says there is something you observed about your sister ("my sister had to go")... Something she needed to get rid of or cleanse herself of ("to the bathroom")...

Perspective change... ("then")...

Someone came by ("saw a truck")... Something happened in your life ("that road") at this time... Perhaps too, a matter that keeps coming to mind, something on the mind alot ("all the time")... Your mind is focussed here... Something you never noticed before ("never reacted to")... This time was different... You felt this coming, it seemed... ("terrified")... Someone came ("car stopped")...

Do you know this person? Dream says you greeted them ("ran to the door")...

Locks are to keep others out... A private thing... This is a "car", indicating someone in motion, or someone on the go. However, as you attempt to go to open that door, it is locked. Something keeping you out of it. However, the dream states that there was an instance where you were able to observe this character going into the "house"... Now, the house is symbolic of the structure of the self.

did this fellow belong here? At this house? If not, it may very well indicate an invasion of privacy or even a violation of one's privacy... to enter one's house without permission...

As this matter is reocurring, it indicates something unresolved with you, just as the interpreter stated. You must learn to come to terms with this matter, else it will continue to haunt your thoughts until you do.

Your sister,
((dream interpreter for over 20 years))

Example: Whats my dream mean?!?

Okay. So, I had a dream last night. It's by FAR the scariest, and worst dream I've had. It started at a mall. Everyone was leaving, not running, but calmy walking out. But everyone was! And I was wondering what was going on, so I walked over to a man holding a white thing that you breath into. And when he made me breath into it, a button on the side turned red. So he said I couldn't leave, and told me to sit on the escaladers that were shut off. After i sat down, blood started to come from the inside of my ears. Then, my lip started breaking open and bleeding. Then, I knew I had a deadly virus that had broken out in our town. As I laid there, I tried to think of how I could have gotten this virus, then I thought that I had gotten it from drinking after a little girl that goes to my church. I took a drink of mountain dew after her in my room. More people had to come sit around me, because they also had been tested for the virus, and had it. After the people who were healthy and were free of the virus left, we (there were about 50-60 with the virus) were given blankets to stay warm. There were doctors trying to help us. But as they were trying to figure out a cure, everyone started crying because there left cheek was breaking open. The virus was eating at our skin. The doctors gave us soft little fluffy ivory colored stuffed sheep toys to help comfort the pain, since there was no medicine to help it. Then my dream bounced to another place. I was suddenly at my house. My parents and sister were all in the living room, and i asked my dad to pray with me. Because I was obviously scared. After that, I told my parents that it was my time to go home. (To go to Heaven) Then after that, it bounced back to the mall scene. I got up and walked into a room across from where all the people sick were. And i saw Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He gave me a black coffin shaped box, with a fancy gold cross on the front. I took it, layed down with it, and held it tightly. The pain from the virus got worse. The girl that was beside me said the virus would get worse, and worse, the pain would triple 100x. It would continue to eat our skin away until we all went mad and start to bang our heads on the walls, and just go bizarre! So when we reached that point, we had to be shot. After that scene, I suddenly was in the car with my sister, and I wasn't sick at all, we were at apartments. And there was a little girl picking apples from an apple tree. She stared a whole through us. Then we were at a park. And the little girl i saw earlier in my dream was at the tope of a hill. Then my dream bounced to a scene with me in the car. I was perfectly fine. I had the little virus tester that the man from the mall had tested me earlier with. When I breathed into it, the button turned green, meaning I was virus free. That's where my dream ended. The whole dream was CRYSTAL CLEAR. I could feel every ounce of pain i was having. I could feel the agony of knowing I was about to die. And i could really feel the tears flowing down my cheeks. Any help on what this means?!?!

Example: What do maggots in dream mean?

I dreamt there were maggots and slime all over my house floors and was trying to vacumme them up. What does that symbolize?

Example: Please tell my what this dream means?

I was jumping in a bounce house wearing a cinderella dress. Then my friend, lets call her Jen, led me out of the bounce house and to some escalators. There was a lobby in front of the escalators and I saw three bananas on the floor. Right as I was about to go pick them up, my friends older brother picks them up. I yelled, "hey! those are my bananas!" and he said, "Either you're a prissy diva that only cares about yourself or...here, just take them." I took the bananas and on the way down the escalator I asked Jen, "what about 'kate' and 'jess'? shouldn't we wait for them?" Jen, shrugged her shoulders and said, "whatever, they'll find us eventually." Jen led me from the escalators to behind the scenes of Disneyland! then this guy in a top hat comes up to me and says, "a brunette cinderella? I don't think so." He tells me to put on a Belle dress instead. The marching band was practicing and wearing yellow and purple uniforms and they were all blonde.
what does the dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

it started when my dad told me that we were going to drive to the southern part of the state, and i instantly fell asleep. i woke up as we drove up to a couple of houses out in the middle of no where. we saw a bobcat and watched it walk back into the woods, then my grandma came out and she was skinny and not as old looking. we went into the house and all the rooms were on the 2nd story, they told me we were staying for a while, and i complained that i didn't have extra clothes or a phone charger. and i just sat on the bed the left me with in a small room and i watched tv. there was an old window with frail curtains behind me that looked out onto the back yard.
and it suddenly got dark outside. all the sudden my tv went mute and someone played a violin behind my head outside the window, so i freaked and darted out of the room.

the went to look and see what was at the window, but whatever/whoever it was left, or was hiding. so i went back to watching tv and it happened again, but this

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well ive been really freaked out ever since ive had this dream because it seemed so real.
& because im affraid of big dolls I know its weird but they creep me out badly.

Well I was laying in my bed and my little cousins doll was standing there and it started swinging its arms so I ran down stairs and it ran after me. I ran to the bottom and stood there looking up the stairs. Then it started running down the stairs once it was a few steps from getting me I suddenly was at a carnival. At the front of a very long line. And a man told me to "step right up" on this accordian like thing it was yellow and you sat on,it and it bounced up and down. I told him I needed to leave and I kept looking around for the doll. Then the guy said you left it all behind. Then I started running then suddenly I was on this patio floating on water the whole house was floating on water and ryan reynolds was there. there was tons of crap laying around so I said wow you dont like to keep this place clean huh? And he said I only come out here to fart. (i know really weird!) Then I said I need to keep,moving. And he said the doll wont hurt you.. It wont hurt you. Then he started drinking coke. Then my phone stsrted ringing and I was looking for it in my bag and I couldnt find it then I woke up and my phone was really ringing.

Does anyone have any idea what this could mean? Its just stuck with me and now im paranoid & it just left a big impression

Example: What does this dream mean?

Normally I don't care what my dreams are about but this one is seriously bugging me. If any one can tell me what it means I would be so grateful just to know.
Okay here it is:

The dream starts out with me walking dow the other side of my street listening to music on my mp3. It's sunset and everything has a orange, pink, and blue glow. As I'm walking I stop in front of this white house. The paint is peeling and the wood underneath is rotting. There is a broken basketball hoop above the garage. Somehow I end up with a basketball and I try shooting it into the basket. Out of nowhere my crush is right next to me (we call him Werewolf) after I shoot the hoop. He smiled and said something I can't really remember. The ball bounces back but when I catch it it turns into an apple. I hand it to him but when I do suddenly the sky turns dark. He looks at me worried and says something but I only remember the last few words "...we have to go...they're going to kill you..."
I fallow him and get into the back seat of a car {I'm not sure if it's his or not} I remember switching from the middle back seat to each of the sides and I distinctly remember how it felt which is strange because I don't usually remember that well of the little details.
So werewolf is saying something but I don't remember what and we're driving really fast. Soon we get to this brick building with two archway doors and we drive slowly past it. He begins to tell me to go inside but then something crashes really loud outside. We both rush out of the car but he turns and tells me "We're too late. They're already here."
And then I wake up.

The really weird thing is I never had such vivid dreams where I could remember all the little things like how cold it was or how everything felt.
And the reason this bugs me so much is because later that evening I couldn't fall back to sleep so I got up and watched Ghost Hunters and they were investigating the exact building I saw in my dream and it was in Chicago which is not far from where I live now.
My friend suggested that I was "astro projecting" and that werewolf was astro projecting with me.
This is really weird because although I do believe we can have out of body experiences I didn't think I would be with Werewolf. I barely even know the guy, and its never happened to me before.

I wanted to here what you think of my dream
What does it mean?
Why did I have it?
Did I really astro project?

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So it all started when I was with one of my friends, and a future roommate, (who said he was my current roommate's older brother's friends right now in real life). We we're in our own house, they were my roommates, and we had this really neat house near the ocean. We hung out for a while, and then we went inland to a field to see some other friends at a picnic. We left the picnic and brought back some more friends, some that I didn't know ie they only existed in my dream. We were walking back from the car to my house and this huge thunderstorm had been forming. And all of the sudden, A tornado started to form almost right over our house. So I and one of my friends ran inside, I turned around and all of the sudden, this force tried to take one of my friends away, but he got away. I am not sure about the last part but I am pretty sure a monk ran in to our house and fell on the floor and died. I then woke up with a major heartbeat, and then said the Lord's prayer, and went back to sleep. 16 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer. Additional Details The force was green, and very quick, almost like a lightning bolt but wider.

Example: Understanding dreams? what does it mean?

i had a dream where i was at my nans house with my sisters, niether of them im realy close too and theres other people i care far more about (of course i love them) but anyways there was a mummy (looked like the one from the films) was trying to attack them and i picked up a kitchen knife and tried to stab it but the knife kept bouncing off like magnits would... nothing happend, the dream ended... what does this mean?

also as a rule what do dreams mean if there violent or other... thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was jumping on a trampoline with brothers sisters and some cuzins it cloudy all of a sudden the ground starts shaking so violently the we can even walk then super strong lightning bolts start dropping several dozen which make the ground shake more. Then Hundreds of meteors start falling from the sky. We try to get to the house but I only get close to the door then the dream ends.

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