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Dream About Bottled Water meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream about fish swimming in a big water bottle (water fountain) and you drunk ?

The water and your cup had little fish swimming in it?

Firstly, you are your own best drea minterpreter because you know the context of your life. Secondly, what was the feeling of the dream? Were you repulsed by the fish? Happy? Curious? What kind of fish were they? What else featured in the dream, and does any of it relate to anyone/anything you know in real life? If you can answer these questions, you might be closer to knowing what it means.

Very generally speaking, it sounds to me like there is a wider philosophy of some sort that you are ready to acknowledge, but there are people that you will have to accept as well. Depending on the feeling of the dream, perhaps you feel that people are invading your personal space, or maybe you find that you are getting closer to new ideas that are helping you discover your inner self or answer universal questions. Like I said, it really depends on your own feelings though.


Example: I dreamed that my mum was filling a bottle with pure clear water of the river Ganges. What does this mean?

Example: What did this dream mean?

Okay, I had this dream a few years ago but i was so scared to do anything after it for weeks..
I was in the playground in school, my class was lined up ready to go on a trip i dont know where though. I wen't up to my teacher that i had back then with an empty bottle. she said i should fill it up with water and i said no but then gave in and walked to the toilet to fill it up. When i was in the toilet i opened all the cubicaL doors with my foot untill i got to the 3rd last one. When i opened the door on the ground was like someone had graffitied a cartoon person with rollers in their hair and a green face mask and purple dressing gown but where the eyes would of been drawn there was holes and under the ground there was someones eyes looking terrified and worried moving up and down and side to side. I woke up and was scared of going anywhere alone for weeks. What was it all about?

Example: What does my Dream mean?

ok so i had 3 events in my dream
though i forgot the order it was in
but i still remember what happened

one was i was peeing cause i really had to go
and the toilet was starting to flood
i tried to unclog it with the clogger and it still didnt work
then i took the cloggers head off and tried it
my hands were wet from dipping my hand in there
pretty gross
but nothing digusting like poop came out
it was just clear water over flowing
though the water didnt come out of the toilet all the way

another event i was
i was sitting down on the carpet
and all of a sudden the phone rings
my brother was playing his ps3
and he picks up the phone
after he hung up
he said it was people you were waiting for to call
"they want to see you (hiring)"
the mintue i heard it was soooo HAPPY!
[but i didnt get a call in real life] <- sad

one last event was
i was in my car with my mom
i was in the back seat and my mom was driving
it was very dark like midnight
as i looked to the left there was a road on fire!
it was huge
and i was so scared because we had left my two brothers and one sister behind at some house or building(dont know)
i told my mom to pull over at the safest building
i went inside and saw people
i asked one lady if i could use her cell phone to call 911
she said sure
and i called
but for some reason i couldnt
it kept on trying to call but it always said FAILURE
it was weird i couldnt call the cops about the fire

thats all

i just thought it was weird having 3 events dream in one night
if someone can please tell me what it means
my hand is hurting from typing now

Example: What does it mean if you have a dream of controlling water?

so heres sort of my full dream.-
I was in a room with 2 guys and 1 other girl ( i don't know these people in real life, but in my dream, they were my friends). there were open bottles of water every where and one of the guys was standing on one. then all of a sudden, i felt tingling in my hand and one of the bottles next to the guy, shot out all its water. then, i thought that i may have done that, so i focused really hard on the bottles and then my hands tingled again and they all shot water and landed on the guy that was standing on the bottle.

I shouted out with happiness saying " I can control water" and then this large bald dude walks in and asks me to repeat what i just said, and so i told him " i said, i love water" because i was scared he would capture me if i told him i could control it.

i ran out with the friends that were in the room with me, and we ran into my crush at school ( and i think he has a crush on me to) and we decided to play a game. i can't remember what game we were playing, but at the end, he kissed me. then i woke up. what all does that mean? ( mostly me controlling water, scared to tell the dude i could control water, and kissing my crush)

Example: What does it mean to dream about drinking a lot of water?

For the past two weeks or so I have been having dreams about drinking tons and tons of water. Last night I had a dream that I drank about 5 things of bottled water. Then when I woke up I ended up drinking about a whole thing of bottled water just incase I was dehydrated. What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about fish swimming in a water jug( big bottle water fountain) and you drunk?

The water and your cup had like 4 or 5 little fish swimming around in it?

Example: What is water dreams mean?

Example: Dreaming of drinking bottled water?

Last night I dreamt that I was drinking cool water from a Poland Spring bottle, and when I woke up, I felt dehydrated/thirsty. Was my dream trying to tell me I was thristy?

Example: Does anone know what it means when u dream that u drink a big bottle of water? Thank u?

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