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Dream About Borrow meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What the hell does this dream mean?

I had a dream about two boys about 12 (The dream was the most vivid ive ever had)Running outisde to their backyard and touching the bristles on a venus fly tarp and counting the second till it closed to see how many more years they had left to live. For the first boy it closed in 4 second, for the secon boy it closed really very quickly, so quickly it wasnt even a secon, so he had no years left to live. And then after that the words "I know who killed him" popped into my head along with manastreem (ive never heard the word in my life and dont even know if its a word) And i just like thought it ment something about bugs. Ive been having really weird vived dreams lately and its really freaky anyone know what this means?

Hmmm well i am not too good at saying what dreams mean ... but i did have this phase where i was into it like finding out what they meant in books, but that was a long time ago.

Sorry i won't be of much help, but in my opinion i believe that the dream would of related to your daily life. Think about it, some things like a plant ... you might of kept in your head consciously from your day to unconsciously in your sleep. For instance it has happened to me on several occasions of my dreams, i went to my friends house met his mum and yea. Had a dream i borrowed her new tracksuit with her sons permission, found out and she hated my guts. weird aye? But yea that's only my theory but i could be wrong. In books they may seem helpful but not really they seem to pick out only certain things, e.g. look for a boy and a plant and it will give definitions on a plant and boy in your dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So basically i was infront of a door in school (the one in which you exit the school to the school yard) and i was scratching it with my nail. I was like just thinking a little bit couldn't hurt, it can't get scratched up that bad. But there was this guy and I kept staring at him while continueing to scratch the door. I wasn't attracted to him at all I just had to keep staring at him. Like you know when your staring at something and you just can't stop? It's not that you like what your staring at you just have to. Anyway, when I looked back at the door his name was carved VERY deep into it and I don't remember if there was anything else written. I also didn't see his name clearly or him really. I just remember he looked about 15 with short brown hair and a t-shirt and he looked quite average. What does this mean? Also, in the dream I was really worried about getting in trouble since I had just basically ruined the door. I thought about using money to replace it but I'm not sure where the money was suppose to come from. I think it could have just been my own or a rich person letting me borrow some of theirs.

Example: Recurring dream meaning?

Ok so they say that recurring dreams have meaning and the more vivid it is the more important its message is. so, for my entire life for about 3 nights out of one week of the year (rough estimate) i have a dream about a giant summer camp with a shoalin temple and haveing to escape it and finding a camp of ewoks (kinda) that live in like tree huts but have super advanced thecnology. WTF? why would have that dream so much and what would it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of blood?

i had a dream that my teeth fall out well three of them to be exact and i kept bleeding so "WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO DREAM OF BLOOD"

(not teeth just blood) thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?!?!?

I had a dream last night when I was lying in my bed that Kobe Bryant was pouring ghee (a kind of clarified butter) all over my chest and softly raping me. When I woke up ESPN was on so I'll bet that had something to do with it. But I haven't eaten ghee since April of 2006 (I remember the date because that's when my cousin Marion went to prison). One last weird thing, when I woke up my roommate Brad was in my closet, he said he had to borrow a shirt so I guess that makes sense, don't see what that would have to do with my dream. Guess it was just a weird night. WHAT DOES THE DREAM MEAN THOUGH?!?!?!

Example: What does this scorpion dream mean?

I had a dream that I opened a box and a whole bunch of scorpions came out and they only came after me. Also I checked my hand and there was a cut and it strated getting black right on it look like it was spreading. What do you think this dream means?

Example: If you have several dreams involving someone dying does it mean that that person is on borrowed time?

I have had several dreams over the years in which my next door neighbor has passed away including one last night. The man is fairly close to 80 years old and someone else just died recently. Does this mean he could be next?

Example: What doest it mean when you dream of someone borrowing your white t shirt?

Its been a year since the last time i saw him im quite bothered

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

i had a dream one night that my friend was pregnant and she was wearing this shirt that i had let her borrow once can someone please tell me what this dream means because my teacher told me that she was going to have an unhappy marriage and her kids would be unattractive and i dont believe that the dream will tell the future does it have a different meaning?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that we were having a party. There was only people that I haven't talked to in a long time, besides my dad. My dad was a just a little drunk. He sat on the couch and all of the sudden he started stuttering so bad! He was trying to tell me to change the channel on the TV & to let me cousin borrow the laptop. I knew what he meant without him finishing his sentences; he couldn't finish them. And then he started making these involuntary jerking movements with his face & his eyes wide open. He was on cocaine or crack; a lot of it obviously. He was doing the exact same things my uncles do when they are drunk & on cocaine, except my dad was more exaggerating.

This dream scared the crap out of me. My dad doesn't do cocaine; I know this for a fact. First of all he's fat lol. He gets drug tested at work regularly. When he gets drunk he's down, not hyper, like my uncles. So what might this dream have meant?

Thank You

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