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Dream About Boot Camp meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean ?

I had a dream that I was sleeping In the barracks. In the dream I woke up and could see out a very big window. The sun was shining very brightly but kind of like a sunset only very bright orange. The atmosphere had a somewhat sepia like affect. I felt weird in the dream something felt wrong. There was a very strange vibe. Anyway I just say up on my bed trying to make sense of what was going on and then I look at my clock and realize I am late for formation. Another soldier Knicks on my door and let's me k ow I'm late and tells me to come down. So he leaves and I get into my ACU's. I walk out my room an proceed down the hallway in the corridor there's a soldier I know just sitting in the middle doing something. I walk around him and exit the building. I go down the stairs and am about to go to the parking lot where the formation is and I notice a group of people not soldiers. One of then was a teacher from when I was in highschool. I tried to pretend I didn't see her but she noticed me and I told her I would talk to her later because I have a formation to go to. As I turn my head to my left I notice there is no formation. There was a strong feeling if gloom in the air. To my left I see another group of people. I walk up to the people to see what's going on and I notice my mother is there. I go to get and talk to her and I immediately tell her and make it the first thing I tell her that " you know I love you" she looks at me and with a weird expression she says the people I don't like are here. I turned around and see a random person there was something strange about that person. After that I woke up with a bit of a jump and a headache from being sick. Im the type of person that believe dreams have meaning. This was a very weird dream the atmosphere and vibe felt weird. Can someone please tell me what they think it means.

I don't think this dream is anything to cause concern, Samuel.

The first thing to consider is whether you were actually physically ill and feverish when you awoke with headache and nausea. If so, the dream can be dismissed as literally a "fever dream" without any further meaning.

Otherwise, most of the dream reflects your daily activities, concern about over-sleeping, just normal tensions. It only becomes significant when you notice the civilians on base, the feeling of gloom, and the absence of the formation. All of this relates to recent events or emotions in your life.

Your old Zia Lucia wonders if you are in boot camp and whether this might be your first experience in being identified as an adult independent and separate from your family. Emotions are intentionally suppressed in boot camp in the effort to reshape your thinking, feeling, and self image into that of a warrior. It is natural and healthy to have some sense of mourning over this change. The truth is that all those emotions and your actual sense of self do not go away, but are tucked away somewhere in the unconscious mind. Your dreams naturally resist this forced transformation, and that is a good thing. You become a soldier while remaining yourself. You are a warrior, not a robot.

The "something strange" about the person you see after expressing your love for your mother is no one but yourself. It is the new soldier that you are becoming, and who is not entirely ready to be manifest.

This is a good dream. It incorporates both your old, enduring self as well as your newer, stronger, military self. It represents the transition from civilian to military life. Well done.

Example: What does my dream mean..?

its really confusing.. let me start off my saying this; i have alwyas been instered in the military, especially the Marines, i have considered joining although i'am only 15.
but i worry about what people would think about that sense i am a girl and everything. (i kno i shouldnt worry about that)

ok now to the dream..
i really dont know where i was.. mabe a boot camp type place, i dont know but i was wearing a combat type helmet , i think i was in a darkish tunnle or somthing with other people. i was sitting against the wall.i remember waking up really happy. "/

what can this mean.?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in boot camp. Then I was at AIT.. It was freaky. I was wearing a uniform!?... It seemed so real. My big brother is a soldier and it is my dream to one day serve our country. Please and thanks..

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so I had a dream.. it was rather, off to say the least.
Could you please tell me what it could mean?

I was in my house and i go outside, and there's this kind of old looking minivan with old ish paint like baby blue but soiled and rusted. It drives by, I can see two little gun tips on one window. (like the end of a gun where the bullet comes out)
He reaches the end of my street (it's a dead end) and returns. Then he comes by again one more time but this time he's shooting and 1 bullet gets up in the skin over my shoulder. I felt it like a thump, and then i could feel it lodged in there under the skin..
All the time somehow I was labeling the car and person that shot me as a 'kkk' redneck type.
(by the way, I'm cuban--aka hispanic. and I live in North Carolina.. so I guess that part just depicts that I'm kind of éhh'about people here)
So I wait for my mom to get home, and she's saying they're going to drop two nuclear or idk what kind of bombs to clear some land out.. So I turn the bathroom light off and hide in there (my bathroom's on the middle of my house with no windows)
So we wait for the two bombs to drop just in case there's a malfunction, then my dad comes home and we go to the hospital.
They do it more like a regular checkup.. They checked my weight, ect. Then I see my friend there and I'm talking to her and instead of the doctor getting it out she just pushed it out (lol) and it was done with and it just had the little hole where it came out through. So I hang out with her for a while then go home to find that Joey (this 'Blood' gang member that I know.)
*random information you might need to know: I'm a Crip, I don't like 'Bloods', but I get pretty well along with Joey and his friend Cedric.
Joey got sent to a boot camp, so in my dream he's returning getting off the car and ggoing across the street.
Cedric, another blood 'friend' of mine, is moving into the house next door. I wave and say 'Whats up slob?' but happily.
(slob = derogatory term for Blood)
and he was going to flip me off but my dad was in the yard watching, so he just waves.
Then I show my mom one of the other bullet holes in the wall from when the car drove by..
Then I woke up. ...?

Example: Hardest boot camp in military?

including special forces... if its part of the military name it.
in order please? hardest to easiest. special forces and branches.
im not sure which to join and which has the most benefits.. help please

Example: What does my boot camp dream mean?

i was in a sort of boot camp. this boot camp was evolved around violence, i was one of the guards. an order was given to kill a girl (in real life i have just met her and were getting to know each other). when i hear the order i instantly run to her rescue and fight off all the people trying to kill her what does this mean?

Example: I had a dream that I was a Marine recruit at boot camp?

What does this mean?

Example: Should I try going to a boot camp?

You know those camps where the mean military guys scream at you and you run around obstacle courses, do a thousand push-ups, and scrub floors with toothbrushes?

I am really lazy. When my homework needs to be done, I won't get up off my butt. I don't suck it up and deal with it. I just keep procrastinating, and putting it off. As a result, my grades are dropping, and my mom is really riding me about it.

I need to learn discipline, and how to be less lazy. I am also overly-dramatic, and a real self-pitying whimp.

Would a boot camp do good to harden me up?

Example: Boot camp questions?

So my boyfriend leaves for boot camp in late October and I have quite a few questions. I'd prefer that you answer them by number instead of in a paragraph.

I am very uneducated about the marines or any branch of the military. Some of my questions might be really dumb but I couldn't find direct answers.

Also I should point out the fact that I fully support his decision on joining the military. This has been his dream since he was a small child being his step father is a retired marine.

We're already in a long distance relationship (northern Ohio to central Ohio) and our visits are rare so distance when he's stationed or deployed won't be too much harder to handle.

My questions are:
1- what should I expect?
2- how should I keep myself busy?
3- is BMT and basic training the same thing?
4- what happens after boot camp?
5- how many letters can I send to him during basic?
6- How often can he write in boot camp?
7- Does it change how he acts?
8- what would it change? Just maturity?
9- I can go to family day, right?

Example: Have you ever had night-emissions (wet dream) when in boot camp, or extended training/ or deployments.?

Take boot camp for example, 8 weeks (2 months) of no sex or fapping. I'm 20, so I'm gonna go ahead and estimate that by the 3rd/4th week I'll have at least 1 wet dream. Having completely soiled underwear when called to attention in the morning by the Drill Seargents---it's not something I'd look forward to. Did this happen to you/what was your experience like? I mean SERIOUSLY how did you deal with your johnson being deprived for so long, did people fap-off in the bathroom stalls at night or something? I don't think I could do that man, too grimy!

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