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Dream About Book Bag meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Where can you get the meaning of dreams?

i keep havning the same dream over and over its not a bad dream but i am not sure what it means . does anyone know where i can go on the web to interpret dreams?

Some people believe that there are "universal" symbolic meaning in dreams, but I'm not a proponent of this. I think you could post them here and get multiple interpretations of them, and you could get a more varied perspective. There are many perspectives on interpreting dreams (predictive, psychological, etc.). I tend to be fairly psychological in my dream interpretations, for example. Other people tend to be very concrete, others are more predictive, etc. Looking at a broad spectrum of interpretations gives you a variety of dream interpretations to consider, and some fresh perspectives.

Personally, I think the symbolic content is a mixed bag of some universal archetypes and more often, a personal symbolic language. If you really want accurate dream interpretation, you're not going to get it from dream books and websites, you're going to get it from interaction with a very good qualified analyst. Barring that, someone with some good skills and study in Jungian or Freudian dream interpretation might be an excellent choice for psychological dream interpretation.

Example: What might this dream mean?

I was on a mainland beach, and I wanted to get to an island off the coast. I tried to hire a boat and its crew to take me over, but kept getting no's, because everyone was afraid of a sea monster they called "M'enemie." This is the spelling, because it was on notices around the docks to beware of M'enemie.

The dream then jumps to me being on my own boat, but it begins to sink. When I get to the water, an animal that looks like a dolphin but more of a shiny purple that fades into a shiny green tail comes and rescues me. I climb onto its back and it takes me to the island I wanted to go to.

Once there, someone says that the animal was M'enemie. But when I turn around and look back at the water, M'enemie is gone. Then I wake up.

Anyone know what the dream was about, or what M'enemie might mean? I've never heard the name before, and it sounds like it might be another language (maybe French?). But I don't know any languages but American English.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Interesting... Last night i had the oddest dream. I was given a job in a factory moving large objects with this remote controlled lifting machine. And at the factory I discovered tiny little hatched birds outside all over the ground. I was scooping them all up and putting them in a shoe box as I was told they would be run over with the lawn mower shortly. I was horrified someone would do that.. But then I got warned the reason they consider the hatchlings pests and kill them is because they attract 'Tiger Snakes'. But that didn't stop me. So I take these birds back to where I was boarding whilst employed at this strange job. And begun making sure all windows were highly shut, doors locked etc because at nightfall something happens..but not quite sure what that was but all I knew was it was normal in the dream and everyone has to do it for protection of something that lurks at night..LOL.. Anyhow I had these little birds and they indeed did attract a snake. One came out of a stack of hessian horse feed bags and bit me on the heel of my foot. I was standing on top of something holding the little chicks in their box trying to save them from this snake who was stalking beneath.. It was black and yellow and I remember it quite vividly. I have never seen or heard of a tiger snake before so I googled it.. And was blown away how alike the real snake is and my dream interpretation of the snake.. A image my brain knew without ever seeing or knowing of one...lol...

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay the dream in detail::

For some reason, I knew how my family and my best friend was going to die.
I was in school with my best friend. My mom was walking down the corridor and came into the room I was in. It was raining outside with a grey sky. I was putting my books into my bag and suddenly, a giant pink strike of lightning struck my mom and all I could do was cry, I didnt know what to do. So me and my best friend was walking in the playground after school and I said goodbye to her and I walked out the school gates to see my moms handbag infront of me.
I then imaged a car driving over a hill. Then a picture of out class room.
Then a family walked into a blue room - everything was blue. The woman saw me in the corner of the room with a chain on my ankle, bleeding to death and dieing.
Then I woke up.

What does this mean?
The dream didnt include my sister or dad, just me, mom and my best friend.

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I had a weird dream that i got up and started getting ready for school, got my uniform on and then when i went to put my books into my bag i couldn't find them and started freaking out.

Can someone please help me =S

Example: What does this dream mean?

I already posted this, but apparently no one is around in Dream Interpretation.

I had this dream when I was 15 (I think).

I remember running through the woods, running, running, running, I'm not sure if I was being chased, or what. I just remember running. I suddenly burst out of the woods into a park that I knew. I went there sometimes to hang out near the river there, or I would sneak onto the farmer's land back behind the park to steal watermelons. (Lol. That part is not part of the dream, I'm just giving you insight about the park.) I was wearing a cape made feathers of over my shirt, on my back. Three naked Mexican boys of different ages (Like 6, 12, 15,) came running up to me, and started tugging on my arm, asking me if I was immortal. I jerked my arm away from them, and then the two older boys put the youngest into a large bag, and started swinging the bag, hitting it on the ground until he was dead. The bag then transformed into a baby carriage that had fallen over, on it's side. The father of these boys then walked up, looked at the turned-over carriage, then looked at me, glaring, hateful and angry. That was the end of the dream. So yeah, I never could interpret it, what is all of this? Any comments are appreciated, no MATTER what may come to mind to you, just say it.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I dreamt I was on trial. At one point I was in front of the room, with a fridge to my left (like I was sitting sideways in front of a fridge) At this point, also to the left of me, but more in front (so to the right of the fridge if you face directly at it, if that makes sense) there were about 4 people sat along a desk/table. I remember them speaking to each other in French, and then telling the court (in french) that the court will take a recess to decide the verdict. He looked at me and started to explain to me what he had just said, but I replied in French that I speak French (which I do). I went towards the back of the room, where there were rows of chairs with workspace in front of them, similar to in a lecture/classroom (not unlike something you would see in a court) and joined my parents and brother. I was obviously feeling nervous at this point, knowing the verdict was near, and tried to say something (about booking travel arrangements for when I return) to my mum 'just in case they found me guilty.' She was trying to talk over me about something else that I thought was not important. I then tried to tell my brother, who wouldn't listen either. He and my mum walked away. I tried to tell my dad, but he couldn't hear me, and I kept trying to tell him, but I was then interrupted by a female judge at the stand, who I don't know in real life (not even as a stranger) and looked fairly average. She stood up to give the verdict. I was expecting it to be guilty. She announced that the verdict was guilty and everyone else was really shocked, and my stomach dropped at the thought of going to prison, but I thought it was fair enough since I knew that I was guilty. She told me I was to go to prison for 3 weeks, but could be let out after 1 week for good behaviour. I wasn't taken away, but she started explaining some things, and I asked "should I take notes?" and she told me to, so I started writing notes, and she came over to explain to me stuff I needed to know. Everyone else in the courtroom started getting up and leaving (so it was noisy) and the judge who came over went to sit down on the table bit in front of me, and nearly sat on a tub of sauce I had with me in a paper bag. I stopped her, and remembered saying "nearly!"... and then about that point I woke up.

Sorry it's long - I seem to remember most of my dreams in great detail.

Example: Dream meaning..? Please help! :)?

I had this dream where I was at school and as I am in year 10 now I'll be going into year 11 next year. I live in the UK :)

I like this guy a year above me and in this dream I was already in year 11 meaning that he had left I was upset and didn't see the point of going to school anymore.
I also lost my bag in the dream.

Any help with interpreting my dream..?

Example: Could this dream mean anything?

I just recently had a dream that I got married, arranged marriage. I had never met my 'husband' nor seen him, but somehow I only knew his last name in my dream. I was late to my ceremony so I never had gotten my wedding ring or even seen my husband at my reception. I later then arrived home and was confused, and asked my dad what to do. He then told me I had to pack my bags and leave the house and to move in with my husband. I've never, ever had a dream involving marriage/relationships surprisingly, so I'm not sure if this has a meaning? Could it?

Example: Spritiual what does it mean when you dream about books?

I was in this building like a school of some kind. I was caring this stack of books. I was caring them from place to place. There were other people there talking about me say what is she doing. She is nothing. Just kind of snickering. Then I remember this voice saying why don't you put your book in a book bag.

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