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Dream About Boiler Room meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?

So last night I had this weird dream. It started out as I was at my old middle school in the basement. Someone gave me a note that said "meet me b the boiler room". As I was walking down the hallway I saw my old science teacher. We said hi, and I kept walking. At the end of the hall was this door, and the person was standing in front of it. It was just a silhouette, but I knew it was my crush. I walked up to him, and just as I got to him, I was in the lobby of this really fancy hotel.

I was with Karlie Kloss, and she said something to me, but I don't remember what she said. Then I was in this car with my parents and it was really hot. We were on some woodsy road almost at a bridge. Then this guy walked up to the car and asked us if we had a winning ticket. We drove away, but my dad got out of the car.

Suddenly, I heard this chainsaw go off, and I ran away. The sky turned black and I couldn't see. Then there was this beam of light that went around me. I was running through this damp cornfield, with the chainsaw right behind me. Then I ran like the one in The Lovely Bones, into the middle of this road. The chainsaw came at me and I grabbed it and threw it into a pond. Then the light around me disappeared, and I couldn't see anything.

Then there was this really loud noise, and this huge pickup truck went by with this beam of light. Then the light and truck went away, and there was this ginormous flash of lightning, and I woke up.

It means you are as confused about life as the majority of us. When you awake, your life goes on and you learn from your experiences and how to cope. That's reality, dreams are not. Enjoy dreaming but don't worry over the context.

Example: Bird stuck in a wardrobe in my dream?

My dream was, I was laying in bed, and I woke up to hear a sort of buzzing noise and chirping noise.
First of all, I discovered there were insects crawling over my face, of which I swatted away quickly before I sat up to wonder what the chirping noise was. I leaned over to the wardrobe (my wardrobes are white with sliding doors, the one closest to my bed usually has a boiler hidden in it) this time, the boiler was gone and instead it was the size of a room, and at the back was a hawk in there stuck. I instantly closed the wardrobe, so it couldn't get out. Then I looked to my window, and there were loads of insects crawling in, hundreds, and they were all falling off the windowsill.

Does this mean anything? Or is it just a weird dream?

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

My dream had too seperate parts. Kinda like two very different dreams mashed into one.

The First Dream:

I was wandering around a high school that wasn't mine...yet for some reason I knew exactly where everything was, who everyone was and what my schedule was. So I started walking towards a door that said "Boiler Room". I opened it and it led to a small upside down U shaped balcony with black fencing around the edges. I climbed ontop of the fencing so my feet dangled below. I felt like I was staring at New York. I was so high off the ground...

Surprisingly that was the end of part 1.

The Second Part:

I was at somebody's house I didn't know. It seemed to be an adoption center inside a house. It was winter time. Yet I couldn't feel the cold and it was not snowing. So anyway, I entered this "house" and a lady came up to me and offered me free cats. I was flattered she chose me out of the other people sitting around the white couch in the room, so I giddily sat up and followed her to the next room. The house was terribly cluttered with furniture. It looked like a hoarders house. The woman went behind a counter and kept tossing me cats. But the thing is, these cats weren't brown or black or white, they were hot pink cats. They were HUGE. The size of a full grown, overfed Maine Coon. She gave me a boy, a girl and "twin" hot pink cats. She didn't tell me the gender of the hot pink cats. So throughout this dream, the whole entire part 2, my eyes were practically closed. They would not open. I saw only a slit of reality to tell where I was going. Next I went outside, still carrying four monster hot pink cats. Don't know how I managed to keep my arms. I saw my father standing there talking to a bunch of Hockey coaches. How did I know they were Hockey coaches? There jerseys and coach apparel. The thing is, I saw my dad and I...I hugged him and smiled. I wasn't mad at him...I actually felt the hug. It was warm and comforting. But you guys...my mom and dad are divorced in real life. I LOATH my father. He cheated on my mom in the back of a car 7 times. But in my dream, it was like it never happened. After I pulled away from the hug, my father saw my hot pink cats. His eyes widened "Oh wow! I see you got 4 Big Bono's from the pet center!" he smiled. I was so confused. Whats a Big Bono? My hot pink cats? Wow. A very fantasy like dream. Anyway, after that, my cats disappeared and I found myself in the hoarders garage, trapped. I tried moving the dressers, night tables and couches out of the way too free myself. But then I blacked out.

And then I woke up. I have NEVER had this long and detailed dream before. Can somebody please tell me what it means? I tried looking things up like "hot pink" and "cat" in dreams but I haven't had any luck finding answers.

Please help. Thank you. <3

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i fell asleep and had this dream... but there was this one part of it that really bugs me. i was sitting in my old basement from a long time ago, and i was on the phone with this girl who i had a crush on. i got off the phone and turned of the tv. at that moment i noticed my computer from back in the day was also on in the corner, so i get up to turn it off. by the way, the whole time this is happening there is one one light on in the center of the room. so i got up to turn of the computer but then right behind me in a hallway a door FLIES open and a vacuum cleaner starts sucking me into this dark boiler room. what the heck does this dream mean? its a reoccurring one from when i was a VERY little kid and scared the crap out of me then too.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I had these dreams when i was 12.Don't think im crazy, they're just dreams. If you give me an interpretation of all of them ill give best answer.
Dream 1)
[On the night Michael Jackson died] I dreamed that i woke up in bed and my mom/mum was sitting on the end of the bed. It was night time (my curtains were open). She said something like "sit up" and i sat up. There i saw a big outline of michael jackson's face outside of the window, looking in, glowing. [I woke up in the exact same place and everything in the middle of the night :D]

Dream 2:
[I was in my Gran's house] It was pitch black and I was downstairs painting on a canvas/artist board with an art teacher (from my school) when we heard a bang upstairs. We ran to the door and he jumped out. I turned around, and there was a dark shadow at the top of the stairs. It started running down the stairs. Me and the teacher got outside and were sprinting down the stairs when the shadow got me. [I woke up then-it went dark]

Dream 3 [I had this one LAST NIGHT, it might not mean anything.]:
I dreamt that i was in my Grandma and grandmas house with my parents.Suddenly, the living room gas box/boiler (which isn't there in real life) started smoking. It may have even been making a ticking noise. Me and my Mum said "Not AGAIN!". Then we collected some precious items and got into my dad's work van, and went down the street to safety; it was going to blow up.
We were waiting to see if it exploded, when we saw my gran walking down the street, walking to her house. I screamed NOOO! and it blew up. JOKING! She was saved. In the end the house didnt blow up. Before i woke up i dreamt (in the same dream) that i saw my Year Younger cousin walking down my gran's path with his Xbox bag, and felt jealous for some reason.

Dream 4 (My gran's dream):
She was in car going down a long road in the middle of nowhere, then houses appeared on either side. The road or houses never ended. It was a recurring dream, apparently.

Example: What dose it means if your having dreams about being a bad mom?

okay so tonight or rather last night i had a dream and the dreams started out my walking into a room that look something like a kitchen and boiler room with a daycare room i walked in and then a girl comes up to me and we have a conversation like we've known each other for awhile so then she's like he's waiting for you so i walk over to a crib and picked up a baby boy i act like a mother to him and i don't have any kids well so i got him into the car and i went home then i fed him and everything but i frogot i was out of dippers so i went to the store but i started crying and i felt like i couldn't take care of the baby and that i was bad to have had him in the first place but then i saw a man i think i couldn't see he's face all i saw was he's smile and it made me feel like i was going to be okay he handed me the dippers and everything went black then and i heard him say don't give up ever what dose it mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Okay here goes.

The setting took place by a huge house on a Beach. The Beach had a laptop in a corner ( A BIG laptop) And there was only Me my mom my friend. My friend said she has lost something in the house.

INFO ON THE HOUSE: The house had four levels upstairs down stairs a basement and a boiler room (the boiler room was under the basement) And the up stairs and the down stairs is fine. But as soon as you get into the basement you feel like your being watched and you feel unsafe. And you feel very very unsafe when you get into the boiler room.

Back to the dream

So my friend has lost something in the house and me and my mum helped her we looked everywhere in the house. And then she said " I think I left it in the basement or boiler room" So we went down to the basement found nothing then went to the boiler room. The floor was tile and my mum and my friend were looking at the other side of the room and I was looking on the floor and stuff. And I stepped on a tile and it fell thru. And I almost fell thru the floor but my lower body went thru it and I was holding on to the sides of the space where the tile had fallen thruw. I looked down and notice this monster it had its mouth wide open and I was screaming trying to get my mom to come but they could not here me. So I just let go of the sides and dropped and the monster eat me. That's when I woke up.

So what do you think it means?

Example: Funky dream does anyone know what it means (its long sorry i like to be detailed)?

i had this weird dream, if it helps i'm a 16yr old girl, i can only remember the ending part:

I was in a modern museum and i was looking for some people, but i couldn't find them because it was busy, then i found a group of classmates from my drama class, they were all dressed up in formal wear like what you'd wear to prom, the guys had on tuxes, the girls had pretty dresses and lots of make-up, i realized i was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, i asked them why they didn't tell me it was a formal event and i complained at how i wasn't prepared and that i wasn't dressed appropriately, then (we'll call her rachel) rachel said "they're costumes" (she was wearing a long glittering dress and she had matching eye make-up and her blonde hair was done up really prettily) i asked her where the costume room was, she told me to follow her, so she lead me to the boiler room, and we walked past all of these pipes and stuff and she kept walking farther, and then there was no pipes at all and it was a little room with cement brick walls and there was couches and a mini fridge and a coffee table and mirrors, and there is a few more people from my drama class in formal wear just hanging around and i asked them what dresses were left, and then one of the guys (will call him dan) and dan had his hair exactly as it always is which clashed with his tux, and he told me the costumes were back further so he lead through this hallway and then there are these racks upon racks of clothing and tons of shoes, and he leads me to this rack of super short and strapless dresses (i'm very conservative and i would normally never wear anything on that rack, and dan happens to be a very pervese guy in real life) and i say umm isn't there anything else? and he tells me there is nothing else, and he continues to look through the dresses and he pulls one out that is yellow on the top and blue on the bottom and there is a picture of spiderman on the front, and for some reason i didn't think that it would clash with the formal wear everyone else had on i just took it and was surprised he knew my size, then he pulled out some yellow go-go girl boots that were knee high, and we went back through the hallway to the room with the ccouches. and then he told me to go change and pointed towards a small door marked ladies and i went in and it was like a home bathroom it had a shower, not at all what i was expecting, and one of my friends was there she had a locker not to far from mine at school anyway she couldn't tie her dress so i helped her and she left and it was only then before i was about to try on the dress did i realize i would look exteremly out of place, but before i could put it on i woke up

so does anyone know what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean plz?

ok so i keep having this dream like i go to sleep and then i wake up in Like a boiler room and i hear the door open and this old Chinese women with a really weird face is just standing there and in each dream the women gets closer and closer and each time i wake up crying and i allways wake up before she touches me

Example: I had A Dream About Freddy Krueger, What Does It Mean?

Two years ago in the beginning of seventh grade I heard a voice on the radio say "Don't dream about freddy!" and I didn't know what they meant by that or who this Freddy was. Next day before halloween I was home alone when I saw a movie Freddy vs Jason was on. I chose it and was right at the beginning. I saw the intro, where Freddy describes himself, and read the info and saw his name was Freddy Krueger. I googled him and watched all his movies. Never having any nightmares. That summer I had a dream where I woke up and went downstairs because I heard someone calling my name. I saw my dad and he said, "Someone is here to see you." I saw Freddy and thought, ****. He laughed and said, "Hey babe." Then tried to hug me so he could stab me. I broke free and ended up back in my room where I saw him peek from the corner and come gliding into my room. The next night my neighbor had a dream about him and said it was weird because he never knew the guy. He had four large claw marks on his arm. His pets are declawed. He sleeps on top of a loft bed, and there is nothing up there that can scratch him. The next day after that I had a dream I was roaming the boiler room and felt myself shrink. Freddy placed me in the palm of his gloved hand. Then said, "No one appreciates you." I saw all my friends and family standing there laughing at me. I screamed, "Shut up sshut up shutup! Your wrong I hate you! I Hate You!" Freddy glared at me and brought me closer to his face. His breathe smelled of smoke and blood in the dream. "Wrong, *****. I'm all you have." He said loud and clear. It hurt my ears terribly. When I woke up, there was blood on my pillow. My ears were bleeding. I had a terrible double inner and outer ear infection for weeks even my birthday.My neighbor and I even dreamed that we went out to eat together with our families and Freddy appeared as the Waiter, cooked my dad and sister. We ran home, and he raped and killed my mom and his mom. Then we ran to my neighbors house, which was 1428 and I froze up and a dog attacked me, scratching my face. I had a scratch mark. I learned not to fear him and haven't had a dream about him up until a couple days ago where I was on Elm street running away from jason voorhees and Freddy grabbed me, said, "Miss me? and went in for a french kiss. I woke up. I haven't had nightmares for a long time and this one was strange. I want to know what to do if they start up again. Thank You...

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