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Dream About Body Swap meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream's mean?

I have had recurring nightmares of my sister siting in front of the basement and then all of a sudden I'm in the basement but it's way to big with poles all around and a big shadow.

And me trying to run up the stairs but i kept falling and tripping on fingers and i finally make it upstairs and i look in my bathroom and there's my friend with the body of a frog(Yes it may seem funny now but it was scary) then i run to my room and...I see my grandma's head...talking to me and she had no body.

And the one nightmare i have got to say the most weird was one with me at my house but it wasn't my house it had a swap and people i don't know or have never seen are there just standing on little parts of land and also my porch was vary tall and wobbly then me flying to a house i don't know.

And another one i had that has been on and off is one where I'm running and i go into a store talk to some man who gives me something and i ride on a bike but i fall off and i start running to some where then it ends. I never really remember what the guy says just that i know it's important.

My dream's never make since. What do they all mean?

Well I don't know all about dreams and their meaning, all i know is just the specific elements and their meaning. So i can help you with that although I can't write you a story and connect them.
I hope it helps at least just a little bit :)
oh and i'm sorry for all misspelling and wrong-written sentences, I have to translate all from my language so ok here we go:

BASEMENT: to see it: it represent your subconscious and everything that's hidden, undiscovered, unclear in you
: step into it, in nightmares: your subconscious is yet unknown to you. Also could mean some emotional frustration and uncertainty about yourself.

STARIS: going up: Things will change on better, or at least you have a need for it, for better emotional life, need for better spiritual life. If you're having a hard time moving forward on the stairs, it means there is something better waiting for you, but it will not be so easy to reach it.
If there's a person on the top of the stairs, it depends on them, if you are ready or not to face some real big changes in your personality

FROG: frog means progress in work or better situation in society in general.

the part about your grandma- i dont know what it means, sorry


Nice house with porch,with nice interior and surrounded with field or something green: You can progress. You think of yourself as a orderly human, your compliance is working with your nature.

FLYING: in nice dreams: Again it means need for better spiritual life and perfect life that you want
in nightmare: unstable Love emotions. Could also mean that you want yourself get away off some mess that you put yourself into.

Didnt found anyting about running, just escaping.
BIKE: Often it means merger with person of the opposite sex or a wish of that. Could also mean merger of the opposite forces on a higher level. Progress on your personality, you have all chances to make it happen

Well again I'm really sorry about how i write sentences, it just that I'm so confused if I have to translate things. I hope anything helps :)

Example: What does my fighting dream mean?

I had this dream where I was fighting this guy from my english class because he was going to rape my girlfriend. He started taking steps toward her in my driveway then grabbed her inappropriately so I ran out and punched him in the face. He slugged me back in the chest and i lost my air. when i got my air back i fought against him using karate (which makes sense because i'm in karate, it would be my nature to use that style), and we swapped blows back and forth and then he grabbed me around the middle from behind and tried to throw me, so i jabbed his ribs with my elbow and ran backwards into a street light post and he hit his head on it and let go of me. I punched him in the head and he fell to the ground, dizzy and done fighting but not knocked out. I went back to my girlfriend and hugged her and said everything would be okay, but she was dull and lifeless, like she was soulless. I shouldn't have won that fight, he's shorter but a LOT stronger than me. what does this mean?

Example: Reincarnated In Dream?

Ok, b4 i start if your just going to say "it's just a dream. It means nothing" don't even bother replying.
This was the most vivid dream I've ever had I remember every little detail. It starts off I'm walking down a street in a group scavenging for supplies in a post-apocalypse setting. Then as we come to an intersecting street we pass another group that was scavenging. We bumped into and stared at each other and as we were at the other end of the street I felt a sharp pain in my left butt cheek and relized one of them shot me in the butt I started to hop away then I felt the most painful feeling in my left kidney and realized they shot me again and 3 more times real fast after that(with an old school rifle). I blacked out from the pain almost instantly(I died). And everything was black for a about 2 sec and then I started coming back(in a lot of pain) I try to keep my eyes open and from passing out again. I look over and I see a dead modern Soldier and I realize I'm in a war zone. At that time i was being carried away on a stretcher. I then look down at my body and I'm not in my body anymore. Now I'm this big(fat) black guy. It was like he died and I died but hes spirit left and my spirt went into his body. So since I got wounded I got to leave the war and go home. This guys body I was in so happened to live a couple of streets over from my family. But I couldn't just go to my family and say " hey, it's Michael" they would think I'm crazy...my family didn't know I was dead yet...so I went to the black guys home (the body I was in) and his mother was this straight African woman that a real thick accent. The house was disgusting (like on Hoarders) and she was treating me like ****. All she wanted was my money from the military. And I was thinking "how the hell did he put up with this crap?!". So I told her to go shove it, left and never looked back...it gets very very strange but I'm not going to keep writing cause it would go for a while...but at the very end these Demons that ruled the world saw that I was a good spirit in a different body and said "THERES ONE OF EM', GET HIM! And they pulled my spirit out of that body and started beating my soul back and forth between each other (they formed a circle around a circuclar metal forge). they all had weapons but I only remember 1 in piticular and it looked like Thor's hammer. But as they were smacking me back n forth over the metal forge type thing it hurt soooooo bad like they were trying to destroy my soul. Then I woke up sweating. it freaked me out cause this dream was so vivid and the pain felt so real it was like no other vivid dream I had. But if someone could maybe tell me what it means I would greatly appreciate it...PLEASE DON'T SAY " IT MEANS NOTHIN, IT'S JUST A DREAM"

Example: What on earth does this dream mean?

Usually I am all over dreams and at least kind of understand them, but this one being violent, I am a little disturbed by what it even was.

I have no idea how it even came about. I will describe all I remember.

There was a line of girls, spaced pretty far apart (maybe 1 - 2 feet), and there was some machine kind of like something that had an ax attached to it, but what was on the side of the slaying could not be seen from the other side. The girls, probably 8 - 10, were waiting in a line on something that looked like a huge conveyor belt that doesn't move, and there was no light, although it wasn't black. They would go to the machine and then get beheaded and killed. I couldn't see this actually happen, it was just implied. There was no visible blood, no screams, it was pretty much completely silent. I could see the next 2 girls in line, but no one else. The two girls would have to watch and then the first one in line would be beheaded next. I only actually saw from the side it was not visible what was going on 1 beheading, and the next girl going up to get slain, but I didn't see anything more. The girl next looked scared and swapped with the girl behind her. Then it was over and I woke up by an alarm clock. I am pretty sure I could tell someone was cruelly doing this, but I couldn't see who it was or anything.

I wasn't in the dream. It was like I was watching a movie but I was at the place it takes place, but my mind didn't actually think or have any thoughts...it was as if I could see what was going on but didn't have a mind or body to think about it. It seemed completely acceptable (although a little...cruel, I guess, from the atmosphere of the place) at the time. It seemed as though the girls were cows (although they WERE girls, not cows) about to be slaughtered, standing silently and a little...frightened, disturbed, ad (a simile I just thought of).

Example: I had a crazy dream about me swapping bodies...?

Well i had this dream that i had swapped bodies with this other kid in asia, but no one believed me that i was someone else in their body plus i also kept forgetting what my 'new bodies' name was. So I ended up trying to contact my 'old body' through facebook... p.s. I just turned 13

Example: My dream body figure?

Okay, so once in a while people get to that point in their life where extra body fat isn't going to work out for them, and I am at the point where I'm seeing a roll appear. It's not yet to the point of Star Jones or the Subway guy, before he lost all his weight, but I really DON'T want to get to that point.

So, recently, I've been trying to excerise, but for some reason, I have a tendency to quit while I'm ahead, like I can excerise one day, but I won't from then on out, therefore, this is a blue moon thing that I will excerise on my own.

My question is: Does anyone have any techniques they use to excerise?


Do you know any gyms that you would reccomend, preferable in Georgia or is a World-Wide gym, meaning it's most likely to be in my area?

No smart comments, I'm looking for serious answers. Thanks ahead of time.

Example: Can you help me work out what this dream means?

im in this dream and i start off throwing a tennis ball to my dad, sister and brother on this pier i dont reconize. suddenly the ball gets thrown into the water so i leap into the water to retrieve it. i nearly drown but get out. this happens 2 times, but i just survive. anyway we walk away ad the scene changes to hills and country side. we seemed to have come out of a dense forest. suddenly two of the school teachers i know appear and tell me to go 'this way.' i followed the path still with my dad sister and brother, and find a giant flying fox going down the hill. i was too scared of it so i followed the path now alone. it lead to a great hall where everyone from school was there. i was sitting next to my friends and this guy i like.my friend pokes this guy in front of me, then points to me when i turn around. i blush and say it wasnt me and the guy i like smiles. somehow he gets in trouble and in deeps. usually in r/l hes a good guy not an idiot. (read extra details)

Example: Do certain dreams mean anything?

Okay, not to sound weird here, but I had a dream where I swapped bodies with someone. It wasn't even someone I know/knew.
Does this dream mean anything?
Also, I will add specifics of the dream if asked to do so.

Example: Is Body Swapping Possible?

Is it possible for someone to swap bodies? I mean... I've always been a little sskepticbut is it really possible? And how? I once had a bbi locationexperience, not sure if it was a dream tho... Can one actually jump between doors? I mean like enter my house's door and exit at my parent's place door?

Example: 1968 chevy truck body swap?

I have a 68 chevy C10 short wheel base and I would like to put the body on to a 79 chevy C10 short wheel base frame. Is this doable and if so what all would I need to pull it off? I also heard that the 79 c10 wheelbase is 2.5 inch longer, is this a problem

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