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Dream About Body Snatching meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean ina dream, i was locked with a group of people i know in a room n a high pitch whistle blows?

Then a swarm of real big flies come in n and attack us. We break down the door and one of my friends is on the phone with another friend calling for help. I snatch the phone and the friend is just casually giving me this number 2354177!?!? What cld the dream mean please thanks

Ur plans are likely to badly badly but with the help of some body whose name starts with F may succeed to come out of it

Example: What does it mean to dream of saving my girlfriend from a trantula?

Last night I had a really weird dream looked online and there is a lot about tarantulas and spiders but nothing about saving people from them? I dreamt I was at my girlfriends house and there were 2 tarantulas in her flat, now I'm not scared of tarantulas or spiders, I used to keep one as a pet so I guess I know a bit about them. The one tarantula was a blue colbalt which are really vicious an the other was a brown tarantula, the blue one was reared up on its back legs trying to bite my girlfriend and I caught it in a lunchbox (wtf right lol) and killed it with the kid of the lunchbox lol I didn't kill the brown 1 in the dream we were sat on the sofa just looking around the room for it... I have only Kat woke up and remember this dream vividly at the moment. Can anybody tell me what it means? Thanks xxx

Example: What does this weird dream about grabbing 2 eggs hard out of a duck's body means ?

A friend of mine had a dream about:

she was grabbing - snatching 2 eggs out of a duck's body with a big effort ?

what could it possibly mean ?

Example: What Does It Mean If You Have A Dream That Your Soul Jumped Back Into Your Body?

I recently had a dream that i was standing on top of a chair looking around my room and everything looked the way i left it before i fell asleep. Then i looked down at my bed and saw my body laying there, so i jumped off the chair into my body. It was so weird. I actually felt it and woke up as soon as i hit my body. What does this mean?

Example: Rape dreams, what do they mean?

Why am I having them? They feel so real. Here are details in my recurring dreams.

1. I wake up and think I've heard something. I'm lying in bed and look around. After visually searching the room I conclude it was just My imagination. The moment I lay back down and close my eyes I feel a knife and a cold hand go up my back. The knife cuts off my bra and also cuts me a bit. Sometimes I wake up at this point, others I remain dreaming and in the dream I get raped very graphically.

2. I wake up to go pee in the middle of the night. Once I walk into the bathroom I am startled by my appearance in the mirror. My skin is grey and black on some parts, on my elbows my bones are exposed. Then either a) a very frail, skeletal creature, skin rotting and bones exposed, crawls in and starts dragging herself towards me, she starts gnawing on me. B) a giant hand, about the size of my body, also gray, black and deformed, snatches me and pulls me into the mirror and I get trapped in a world full of creepy skeletal people.

I don't watch scary movies, or play scary videos games. I'm a girl, and I'm not goth or depressed. I am having an internal moral conflict though.

WHYY am I having these dreams?

Example: This Dream I had was extremely odd, what could it mean? -please help!-?

My dream began where I was waiting in the waiting room of the counsellors office waiting for my counsellor.

He came out and I followed him into his small office. You see I have been seeing him because I've been acting odd lately - long story- so he asked me how life has been going and I replied that I am doing fine. I also told him that I have bought a new blade, a bigger one. He asked if I had been testing it and I replied with a yes.

I sunk into the chair in front of him and grinned uncontrollably. Oh he says. I reply saying, here I will show you. I leaned over and dragged my back pack closer to me and unzipped it. Then I pulled out my thick crappy dictionary- is missing so many words- along with my blade -I actually own this-.

I watched as his eyebrows raised and he scribbled something in his notebook. Then I plopped the book onto the floor and knelt down beside it. I raised the blade into the air and started to stab the book violently, then I accidentally stabbed my hand and paused. I felt a thrush of an intense orgasmic feel. Then I continued to stab my hand and book until the counsellor snatched it from me.

He forced me to the hospital and that is where it ends.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this disturbing dream mean (warning: gory/graphic)?

Don't read this if you're easily disturbed.
I am in a house, and when I enter the room, I see all of these older people who want to attack me. I throw my arms against them, and grab one of the man's knife, and start using the knife to defend myself. I slash at them leaving horizontal slash marks. I run out of the room, and a young guy comes around and tells me I'm weak for attacking them. I yell "you a'sshole, I was only defending myself!" He walks me down the hallway to explain why I'm weak. The hallway becomes outside, and we're sitting on the sidewalk. There are other young people around on the sidewalk, and we all have weapons. The boy commands for everyone's attention, and gives them a talk saying that the best thing to do is run, b/c you show you're strength in not fighting back. His weapon was a metal device that snatched onto the eyeball, and crushed it if made contact w/ the eye.
He asks me "do you still think I'm an a'sshole?" and I say, "well, when you say it that way.." he had me convinced at the time. A boy across the sidewalk wants to see the device. The skin of his right eyeball has been peeled off already, and he holds the device to his eye to see what it's like to feel like you're having your eye snatched ou, but he doesn't actually touch it to his eye.
There is a girl across the sidewalk with brunette hair in a side ponytail. Her weapon is her fireworks that she uses to shoot at people, if she needs to defend herself. 2 other girls come up bullying her. They ask if the fireworks are hers. The girl is terrified, and keeps saying it's a friends. 1 of the girls says they'll shoot the firework at her head if she doesn't listen to them. They tell her to dress up in a costume & get someone to f'ck her.
She obeys, out of fear. When she strips her clothes off, I see she has no shins and her body seems hollow, as if made of plastic. There are red and blue blood veins that are huge and stick out. As if her body were a shell, she opens it and replaces it with a costume.
Next thing I know, everyone is running to the left to watch something. As we're running, I say to the buy that it's strange that he's here (in this dangerous place) There is a stand, as if in a carnival, with a tent. There is a pen of pigs inside the tent, and I dread what's going to happen. The girl comes out with a pig costume, oinking like a pig, on all fours. A pig comes up and f'cks her, and as it happens her intestines explode out of her body. She turns around out of disgust and throws up on a girl in the front row of the audience. The girl next to her laughs at her, like 'haha, you got thrown up on!'
I have had a gory dream `1 or a few times before, even though I never see this kind of stuff and don't really watch horror movies. I don't feel really freaked out, even though it's so gross to read about I just think it's weird.

Example: What do these dreams mean? (Christians answer only) I had a dream last night that i went 2 the doctor and!

I had blood taken from my left middle finger and the nurse took it back. I had my mail and my Bible with me in my hands and 2 real young looking doctors came in and one kept walking pass me looking at my mail and finally he came up and pulled a booklet out of my mail stack and said what's this. then I snatched it back and said none of your business. He said you don't have to get an attitude so he walked off and kept walking by looking at that booklet so igave him the booklet that i snatched from him. so he walked off fast to go read it in the back. The booklet was about healing with natural herbs.Then the nurse came back and said i was in great shape. I asked her to give me a specific blood test and she said why i'm in great shape and I told her that if she couldn't do it then I would go somewhere else.So I was hooked up to a machine by the second young doctor and the machine started drawing blood from the same finger, the machine broke and my blood went back into my body.

Example: What could this dream mean?

In this dream, there were two hot pink convertibles; one a mustang and one a corvette. They were both hot pink and I was in one of them with a group of people. We were trying to go somewhere and they were in front of my house, but then I realized I left something inside, so I told them to wait and I'll go get it. After I got what I needed and came back out, they were gone. The weird thing is I didn't care.

I ran up this big hill and noticed that I was wearing something that I would usually wear to the gym. As I was running I saw a boy that was slightly chubby and was wearing glasses with a suit. He looked at me and then started to run after me, like he needed to tell me something, but I didn't stop. At some point, he stopped following me.

I kept running and then saw a building that was somewhat familiar and decided to go there to call someone. I didn't have a cell phone on me, so I was looking for someone who did have one, and just then I saw a man in his late 40's. I asked for his cell phone and he willingly gave it to me then went inside the building. I couldn't remember any numbers! The man came out of the building and lighted up a cigarette. I gave his cell phone back and decided that I might as well go into the building. He asked me to come inside with him and we would have fun. I guess I said 'okay' because before I knew it, I was in a karaoke room and sitting on a chair in that room was my ex- best friend, whom I don't talk to anymore because she threw me away for her man. She was showing so much cleavage and was wearing some kind of machinery around her waist. I asked what that thing was and the man said that he fed her something. I immediately thought that he was a rapist or something and I snatched my friend and took off. I ran deep inside the building, and broke the machinery off of her. I was devastated and I started to cry, holding her. I kept telling her that I was sorry.

I tried to find someone who worked in that building and demanded to get us a ride. It looked like they weren't supposed to, but an old Asian woman took us.

This is the end of my dream. What could it mean?

Example: I had a dream about a bunch of crazy naked women with knives impaled through their body?

This was kinda the second dream I had today. A real nightmare. I was in this dark factory place or somethin'..And when I turned the corner, I saw this naked girl kneelin' over in this pool of blood..And she had like..20 knifes impaled through her chest. All in a pile. It was like somethin' outta Silent Hill. I mean..They were SO bunched together, it was almost cartoonish. And I could see everything..I could see her snatch, and everything.

Then a bunch of naked women just came shamblin' towards me, and they had knives through their bodies too. And they were HOLDING knives too. And they tried to chase after me and stab me.
Come on, I know dreams are random..But I played Dantes Inferno! This dream sounds like its got somethin' to do with lust.

Could it be related to me kinda havin' a girlfriend after years and years of bad horrible and just plain "Waah, I'm turnin' against you now!" relationships? I got major trust problems..And does it matter that this aforementioned girl thinks I'm a real stud?

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