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Dream About Body Slam meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean.?

So I was in a grocery store with my mom, buying groceries, and I see that the clerk but a lollipop and bread behind him. Like, he charged us for it and then he hid it. And I was like "um. Excuse me.? You just took our food." And he's like "no I didn't." And the clerk in the next isle SAW him but she was like "no he didnt." so I was like "GIVE ME BACK MY FOOD.!" And omfg I just went into like hulk mode. I body slammed him and I kept punching him over and over and then he started punching me back and then all of a sudden everyone turned into zombies and I grabbed his arm and twisted it and he fell in the isle and I punched the zombies (there was like 2-3 zombies" and then I went for our food but he grabbed my leg and I fell. And pretty much my whole dream was punching and twisting his arm and biting him for my food. And my dream ending with us fighting. Btw, I have no clue who the clerks were.

The meaning of the dream depends on what lollipops and bread mean for you, symbolically. You are obviously very very upset that you are not going to get something that you have put value in (been charged for, about to pay for). It is over the top upset, inappropriate upset, an I-don't-care-if-everything-goes-zombie upset, I'll still keep fighting. By that I mean that "normally", if everyone turned into zombies, you would drop whatever you are doing and get yourself out of there. It's another way of saying just how upset you are, how attached you are to that lollipop and bread.

You might think that you would have fought if the items would have been anything, not just a lollipop and bread. But your unconscious specifically picked those two items, so I think that is significant. So think about what associations you have with lollipops, and then separately, with bread. What do they each (separately) remind you of, what comes to your mind (without analyzing too much).

I can only say what they bring to mind for me, if I had this dream. The first thing that I thought of, is that lollipops are candy, which is something that tastes really good, but is not true sustenance. So (for me), it would tend to represent something that is superficially attractive, but not that good for me. But that doesn't meant that's what it is in your dream - it could be, but it depends on your specific association.

I looked up lollipop at dream-of.com and got another good idea: it is another word for "sucker", and therefore could be a pun on the word sucker (that is, a person that falls for something). That could explain the extreme reaction - we all get angry when we think we've been had. Has that happened in any way in your waking life (you've been duped, then got angry?).

As for bread, my association is kind of the opposite of lollipop - something healthy. We used to make home-made bread, so for me, it is also symbolic of all the good feelings that could go with a healthy family, and especially a kind and giving mother. But that is me, what about you? Once you brainstorm that, you have to put it together with both the lollipop, and being very upset about it, and piece together the meaning that way. The dream dictionaries can sometimes help with an individual symbol, but they can't capture your personal associations, or the context part (piecing it together with the rest of the dream).

Example: What does it mean when you dream about getting hurt and end up waking up with real pain in your body?

I had a dream that my sister stabbed me in the eye (left eye) with a fork, idk but we hate each other in real life.
Then I ended up waking up with my left eye hurt, just my left eye, not the right one. Just like what happened in my dream.

What does that mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

(Note, this is long)
Dream 1: (Almost a year ago)
The world had been taken over by zombies (Like in "Resident Evil"), but the difference was that these zombies actually thought like a person. They had all the memories of before they died. Well, I was trapped in my house, and I was getting the tea pitcher out of the fridge, and these two zombies bust the door down (a feat in itself. Heavy wood here.), and start ransacking the place. Now, the zombies are between me, and my only escape, so I hide in a spinning rack that holds pans, but in this case, it had nothing in it. I spin it closed, and with all the noise I'm making, I'm surprised they didn't hear me. The leave the house, and I leave my refuge. I run upstairs and the whole floor is intact. They were looking for something on the first floor. I ran back downstairs, and carefully sidestepped the area in front of the steps, as it was covered in broken glass now. I look out of the window, and zombies are marching up and down the streets. For some reason I wish that the MPs (military police) and the Polezei (German police) would show up. Well, what do you know. The blue and silver cars the Mps are in pull in, and then the Polezei in their green and white VANS show up. The step out of the vehicles, and start shooting the zombies. I, being frightened, lock myself in my bathroom, and wait for the shooting to stop. Then a zombie comes up the stairs, and there's nowhere to hide in my bathroom, unless you can tear out the boards in a "inwall" cabinet, and hide there, but I had no time. The zombie kicked the door down, and I woke up.

Dream 2: (Last night)
I was looking out of my door, and then I walked onto the pathway. I just watched in horror as a huge bird the color of fire was blowing up my town. I ran like a mad woman to fetch of all things a camera. I turned around and kept running until I reached my house again. I slammed the door, and heard a voice from the other side. I don't remember what it said, but I do remember that it wasn't nice. I remained quiet, and then I felt something burning on me, and I woke up.

Dream 3: (This actually happened when I was five or six)
I was running up a "hill" and this man was chasing me. I reached the top, and it turned out to be a dormant volcano. The man grinned evilly and the launched a punch at me. (Oddly enough for a dream from a five or six year old, possibly even four, I had the body of a ten year old) I jumped up, kicked him in the face, and then the volcano began to explode. I ran all the way down the hill, and then I woke up. (I was really scared for some reason. To this day, I never understood why I was so scared of that dream. I think it's a little weird. Only a little compared to my most recent dreams. Only a little weird compared to being strapped into a roller coster that goes off the tracks and you survive.)

Dream 4: (Don't remember when)
I was trapped in a ship, and these Koreans were forcing me to learn their language against my will. I would either have to learn Korean, or I'd die. Well, I learned it, and they let me go. (Note, I don't know any Korean) I was walking down this dirt path, and this Asiatic black bear comes out of nowhere and starts attacking me. I ran, and ran, until I lost it, but then I lost my balance, and fell, right on my tailbone (OUCH. I've done it before. Roller skating, could barely walk afterwards. Crying like crazy.) and I thought I felt pain, but I woke up, and then the pain was gone.

Dream 5 (Last one)
This dream was really vivid, and it still is. I had it three and a half or more years back.)
I was running into my house (House I lived in three and a half years ago) being followed by a swarm of bees. I slammed the storm door shut. Then the heavier door. I walked up to my room, and the bees were there. I ran down the stairs, out of the doors, and down the street. I ran for like five minutes then the bay came into view (Chesapeake bay). I dove in. I remember that the water was so warm, and the sand so soft. I held my breath until I burst, and came out. I got out of the water, and the bees were gone. I walked slowly back to my house. When I approached the duplex (Been living in duplexes for the last five years. Three different ones though.) the bees attacked again, and I got stung. I woke up, and the first thing I did was look at the side I got stung in my dream. I slid out of bed, and spent the rest of the night with my parents. (I was only 9 or ten at the time).

I'd appreciate any body telling me what these dreams mean. My dreams have been so bizzare lately, they seem to come out of the SciFi channel or something.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream this afternoon, that I went upstairs to take and shower cut on the light and the shower curtain opened by itself. As I was running out of my room the door slammed shut. I went and told a maid in my house about what happened and the doors started slamming shut. I kept saying I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and the doors starting slamming back and forth again.
What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other night I had a dream our dog ran out into the middle of the road. A woman slammed on her brakes and turned into our driveway. She got out and said she was going to sue my mom for letting the dog run out into the road. So, I beat her to death with a wash basin (you know, those old-timey things people used to wash their face in) and cut up the body and put it in a garbage bag. Does this have any special significance?

I always have stupid dreams like this.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was in a room, and someone cut a cable which disconnected the phone and the lights. Everytime I tried to turn on a lamp or the main light, nothing would turn on. When I opened the door, it slammed shut leaving me and others in the dark. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was kinda disturbing.

I was walking down the middle of the street to my house, but there were no cars. The road had changed to marble, all cracked and broken.

As I walked along, I noticed a little girl sitting and playing in the road(not me or anyone I know). I got a bad feeling and kept on walking. She stood up and started following me. I thought she should stay near her house.

There was a white door and frame in the middle of the road that had nothing behind it. So I went through the door and closed it thinking she would stay. I kept walking, but then I heard(this is where it gets disturbing) 2 thuds. One was her head hitting the door, the other was her head hitting marble. I turned around and saw her walking around the doorframe, still following me. She didn't look injured, just angry.

So I walked through another door just like the first and heard 2 thuds again, and she was still following me. I saw a litle shelter, about 2ft by 2ft, with 2 doors. I went in

Example: What do these dreams mean...?

Almost everynight for the last week I have been having dreams about being killed. I had a dream that an elevator broke and we slammed to the ground, I had multiple dreams in the same night that I was shot and bleeding to death, and some other crazy dreams that were almost out of the movie SAW. I can't figure out where they are coming from because I barely watch television and I don't really think about death anymore than your average person.

Example: Dream about a Serial Killer? What does it mean?

I was in school and went on a field trip somewhere in the woods with a lake nearby. Our teacher went missing, and everyone in my class was guys except for me. My class and I worked together to try to get out of the woods, and we found an "empty" log cabin in the middle of the woods. The door was open so they just walked in. I told them it wasn't right, but they told me I could just wait outside. I knew that wouldn't be a good idea with the hungry Grizzly Bears roaming through the woods, so I entered the building. We were looking for a phone, when all of a sudden, the ceiling above one of the hallways collapsed revealing the dead body of our teacher. We panicked, and tried to get out of the house. I heard a truck approaching, park, and doors slam outside. The door opened revealing a tall, muscular man holding a rifle. I instantly knew he was a Serial Killer called "The Punisher". I ran as fast as I could past him and out the door. Classmates were close behind. We got back to the school screaming for help, but no one believed us.

Example: Scary dream... What does this mean?

My girlfriend was driving a 1985 Toyota camry and I was in the passenger seat. I was looking down at her feet. She tried to stop the car but the brakes didn't work. She was slamming her two brown boots on the brake pedal but the car went faster and faster. We slammed into a truck, the car went on fire and we got out together just before it exploded. I had burns on my shoulder, she was fine. What does this dream mean?

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