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Dream About Body Piercing meanings

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Example: What is the meaning of a reoccurring dream?

So as far back as I can remember (I have the memory of a goldfish, so we're only taking about five years or so) I have had a reoccurring dream, every couple months or so.

A body is suspended in a dark room through unseen means. There is a pale yellow light from below, so that we can see this man's torso, jaw, and to some extent his arms. This is the only illumination in the area. Everything else is a black void.

Now, suddenly, long drill bits start plunging into the man all over. No blood comes out. We can see them going through his teeth and gums, some penetrate his forehead, others his eyes. His muscles are pierced, bones are drilled, etc. etc.

There is no pain, there is no blood. The man reacts as if he expected it and enjoys it to some degree - it is not bliss, but similar to how you would regard a good book. Not exciting, it just feels good.

It is not determined if the person in the dream is me or not. I can see the dream in third person, but I have had other dreams in third person where I was the main character. The dream never reveals his face in any detail, only close ups of the drills piercing him.

It's not a nightmare; it's not frightening. I rather enjoy the dream, because the man is perfectly fine with what is happening to him. It's actually kind of a pleasant dream, very calm.

I'm really good @ interpretting dreams. What I think is it means you're going to witness someone go through something that should be very painful but instead it's almost like they like it. & you probably won't know that person very well.

It sounds like you're going to witness or find out a crime. Maybe even be the only one who does witness or figure it out.

Example: Does picking up a friends body in a dream mean i'm saving them from HELL?

I prayed this prayer before sleep and said
Please God save my friend from Hell, i know she is Buddhist but please save her into Heaven.

This is what i dreamt at 4am. WARNING : VERY SCARY
I was walking in a dusty desert and saw my friend on the ground next to a lot of red blood... it was pouring out her left eye. She said to me "MAK HELP ME, i ... i , I'M BLEEDING, HELP!"

My friend was on the floor face first next to a brown cave entrance... A sword was next to her.
There was fire blowing out this brown cave and she (my buddhist friend was beaten just next to it)

I said to her out loud, WHO DID THIS TO YOU! she said "jesus" he did...
I was crying for help and carried her body off the dirt ground with both my hands!

Her orange Thai hair was all burnt on fire
i looked at her face, then i saw her left eye on the ground!

her left eye was missing and it was pierced out with a sword! it was just blood on her face... ahhh! i was so scared i screamed...

I was so scared i ran around the land to find help, i saw a phone and screamed into it saying

As i said this i saw her head move to the ground, her neck fell off... i held her head back, and i wrapped her hair around her head to stop the blood from leaving her eyes... i was crying so much i couldn't stop...

As I was holding her a tall man approached me... he was Jewish?

He was wearing a brown towel, and he walked to me saying "if you don't leave this place i will kill you both! go now from here NOW!"

Did God beat my Buddhist friend to death?

Why did i have this nightmare after praying for my friend to be saved? is it a sin to ask for her to be saved?

Example: What does it mean when you see someone getting their back pierced in a dream?

Okay, so, I'm trying to interpret my dream, and I've got most of it done, except for the part where some guy was getting his back pierced in my dream. I've looked everywhere, and all the piercings it talks about is like tongue piercings and stuff. Does anyone have an idea?

Example: Out of Body Dream Meaning? Help!?

o I had this dream were my soul/spirit left my body on own will to go look for something at someone's house, that way I wouldn't be seen or something. But in my dream, people could feel it. They would feel that I was there but they wouldn't see me, this felt so real. Till I got to the part in my dream where my earings fell off ( I'm a guy, just a piercing in my ear ) and I got freaked out. Cause because of those earrings idk if they were magical or something, I could return back to my body. Otherwise I would be stuck as a soul without my body, at the end of my dream I tend to find them and return to my body with the answers I needed. After I came back to my body the people who were there to see asked me what is it that I just did, I answered " Soul transportation/teletransportation " and I woke up in my parents bedroom asking myself how I got there. Could someone help me, I'm really trying to figure out what this means. I'm a mythology enthousiast and I'm only 17. Any help would be nice

Example: Strange Dream Meaning?

I had a really strange dream last night but I couldn't find out what it meant. So I thought I should ask.

I was on this museum trip and bored out of my mind with a bunch of people I didn't know but kind of recognize all the same, so bored that I nearly decided to just call it quits and meet them at the end of the tour after the last room which was for some reason through a small black doorway you had to crawl to get though. But after some persuasion from one of the older women in the tour with me and to spare the tour guide's feelings I went through anyway.

When I got to the other side I entered a room with nine walls in total, but six of those were only there because the room was kind of half split in two, five of these walls were forests, and I don’t mean they had forests painted onto them, they literally were forests but I could tell even from a distance you couldn’t enter them. In front of me on the other side of the room there was this archer guy, who for some reason started suddenly shooting arrows at us. I managed to avoid him for quite a while but eventually I was forced into the other section of the room and he followed me, and ther wasn’t any shelter in the other section of the room though there’s been a staircase/ramp thing in the other one which had led down from the black door which had suddenly become locked.
He aimed at me and I tried to move but I couldn’t, and he released his arrow, actually it was six arrows, his bow was very strangely made so that he could shoot more than one arrow at once.

I felt five impacts in the left side of my neck, at the back near where my spine was, but only one of them was from the archer, the rest came from the woods around me, and I fell to the ground.

It was strange, I could feel that one of the arrows was lodged in between two parts of my spine, just above where your back becomes your neck, and the rest were buried in deep, though none had actually pierced through the cartilage as they’d all been sort of angled downwards so they were lodged more in that area between my collar bone and my neck.
It was also rather strange because I didn’t feel too much, my eyes were wide open even as I lay there but all I could really feel was a slow numbness spreading from where the arrow was lodged in my spine to the rest of my body. The archer said something but I couldn’t really hear him properly, but not because I had blood rushing in my ears or anything, just because I couldn’t.

My vision slowly went blurry and I found myself thinking something very strange to myself. That this body had been nice while it lasted and I began to wonder what my next one would be like. Kind of like I was musing about reincarnation as I died but I knew I would remember my life before. I don't know why I'd do that though.

I couldn’t tell if the archer was there anymore, I couldn’t see him, but very suddenly my vision began to clear again just before it became to blurry to see and just before I woke up I found myself wondering if I was actually going to die or not.

Yeah. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what it meant since though nightmares are fairly common for me they usually aren't as vivid as this one was and are more just plain scary and less weird. :/

Example: What does it means when one sees a black caterpillar in her dreams?

In my dreams, I see black caterpillars all over my body. I see my mom taking off my clothes and they were everywhere. I've see the same dream the night before and its making me feel nauseated and scared that something bad is about to happen to me or my loved ones. Please help me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I owned a tattoo and piercing store, and I had three workers there. Then my dad took me and my sister for a drive somewhere and we saw a bunch of roller coasters and we thought it was Six Flags. Then we parked in the parking lot of the roller coaster place and we noticed the roller coasters where only half built, so we left. After that me and my sister went back to the tattoo/piercing store, And i got my belly button pierced, but it was crooked.
(I read somewhere that if you dream of getting your belly button pierced, it means you need to reconnect with your mother or something, and me and my mom did get in to a argument recently. But then again I really want to get my belly button pierced..)

Example: What does my dream mean? First I accidently broke my fast and then there were needles?

It was reallt weird. Im fasting ad cant eat meat or dairy products till the 23rd so maybe this is why i was dreaming this, bu first I was eating with my dad and he deliberatley gave me a bologna sandwhic. Balogna! I was crying because he made me break my fast after I had kept fasting for such a long time-and he funny thing is I dont like bologna. Then my dream swiched. I was looking through my eyes and there was a long neddle through my second toe from my big toe and even though I wasn pusing in ever time i moved my leg, even though i wasnt standing on it it would go further in and i was freakin out on the inside. Then here was also a piece of lead stuk in my foot, then all of a suden i put a neddle in my mout, but it was like all the neddles wee magically moving through parts of my body, and the neddle went hrough my tongue and I freaked out! I thought my tongues going to bleed, while looking in the mirror at my pierced tongue, what if I die?, then my eyes rolled down and all i could

Example: What does my dream mean...i had my belly button pierced but...?

im 24 weeks pregnant & have never wanted this done , which is why it is so weird

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so I had a dream and it went like this;
It started out as I was at the mall with my brother and dad. We passed by a piercing place and I've been wanting a lip piercing for a while so I asked if we could go in. (Remember this is a dream so some random stuff happens) And like right when I walk in, this guy just straight out gives me a lip piercing right under my bottom lip in the middle. So now I have this arrow tip shaped piercing. Somehow in the dream, I just pop up at my elementary school and I'm in this weird room. A little kid who I remember in real life is threatening me and he's like two feet shorter then me. I remember getting down to his height saying I was going to kick his @ss if he kept whining like that. After that he began to whimper and then the trippiest thing happens; he grows like one foot taller and says, So you wanna fight me now? And now he's like a couple inches below my chin. He got up in my face so I pushed him back by his forehead saying something threatening and then I just left. I was walking and my 5th grade teacher comes out of no where and calls my name. I could hear her, but I totally ignored her. I then pop up at this little patch of grass by the street not remembering how I got there, but I'm surrounded by my friends from school. And across the other side of the street is this girl from my Tae Kwon Do studio and she hands one of my friends this white binder and says for her to burn it for her. And so she did, but the fire gets huge and we thought we put it out. Then the police came and said to drop it and so the grass starts lighting on fire and then they just tell us to get on the ground. When we do they start yelling at us and call us smokers. One of them kept glaring at my lip piercing too. But then right after we hit the ground, I woke up...

What could it mean?

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