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Dream About Body Parts meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about dead bodies?

in my dream I was driving around my neighborhood and i think i was being chased by the cops or something, and i passed this semi going the opposite way. to avoid the cops i went around the block and when i passed by that spot again, the semi had crashed into a police car and the semi drivers bodies were on the ground next to the police officer but there were paramedics working on them... then my dream skips around a bit and it gets to this part where a friend and i are passing a very very bad accident. a lot of people died, and i was watching the workers throw bodies in these tubs for whatever purpose... anybody have any ideas as to what this dream might mean?

Dreams r highly subjective- so its not necesary tht my interpreatation will b just fully correct for u- but as per my own limited understanding i would try to make out something
Being chased by the cops and avoiding them, running away from them means that there is something that ur avoiding, running away from in ur waking life...ur car driving means the journey in ur own life..the semi could be one aspect of urself that is going on into another direction towards the police car-in one way you are running away from the cops car and thinking thats the way to avoid or be saved but in reality you are actually coming / have to come at the point where you have to confront the cop car.It points out that you are in a situation that might lead up to collision and even destruction.God knows or rather only you can tell who these paramedics are and what influence or aspect of your current life they represent.I am blank here

Then again you see yourself coming to face a situation where death and destruction takes place.Remember that each part of dream represents you and you might come to a potentially destructive situation in your life if you dont take charge of your life and move in right direction.Many times such dreams are warnings for us so that we can prevent the misoccurance/accident

In my view mayb you r doing a wrong thing by avoiding those waking life isuues- you must face and resolve them in right way.Running away is probably not in ur self interest

Be careful. Pray and seek Gods guidance and help.

Example: What does it mean to dream of cut up bodies?

My mom keeps having the same dream of being around cut up body parts what is it meaning

Example: What does it mean to dream of body parts?

To dream of human remains, like human dentures, finely carved.

or Human brains. Eating human brains, though not like a zombie.

Just eating it randomly.

Could having these type of graphic dreams mean a sign of stress?

Because it if is, then yeah I am at the moment... though I'm trying to keep level-headed.


Example: What does it mean if i dont dream inside my body?

okay this sounds very wierd, but when i dream, i am not actually in my body- i watch myself do whatever i am doing in the dream. in other words i can feel, experience, see, etc everything in my dream as if i was doing it (like in real life), but i am actually watching myself: i can see myself walking around, talking, doing whatever. this isn't a time to time occurence- this is how i always have dreamed, i've never had a dream any other way. what does this mean, if anything?

Example: What does it mean to see body parts in your dream?

My sister dreamed that she was in the car with her husband and their 3 month old, and the road was filled with body parts. She said that the body part that stood out more were legs. They were just laying on the road and they were clean, not full of blood. So what does that really mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about being bitten by a spider and your body parts actually go numb?

I was sleeping last night and was continuously waking up at different times because i was dreaming that i had gotten bit by a spider. The weird part is that wherever i dreamt that the spider bit me, actually went numb on my body. And i alert just enough to feel the actual pain going through my arms, hands, and so forth. I dont understand what that means. I've read some of other peoples answers, but none of them seem very relevant to my dream. Does anybody have any insight on this dream at all?...

Example: What does it mean when you dream about someone but they are in another person's body?

i always have dreams about people and i KNOW who it is but they are in physically somebody else. does anyone know what that means?

Example: Dream decode about body parts?

my mom had a dream that she was in a dark/black ocean and there were chopped off hands floating near by her but they were not her hands. then there were black bags with body parts hanging out of them and she was pulling a rope and more and more bags kept coming and there were bodies in these bags. then she saw an eyeball crying and shes pretty sure it was hers after she got outta the water. does anyone know what any of this could mean cause it really is bothering her alot. 10 points =) thank you

Example: I had a dream with a room of body parts what dose it mean?

I walked into a room & there in the middle was a pile of body parts & there was a clown sholveling them into a furnace...I have a major phobia of clowns...

Example: What does this part of my dream mean?

I dreamed of saving these animals and taking them in as my pets, but the cat which I saved (who's actually my cat irl) kills these two baby chicks in their cage. I try to throw him off/out using my arms, but that doesn't prove effective - so I use my mouth. It's disturbing because the baby chicks closed their eyes as if they were dead, their bare flesh exposed with some patches of soft yellow feathers. One of them had their eyes hanging out by their optic nerve, but instead of dangling, it looked straight at me (kind of like snail's eyes).

So, I had them in my mouth and I started crying because they were dead and I couldn't get them out; it was almost if I had braces: as I pulled their bodies out of my mouth, shreds of their meat stayed stuck in my teeth and the roof of my mouth. I hated myself for not being able to save the baby chicks but even more so because I actually enjoyed their taste (so I was disgusted at myself). They tasted like chicken & spaghetti sauce - but I felt so guilty for enjoying that.

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