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Dream About Body Bag meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can I achieve my dream body? (ten points!)?

I'm really insecure about the way I look, especially in my thigh area. I really want to slim my legs. Yes, I do know that spot reduction doesn't exist, I really am exercising my whole body. My dream body is to have thighs that don't touch (but not like stick thin thighs), slim but strong calves, and a skinny waist (which I already have but there's still a little flab). I don't really care much about the waist, I'm perfectly fine with it already. But it's my thighs that I'm worried about. No I don't like thunder thighs and I never will. Yes, thighs that don't touch exist, my friends have them and they are perfectly healthy. My calves are big and muscly. I know I want it to be strong, but I don't want big calves. Squats and lunges are out of the solution because last time I tried them, they made my calves huge and bulky. I don't know about running and jogging, I'm scared they might build a lot of muscle rather than slim my legs.
If you do think I can achieve my dream body, can you show me some exercises that can help me achieve them? Also, I think (but i'm not sure) that my "thunder thighs" are from genetics maybe? But even though it's from genetics, can I still achieve my dream body?
Thank you~

If your "thunder thighs" are genetic you can still achieve your dream body, my body is all genetic from my mum, thunder everything (sorry mum). I started Cardio Kickboxing and Boday shape in february and have slimmed down alot, I know what you mean by thunder thighs too i had them and they have slimmed down from the Cardio. You really need to do both the body shape and Cardio to achieve your dream body, the Cardio kickboxing helps loose the fat in all parts of your body because you are kicking punching the bag, and the body shape helps tone everything. Another good example to loose some weight is join Karate. I was 150 pounds in february and am now 135. My hips have gone down and I have startyed to notice a little belly gone away too. Hope this helps for your dream body :)

Example: What do these WEIRD dreams/nightmare mean?

well I have 2 dreams one was where I dreamt I had a boyfriend (which I don't really) and we were taking pictures and then (this is really awkward) we were kissing and making out on the bed and he was videotaping us kissing and stuff.

the next one I had just last night it was horrible and I couldn't go back to sleep because of it. I don't remember much but I do remember seeing piles and piles of dead bodies in a recreational place near the ocean and they were in body bags and it smelt HORRIBLE and some bags weren't close properly so you could see there faces which were decaying. and the people that worked there used the bodies to feed seagulls and pelicans...and then I woke up I am deathly afraid of dead people and decaying bodies and underground places so this was a VERY TERRIFYING NIGHTMARE.

Example: What does a somewhat in a body bag dream mean?

I just had a dream about myself trying to sneak to a unknown place for a good cause {cause unknown} But to do so, I had to hide inside of a body bag that was torn at the top. My breast was showing, so a friend tried covering it up with dirt to blend in. It was strange because, no matter which way she tried to hide me inside the body bag; the more open the bag became. Now the body bag is completely opened and I'm trying to put my feet back inside and someway seal it back up around me but I couldn't so I just sat there, looking at everyone walk pass me and seeing others and bodybags. Does anyone know what this means?

Example: Dead bodies everywhere dream meaning?

What does this dream mean?
I went on a drive with my sister and we went up a empty road and there was a lot of people walking in a line like
a marathon (but walking) but as we drove farther down we saw people falling down and soon we saw people that look like they had died and then in the front there were people in body bags lying down. I started to panic and freak out wondering if they had caught some disease. So we kept driving and stopped at this store it was all normal until I saw another person fell down and died. I was panicking and people around me started to go crazy. I ran to the bathroom and asked a woman what was going on she said that the government had been making clones of people that had died so they could "live again" in a way but it was just a copy of their bodies. I was freaking out as I saw more dead bodies lying over each other and tossed around. People were starting to go crazy and guns went off. ( I think the bodies were worth a lot of $). I had to get out as soon as possible so I started to fly and I flew out to the deserted forest and made some kind of fortress then a couple years later the world was different and people used bow and arrows and got their own food. Then it ended.

could this mean anything?
It seemed so realistic
It was so crazy o___o
have you ever had a dream like this?

Example: What does it mean when you see your dead body in a dream?

So a couple nights ago I had a dream that has me paranoid.

I was at my aunts house and we were in the living room and me,my uncle, my mom, and my friend Ali were all sitting there and playing a board game. When 3 girls out of the blue come and put flowers on my aunts lawn and my mom went out there and ask them what they were doing and they said "oh Danielle's dead". And my mom said no she's not she's right here in the living room but they said no she's dead. So then I asked my friend Allie to go find my body because I couldn't feel anything. So we ended up at this old shabby black and dark house and we went through the back gates and there I was laying on a picnic table that you would see a park. I was wrapped up in a white Hefty garbage bag and the people who I don't know, untied the bag and I was wearing a pink and white striped longsleeved shirt with blue Bellbottom jeans and white cheerleading sneakers, which I have all of them in my closet. I was all gray and I had a stab wound on my side and it was all bloody and I woke up with my heart pounding.

What does this mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I won't bore you with every detail, but, I'll tell you the main point about them;
For about two weeks, I've been having nightmares, but only during the weekdays. Here they are in order of night -
1(monday) - I was at a funeral, but I didn't know who it was for. Plus, when I looked around, I saw what looked like my friends and family in the future, like, how they would look about ten years or so from now.
2(tuesday) - I was at school, and there was a guy with a gun going through the halls. I kept hearing gunshots and screaming. After a while, like right by the room that I was in, there was a final gunshot and the screaming stopped. Then, I noticed that there was a girl missing who had been in all the previous classes.
3(Wednesday) - I was following a hearse, but I'm not sure who was in it. I immediately thought back to my dream on Monday, but, when I looked over to my mom who was driving the car, she looked like she does now.
4(Thursday) - I was on a plane, and it started crashing, but I was the only one who knew. I know I didn't die, because at the end of this dream, I woke up in a hospital.
5(friday) - I was in the park with some of my friends, when a guy came and started shooting people at random. None of my friends were killed, but one of them was shot in the arm. Other people who were at the park were killed, though.
6(monday) - I was in a car, and there was a terrible accident on the side of the road. I saw a body bag and a bunch of blood. The commotion almost made our car crash too. But we didn't.
7(tuesday) - I was in a pool and someone drowned. I don't know who, but they did.
8(wednesday) - This is my most recent dream: I was at the park with my best friend. I can't remember what we were talking about, but I kept looking down at my hands. Then, some guy came in and shot my friend right in the forehead. I remember leaning over her dead body and crying "Come on, Autumn, you have to wake up! I can't live my life at school without you! Come on, Oopie, wake up!"
I've notice that in all of my dreams, there is death. I have been losing sleep over this. Am I just going crazy? Is this a sign of some sort? Please help me! I'm just so scared that that last dream will end up coming true...

Example: What did my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was kidnapped by my father in law. My mother in law was there to and I wanted to run but she was scared too and said don't do it. He was keeping other dead bodies in bags and my bro in law came but the father in law didn't see him so I told him to call 911. He gave me a cigarette and told me he's calling and he will be back just to hang in there... my father in law then started roasting a body. My bro in law never came back.. what does this mean? I was so scared I couldn't go back to sleep and I get along fine with all of them..

Example: Dream Meaning/ Interpretation?

Ok... so I have had this dream where I have garbage inside of me.. like plastic bags and other such things.. and I want to get rid of it.. but its somehow in me or a part of me or rapped up in my organs or something so its difficult to get rid of it.. does anyone know the meaning of this?

also, I live close to Lake Erie.. and bodies of water in general and notice that whenever I have dreams about the lake or near the lake I have this fear of falling into the lake and drowning.. like if there is a dock or board walk it always ends up submerging... or if im on a road i always end up going way too close to the lake.. I don't have a fear of swimming or water in general.. so I was wondering what could be the meaning of this dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other night I had a dream our dog ran out into the middle of the road. A woman slammed on her brakes and turned into our driveway. She got out and said she was going to sue my mom for letting the dog run out into the road. So, I beat her to death with a wash basin (you know, those old-timey things people used to wash their face in) and cut up the body and put it in a garbage bag. Does this have any special significance?

I always have stupid dreams like this.

Example: I had a dream I killed 3 people and hid the bodies.What does it mean?

I has a dream I accidentally killed 3 people and put the bodies in a garbage bag and disposed of the bodies.If was a pretty intense dream,does it mean anything?

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