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Dream About Boarding School meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What would this dream mean?

I'm out of school, but I'm sitting in a gradeschool class room my child is in the back corner doseing off because she has heart problems and she is skinny and eimaciated and I'm afraid she is going to die. The math teacher teaching the class tells her coursely to wake up and I go over to keep her warm because it is cold in that room. I can't keep up with the math problems the teacher is writing on the board and so I sit in the back hiding under a rain poncho, behind some kids I used to know. Then the subject turns to sceince and we all had to do projects that had something to do with pullies and rope, but all I had was an old tie. I didn't have time to do the assignment so I turned it into a hangman's noose and said look it's a pulley. What does this dream mean?

In the dream, your daughter may be a representation of a part of yourself. Illness of the heart can mean that you're having some problems figuring out the root of some problem in your life. Sleeping and being emaciated further indicate that you feel ill-informed and starved for information on this particular part of your life. Basically, she represents some issue in your life that you are trying to understand but you don't.

The classroom area is also on this same theme. You want to learn, but you can't keep up with the lessons. There's something in your life that you're trying to understand but you just can't.

The ropes and pulleys could actually be your subconscious mind trying to figure out this issue for you and giving you some clues. Ropes indicate how things are tied together in your life; things are connected in ways that you haven't been noticing. A pulley is a kind of simple machine, a thing that makes life easier. There is something in your life that could make things much easier to understand, that you are overlooking. Maybe you're not thinking things through enough.

Instead of having the tools you really need (rope and pulley) you have a piece of clothing, which represents your outward appearance. Perhaps you are too concerned with how others see you to realize the answer to the part of your life that you don't understand. Alternatively, the tie (especially in the form a noose) could mean that you feel trapped in this situation where you don't understand something in your life.

When you say "look it's a pulley" it really brings things together. You want to tell yourself or others that you've really thought things through completely and logically, but in reality you know that you've only looked at things on the surface.

In the end, I don't have any answers for you. I simply have more questions. What is it in our life that you are trying to understand or come to terms with? What connections in your life are you missing that could help you understand? What are you overlooking that could make things easier? Are you looking to much to outward appearances and how people see you? If so, this could actually be hindering you in your understanding.

Edit: Everything I've told you here stems from the assumption that you and I have some common context; that the way you think about classrooms and ropes and all that is similar enough to the way that I think that I can use my own understandings to give you some perspective. When it comes to applying it to have you feel about your life, though, I am clueless. Only you know those answers!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream where my school added a medical department to it, and one day I was sitting in class where someone came on the announcements, and asked us to evacuate the building and use the closest airbag. My teacher led us out of the building, but we needed to turn around every single time someone was bleeding near the doorway. Finally we got out, and they boarded us on school buses and didn't take us home, even though everyone had their backpacks. They brought us to the local recreation center and made us stay there until the police drove us home. Later, me and my friends and a few others went back into the school and everything had been tagged up (like little red notes of paper, or red stick notes) by the police
It was scary, and I remember my sister was a wreck, and I'm just really confused.
Like as realistic as it may seem, it's not. My school can hardly afford to stay open, and we have to cut classes not keep them.

Example: What does a dream about transferring schools mean?

Last night I had a dream about transferring colleges. I currently go to OU, in my dream I visited Oklahoma State, and decided to transfer. I was really excited and sure about it, then in my dream I started doubting my decision, but though uneasy I decided to go through with it. I have searched dream interpretation sites and cannot find any information. Does anyone have an idea to what this dream could mean?

Example: Is it worth going to my dream school if it means graduating with $100,000 in student loans?

I was accepted to my dream school but it costs $50,000/year for tuition and room and board. My parents would pay for half but that still leaves me paying $100,000. Will I regret it later if I go there even though it's where I have always wanted to go?

Example: What does it mean to be crushed by a rock in a dream?

So the part of the dream I remember went like this...
I was walking through a school, an old one with a church tower to it, and the students were there, going to class, in their uniforms. I walked through a hallway that went through the tower when the bell started to ring, but the ringing started to shake the building, then a giant piece of the ceiling came crashing down and crushed the girl next to me, the ceiling looked like a big thick black rock, her shoe came flying off and landed in front of me . I screamed and started to run, I'm not sure why I didn't jump out a window or even run out the door that was behind me, but the rest of the building was crashing down around me, the glass was shattering, when I looked up and saw this massive block came tumbling down on me, crushing me like a bug. All I remember after that was I lost feeling in my feet, then my legs, then my body. I remember just before I died that I cried, "Forgive me god". And then I was awake, crying.

So what could it mean? If you can't figure it out, then no problem. But if you could help me, even with giving me a site to visit then that'd be great. Thanks!

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

i've seen a dream:
a boarding school was opened in my town and I registered there. in that school my friend and i were and two other groups were working on a project in front of some people. in our desk there was an advertisement where was shown a phrase for life in blue background and with a rainbow. my friend pushed the desk and everything we was working with fell. the teachers punished us and i was sad. my dad understood that the phrase for life wasn't true and wanted to take me from that school but he couldn't ... in school we had to do an exam but i didn't write anything even if i knew it and we had to go for ice-skating and i was very good at it... then we were at a hot air balloon, someone fell (the balloon was near the ground) and i helped him to get on the balloon but then i fell too and he didn't help me ... then i was in the centre of town, it was night ... i felt lost... i saw some coins near 2 boys and i felt i needed them so i took them.. i thought there could be an hidden camera to show it on tv and then i saw that one of the boys had a blue camera. so i asked whose money were it and the other boy said let me see and took the coins and then he gave them back... i could notice he took some coins in a hidden way...then a boy with a long stick in his hand ordered me to give him some coins, but i didnt wanted to and he followed me to hit me with the stick...i asked my ex classmates passing by to help me but he avoided me... then 2 girls from my class found out the town where the guy with stick was from... then i saw my bro coming from capital with a bicycle... he took another way to get home ... when i reached home i saw my cousin outside and the front door had a hole in center... then i opened it and on the hall i saw many of my family shoes and ym mom came, i began crying and i hugged her

complicated right?

Example: II had a dream I was in a boarding schools house and this parrot was screaming when I went to check it there w?

I had a dream I was in a boarding schools house and this parrot was screaming when I went to check it there was a snake trying to get her and I got the parrot and put her in a safe place then they it was after me it bit me and I didn't die more snakes came along with a big lizard then I got my parrot and put her in a safe place but when I was looking for a safe place out the door was lots of water and snakes were in there to wales were eating them I remember about my parrot we.t to find her couldn't remember where I left her then I was surrounded by snakes I step on some picked up one and threw it found my parrot and his boy got a snake and was rubbing it in my face and I couldn't move

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I went to a summer boarding school, and time just flew by. Next thing I knew, it was an "elimination check-up" and I had done no work, attended no classes. I had simply chilled in my room. My roomate was an old best friend I never see anymore, but think of because I am dating her cousin. Also significant were the millions of bouncy balls I got for Christmas, which was in Summertime for some reason.

Example: Dream interpretarors can you tell me what my dream meant? ?

so i dreamed about being like an orphanage kinda of school i guess u can say it was like a boarding school have dreams about boarding school all the time we were in a gym at the school doing exercises and i wanted to run on the treadmill but i couldn't because we we were running out of time then i was helping people who really needed help with their personal problems and this was going to get me a job or scholarship then i was in a dirty bathroom with my best friend and y sister and there was a little water like as if everything was starting to flood before i knew it i was at my old house were i use to live and my dog ran away with the neighbor but came back i was also with like 4 of my closest friends at that house and my sister too but then the scene change places and me my friends the dog and my sis were like at chicago or tijuana at ninth waiting for pizza inside a Laundromat then we went outside and their was like 3 drunk men talking to my friend i was a little scared but distracted because i was talk in to a really sexy guy it all happened s fast almost as if everything was happening at the same time what do you think this meant? thank you

Example: I had this crazy boarding school dream?

Last night, I had this dream where I went to this boarding school behind my parent's back, once there, I realized that it would be really heard since I had like 12 classes. It was this huge beautiful school that had one of my old camp counselors as a counselor there too. All of my friends were my old friends from elementary school. In reality, I just graduated from high school, so I don't know why I was so excited to go back. Anyways, I had this little room next to all of my friends rooms, and I was Justin Bieber's girlfriend. I am not a "Bieliber" as some say, in any way. But in the dream, he drove me to the school in his sportscar. He went there too and was the basketball captain. Once my parents found out about it, they came and told me that I would fail and I wouldn't make any friends (even though I already had). My mom kept on taking my stuff out of my room so that this little asian girl could take it, which she did. Then I kept running around the school, away from them, in order to find Justin. I finally do, and he offers them 7 million to let me stay. They agree and leave in order to use the money to build like a mall or something. What does this mean?! It was a really realistic dream, btw. I think it was in first person.

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