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Dream About Boa Constrictor meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What means being these beasts on Dreams?

In one of them I was a Boar, conducing black snakes (sorry for poor english).

In another a Griffin.

To see a boar in your dream, signifies that you need to look inside to find the answers and secrets about yourself and the people around you. The dream may also be a pun to mean " a bore" or something or someone that is "boring"

*** are you referring to boa constrictor?..
To see a boa constrictor in your dream, suggests that you are feeling suffocated or restricted in some personal relationship. Alternatively, it represents repressed sexual urges or hidden enjoyment of sex.

Example: Could my dreams that i've been having about a baby boa constrictor be telling me something? [READ MORE]?

I had a dream that my step-father had brought home this bucket filled with baby snakes and medium-to-large size rats that was in the bucket with the legless reptiles and the snakes in their were Jungle Carpet Pythons, Boa Constrictors, and Corn Snakes misidentified as Red-Tailed Boas but there was also this baby venomous snake that was also in their but he climb out the bucket and was slithering so fast away from us but this all happened in my room so why he was trying to get away i've tried to catch him and he went into my closet but kept failing to get away until finally I had no choice but to kill the poor thing and after i've smashed his head and he ripped apart from his body his head was in the closet twisting and turning and somebody said "Rattlesnakes can still control their body while their dead or dieing" or something like that but is that true? but anyway yeah then some of you may know that I have a ball python named "Killer" but funny thing is he wasn't in my dream and the snake that replaced him was a baby boa constrictor and the cage was setup a bit differently and a bit the same as "Killer's Tank" but then i've tried to feed him a large rat but of course he refuse to eat because it was so large and i've stand there for hours on end trying to watch him eat until finally he I took the rat out and put a smaller mice in there and then he proudly ate it and that's from what I remember of the snakes don't remember anything else but then I was outside this type of pet-store or fish store and then me and some people heard a loud noise and went straight into the store and noticed my goldfish "Big-Bone" was out of the tank sitting there staring at me and then I've put him back into the tank and that's from all i've remember and I know some of you may say that this dream doesn't mean anything but i've had at least two dreams that was about a baby "Boa Constrictor" and one was about him running away and me can't finding him and crying because i've lost him and this current one about him being my pet snake instead of my ball python but one day i've went to this pet store as well and saw this cute little baby boa for the first time and immediately fell in love with the creature and even felt like he was talking to me and saying: "Elijah if you really want me and if you really want to own me then you have to get your grades up in school and do what you need to do to get to own my species" or something like that but i've always wanted a boa constrictor as a pet and was hoping to get one as my first snake but got a ball python instead because he was cheaper but yeah could this be a sign about me and a boa constrictor because after all that is my favorite snake in the world and sorry for the long question.

Example: What does it mean to dream about Snakes?

I had a dream that a snake wrapped around a baby but i don't know who the baby was, the snake did not harm the baby, at the same time there was a white boa constrictor around a lady who i did not also know, but did not harm her either...then in my dream there was this huge fish tank with clear blue water it was about the size of a room or bigger and in it there was a snake a skinny snake can not remember the color but it was throwing bites and it had long sharp teeth..what does this mean? can anyone help me?

Example: Wot does snakes in the dream mean?

i got the dream twice...once they were trying to bite me...and i was running...and recently i got one i can see them they are in thier places and i m not scared of them...and they dint do anything to me...they are just moving around...though i am making sure they dont come near me...

Example: What does this snake dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in a school with grass and trees in it, and there was this huge boa constrictor type snake that stretched all the way from the inside of the school to the outside of the school. And there were a lot of people outside, they were the snake's followers. I got an ax and started chopping away at the snake, trying to kill it.

Then there were a few more snakes, and after a while I started crying because I thought the snake was going to take away my free will and make me it's follower, but then I realized it couldn't control me and I killed it.

I've been having dreams with snakes in them for quite a while now.
Snakes are supposed to represent an enemy, or a enemy posing as a friend. But what I don't get is, who the enemy is? I don't know anyone. How could I figure this out? And what else could the dream mean?

Example: Dream about a very large Boa Constrictor. What could it mean?

Dream about a very large Boa Constrictor. What could it mean?
It was wrapping itself around someone and then bite them on the arm. I was trying to help her and somehow got the snake off.

Example: Dream about a very large Boa Constrictor. What could it mean?

It was wrapping itself around someone and then bite them on the arm. I was trying to help her and somehow got the snake off.

Example: Yellow boa constrictor dream?

so last night i dreamt i was laying in my bed, i woke up and there was a huge as yellow boa constrictor above me hanging from a branch of some sort. it was digesting a man (i couldnt stop myself from seeing the gross eating of the snake) so it continued to eat the man. the man look like it had something black in his mouth and it was almost as if he was swallowing something or trying to keep something down. then i saw other snakes like the dark color anaconda snake and someone hold a black python... it scared me just a bit not too much where i felt like i couldn't handle it or i wanted to wake up. what the hell does this mean?

Example: I had a dream of a boa constrictor?

the dream was... my backyard is usually all nice looking,but this time the back left corner of the perimeter (our garden area) was looking like a green,dark green swamp,forest like but no trees.just weeds and long prehistoric looking grass.

i was with my dog,bubby,he is a boston terrier.

my dad was there.he didnt help much.

ok so bubby saw the snake(like when he sees a squirel)and ran after it. i mean this snake was giant thick,and greenish/brown looking.in my view it looked as if though in the swamp looking area,there was now a long cage going along the perimeter,but where i was standing it ended and was open.my dad was standing in front of me.

right now,my dog was going to die.he was going to be bitten by the fangs of this beast.in front/full view was a big light brown toad,i looked at my dad and said HELP HIM! HELP BUBBY?! he said hes not my dog.:''''( (i was terriefied,so i stepped up into the cage and tried to get bubby.i grabbed him and pulled him away,but the boa struck his neck... i pulled to get bubby off,and it worked.he wasnt even bleeding? then after all of the kaos,i quickly woke up.i felt tired and beat up,as if though i was kicked and punched a few times.and i looked across my blankets and bubby had jumped up on my bed to lie down. i was terrified...but relieved,because i lov him way to much,and to see him hurt would kill me.hes my budd.

a site said it means badd luck,whats ur opinion?

Example: Dream of a yellow Boa Constrictor placed around my neck?

So this morning I dreamed of a yellow Boa constrictor placed around my neck by a co-worker of mines a Dr. who lost his job last week. However I was standing in front of a book shelf and the books tumbled upon the snake and we assumed it died. What does this means?

I am lying to my parents about sleeping out with a friend because I am going to an event tomorrow.

When in all honesty I am sleeping out with my boyfriend so that we can go to the beach this evening and spa tomorrow. We live 2hrs apart. Is this why?

I am 22 btw and my parents do suspect i am staying out with a boy.

I am also having some issues at work and lastly I have an ex that I broke up with that hates me that once tried to blackmail me

Or am I just paranoid

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