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Dream About Blushing meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

its really confusing k here it goes

i was walking out of the gate of my school when i hear my friend (noe) running up to me that he wanted to tell me sumthing
i was kinda shocked since (in real life)at school we were friends then something happened and we didnt speak to eachother much anymore. and i missed him.
he was blushing and i was looking at him akwardly.
then he just bursts out saying he likes me alot and that if i wanted to get with him.
i was flushed and said id think about it.
well the next day i said yes and we were together
i felt so happy.
but what im confused about is that in real lfe we barely talk to eachother.
alot of people, teasing, says he likes me and stuff and they also say i like him i deny it
but in my dream i was happy we were together
what does it mean?

No one can tell you what you dreams really mean, they are your personal myth; symbols that reference 1st person truths in your life. They are born of your unique experiences and brain states, and thus you and you alone will understand the symbolism of their meaning, like a shared inner joke between friends, or a mnemonic device used to remember your PIN number.

Sure others may have some ideas about whats up, but they are only referencing their ideas about our shared sense of identity without our culture.

Read up on Joseph Campbell, specifically his amazing book "The Hero of 1000 Faces". With the will to be compassionate and truthful in your heart, as the basis for your intent, reflect on your dream and trust your instinct on its meaning.

Example: What does my dream mean?

It starts off with me and my friend at the airport,we meet this girl i know along the way.We began talking to each other,my hand were around her waist.Out of nowhere,i kissed her.Her face blushed.I waved her goodbye as me and my friend went to through the departure entrance.i told my friend that i kissed her.He said 'Cool'. Then we got our tickets out and ready to enter the plane when...

I woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

so last night i had a really weird dream.There was a festival at my high school or something like that..which was sorta like just outta place.I was with my mom and we were at some benches eating.I stood up to throw something away and then this really cute guy was like "nice ***" and he winked at me.so i just tried to ignore him..but im a bit shy so i guess i blushed a lil.But i got over it and then sat back down.He followeed me and sat down right next to me and then out of nowhere he puts his hand around my waist and tries to bring me closer to him.I kept trying to pull off.And when i finally did he tried to kiss me..but i moved away.I didn't even know the guy.I stood up without saying a word and my mom didnt even notice what was happening.I went outside of the school to wait for my dad to come pick me and my mom up.There were some other guys..and one of them kept on asking me if i wanted to go to his house...which was also kinda weird since we had never met or anything..i told him that i didnt even know him..and he ignored me.My dad came and we got in..then i woke up.I was just wondering if this dream actually meant something or not.Please help if you can.Thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so I had a really weird dream last night.
Soo me & my sisters were on a road trip to las vegas, even tho we are all under age. & on the way there we were fighting but we ended up playing a card game. The card game was that you got a picture of a person & you had to guess what they did the day before or something. Well anyways we got to the hotel and had to fly back. Well the airplane we took, took me to space with donald duck. When I was up there I turned into a guy and when I walked in a room I was trying to find & kick dead body's.
Does this dream have any meaning? haha

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed of a guyfriend I know for two years.we are not girlfriend-boyfriend though.anyways he bent down in my dream his shirt went up and I could see his back naked.he blushed and slowly pulled it down.
what does it mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

i keep having dreams where i'm (blush) kissing guys that i'm friends with and don't like in that way in front a guy that i'm pretty certain has liked me for a while but has done nothing about it and i like him as well. its always seems to be guys that we both know and i don't know what to think of these dreams since i seem to have them every once and a while.

Example: Dream meaning question?

first off sorry for my english its not my native language,if you don't understand something tell me
I had this dream today,it was really intense and adventurous
I'll try to remember most of things and write them down here from beginning to the end
-First I was in my home but it felt weird its hard to remember this but iI remember that some objects were on other places than they normally are
-then it was really strange I don't know why but I packed my clothes to 1 bag and I left my house
-I was in location similar to city (maybe in future Im not really sure about this one)
-I had nowhere to go so I went to some building by back doors(these doors are there again later)and I left my bag there I think
-Then I remember going on public restrooms and washing hands I think(I think that's because I was really thirsty when I woke up)
-When I was about to leave it some girl/woman opened the door(I think she was like 18-26 and I told her this is men's rooms (I know weird lol) and she was like stopped and talking to me maybe blushing I'm not exactly sure
-It was like I had nowhere to go and then we went somewhere to some store or something and she had her own bodyguard or something meant she was rich and I think she wanted me to fight for her like some underground fights I don't know lol
-Then we went outside that building and on the street was 2 or 3 "police men" which was clearly after me so I tried to run off(they had weird weapons which are hard to describe but they looked like some broom shaped vibrant maces (I know hard to imagine I guess lol)
-Weird was their clothes were similar to french police men(blue shirts and that symbolic hat and it was in not too distant future I think because I looked bit older (now im 17 and i looked like 20-25)
-Ok so they chased me really hard and I they were really pain in a** they were shooting at me with some kind of pistols that shot acorns I think but I managed to run but then they chased me from all sides and I climbed on wall/pillar or something and they were hitting my legs with their strange vibrant weapons lol then I woke up
-Notable information,before I entered the restrooms I undressed my t-shirt and I had larger muscles(Not extremely but maybe twice as,I think it was because I was older but don't know
that is all,thank you all who read it and answer

Example: What does this entirely awkward dream mean?

In this dream, it was really awkward for some reason. It was so very awkward that you could actually /feel/ it.
I send my thanks in advance.
Anyway, my dream started out in my little sister's room, with all of the lights off and I was with someone while watching TV in the late night. I could see the familiar shapes of her furniture in the darkness highlighted by the blue glow of the TV. I was sitting next to a boy I knew slightly from school, whose appearance I admired for creating characters. I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying, until I heard something like, "...and press your lips against mine." I was in an extremely shy and sentimental state of mind at that moment when I looked at him. (At that moment, I found out that it wasn't the boy I knew, but my.. 'dream' self still knew him from some school.) Anyway, I saw that he was leaning towards me and his eyes were closed and his mouth slightly puckered and, though it was awkward, I leaned forward and kissed him. I immediately covered my mouth with my left hand(as it was my first kiss) and we both kind of jerked back and looked away, the awkwardness increasing. The next day, a beautiful sunny day with fluffy clouds and a slight breeze, my family and I went to a park with this boy. Well, we had been avoiding each other a bit since the night before. Before long, however, not looking at my face, he grabbed my hand, momentarily forgetting that my family was with us. You can be the awkward factor was increased as my little brother, who, for some reason, was younger than he actually is pulled me away from him. I was talking to him before this and said, "Well, I was in a sentimental state of mind, so you couldn't expect me to just sit there!"(Talking about the kiss.) When I was pulled away, it was strange as he looked a bit forlorn when we let go of each other. My little sister was even younger than she is now(like my brother) and when I looked up at my father, he had this saddening pained look on his face. After a minute, I went back to the boy and took his hand in mine and smiled up at him. He was taller than me by few inches and had blonde hair. We both somehow were both leaning to kiss again. For some reason, as soon as our lips were a few centimetres apart, we both pulled away, once again awkward and blushing. Later, I was with a girl I knew and was going somewhere in a hotel. But, I wanted to go back to get something. I went into a brightly lit room with bunk beds and saw the boy talking on a cell phone. I don't know who he was talking to, but after he hung up, he was distressed and said it was his older brother, who was coming to do some sort of harm to him. I told him that I'd protect him(role reversal, much?) and he smiled. Later, we were both laying face down, bloodied and bruised. We were wearing armor and his older brother, who had pink hair, was stepping on me. He was smirking and saying something in another language that was inscribed in front of me. I became angry and shoved him off, picking up my sword and saying. "I promised I'd protect him. I won't go back now!" I moved to the boy, who was unconscious-but then I woke up.
Extra notes: In the phone call scene, I saw him as a female as well and actually thought, "Have I become a lesbian?"(There's nothing bad with it. I'm straight, so I was confused.) I judged that he was in the "damsel-in-distress." Also, in the last part of my dream, I saw myself as a male and he as a female, but I judged again that it was because I saw the two roles as distinctly feminine and distinctly masculine.
Please try and help! I'm tired of swooning over this dream.

Example: Romantic Dream Meaning?

I had a dream where I was outside my school classroom kissing and huggging this boy, Who is also in my class. I dont really know if I have feelings for him I just think he is cute XD

What does the dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning..? Help?

This dream is a little strange.

I had a dream I was at some kind of ballroom party. This really weird guy kept staring at me, he tried to get my attention. He knew I was staring at him also, he was...gorgeous.
Any who, I knew this guy was trouble. He had purple/orange eyes,sharp teeth, and a sinister look.
It was either a demon or the devil. Oh and he was doing weird magic too o_o.
I looked around and some girl came to me randomly and said, " You're blushing ". It was like she knew about everything. Something told me that she was pretty sinister herself.
I didn't care if I was blushing or not, I needed the guy.
So I made a little plan!
I told myself ," OK! Just pretend you tripped on something and fall on him. He won't suspect it was fake! ".
I purposely fell and landed on him, the guy DID NOT mind at all. He just laughed evilly.
I gave him the "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING EVILLY? " look. I was falling in love.
I became so hypnotized that I couldn't care that he was a demon/the devil.

The dream stops there..
When I woke up, I got chills. I had to ask myself, "what the hell was that? ".

Can anybody tell me what does this dream mean? Anyone who knows about dream interpretations will be most help.

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